My Application for "Greeter" Role in Minnow Support Project (Help me help You)

It has been suggested to me by a couple of my steemit "elders" that I might apply for the role of Greeter on the PAL Discord channel of the Minnow Support Project.

I was hesitant at first. It takes me a long time to write High Quality articles, even this short one will take me quite a bit of time after links. Because of this, I don't spend a lot of time in the chat channels. This whole thing has been a huge transition for me (big ups to @discordiant for all of his help).

(image source: @crimsonclad via: I've been busy building the new Minnow Support Website)

Lately, however, I have been feeling more comfortable in (#)general-noposting, and on a rare occasion you might find me there in the wee hours when I'm too burnt out to do my steemit "work" anymore. I have started helping new users who enter chat looking for it.

(image source: @crimsonclad via: I've been busy building the new Minnow Support Website. These images by @crimsonclad do not fall under the cc0 license, to which the rest of this document does)

I am very much open to helping, as I have received so much help, love, and assistance, in my short time on steemit. In fact, one of my early posts after being here for a week was to offer help to newbs. That was bit premature, since I didn't have much of a following, yet. But people who had been here for only a week or two longer than I was were helping me!

Recently, I've been introduced to @msp-waves. I instantly fell in love, as you can see from the post I just linked to, right there.

There I have heard, particularly from the mouth of witness @SirCork, talk of Love, Gratitude, and Patience. During a two hour broadcast, he rambled about how the REAL way to succeed on this platform is with a heart full of Service, Grattitude, Compassion, Understanding, Patience, and Kindness.

This is a huge reason I feel more than comfortable delegating 100sp to @msp-lovebot(which supports the people who delegate to @minnowsupport), before placing my greeter app. As time goes on, I can only assume I will have more to offer.

This theme of kindness and gratitude is also a huge reason for me to feel great about getting involved further with @minnowsupport.

And, of course, I've described how helpful MSP Witness @reggaemuffin has been, in a few of my previous posts.

All in all, I've seen a lot of good from the Witnesses, Moderators, and Greeters. There is no reason I shouldn't want to support them. I would highly recommend going over the Minnow Support Witness List, and finding some folk you can feel good about voting for, because you know they are working hard for all of us minnows out here. Not just for their own personal gain, but, because they(we) really care!

I promise to help people that join the MSP PAL Channel, as well as anyone who needs it. Whether they find me, or I find them. Additionally, I promise to do everything in my power to continue to spread that attitude of love and kindness amongst the community, in my actions and my blog posts.

(Image by: @discordiant via: A thought on updating my Brand)

Here are some of the resources I have at my disposal:

Copy\Pasted from my post: Happy Monthiversary.... TO ME!!!!!

Additionally, I have written a post How To Succeed as a Steemit Blogger, which many people seem to have found useful. I'll copy\past my reference list here for easy access:

Other Resources:

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I approve this message! My vote is this should be done! I've gotten to know you in the past week and we need initiative like yours every day! I hope the powahs see fit to bestow this upon you! <3



Oh my! Much love for the support. I'll do what I can. Soon I will have a lot more stability, and be able to bang some stuff out!


My how a day has changed everything, eh bud? Congratulations on your two new roles as greeter and msp waves journalist!

I support you 100 percent!

thank you for helping the community :)

Glad to have found these #minnowsupport posts. I'm learning alot from the articles and comment section

Congrats on your new role in the chat and in general on Steemit! I also wanted to thank you for the links provided on the bottom of your post. I am very new to Steemit, I think today completes 2 week, and I've been looking for markdown help. I've found a few articles on here and even saved an image I found useful on and article but what you link from @mono titled Markdown Cheat Sheet is amazing for a noob on Steemit. I've just begun to go thru the links you provided and can already tell they are a wealth of knowledge.
Again, congrats and thanks for helping make Steemit great!


You are very welcome. Thank you for stopping to write such a thoughtful comment. I intend to write more helpful posts, because I learn a lot in the process. It helps me to develop good habits, and I'm grateful that it's helpful to others.

I believe you are doing great things and can really help people and will continue to support you 😊


I'm honored.

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Well, I might be biased, but I see no reason not to.

Holy cow. Lots of great information. Following!


Is there anything you would recommend to do right when you get your account? Tools to install, things to avoid?


oh... install discord. click that cool changing image at the bottom of the post to join PAL


don't write follow for follow in comments. don't ask for follows or upvotes except in your own posts. that's the biggest one I can think off the top of my head

Thank you for all these resources man


Thank you, friend.

Appreciate you stepping up and being willing to help others on Steemit! Great work!


I'll do whatever I am able. Thank You.

You have my support


I appreciate you. <3

oh , good links... i'll make a note of it, ty


thanks for stopping by, friend. yes, this is a good central location for all (or most) of the helpful links I've collected.

Thank you for great information.👏✌. Following!.


Thanks for stopping by. <3

Job well done... welcome to the PAL greeters


Thank you, friend.

You should and will make a greeter you are a credit to the group I wish you every success.


Thank you for the kind words and support!

great work my mentor, of course am one of the people you have been helping and still helping if steemit can only have 20 like you then..... ride on boss i know one day my upvote will be able to add something reasonable to your post


You are in for a wild ride

Supported 100%!

And I see you made it! Congrats bro! Well done. Pleased to have you on the team!


thank you for your support! I appreciate you looking through my blog... in a couple days I'll have extra time to check out what everyone at the station is doing in their blogs <3 so little time on the road.....

Congratulations on your Greeter Role. Your friendly disposition and helpful suggestions is truly appreciated. I am very happy to have met you on our Discord channel. (hehe) I really enjoyed reading this post and could really feel the authenticity. I am all for Peace, Liberty and Abundace.

Always nice to read about helping each other and thanks for the minnow support project. :)

i also glad that i've been part of PAL, i have a new more friends there. the bots working perfectly and cannot be abused. admins are all ready for support. and also this post inspired me what my first article would be. :) thanks for great idea. i also want to help minnow. i dont have too much but i also want to help PAL helping me and its member. so i will do my best to add more members there.