How to actually Succeed as a Steemit Blogger. Spammers, Upvote Rings, and Gripers (oh, my!) [Part 2] (with updates)

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There will be times when the fingers fly
All one can or many of us do is try try try
The mind races to keep up with the flurry
If to or not to post should cause you worry
Commenting thoughts on posts of another
Will free your mind up to sister and brother
So you see my dear new/old friend Steemian
This is just one in the sum we all be dream'n

- @cryptologyx (1)

Lets talk about Success!

There are two basic factors in success, and many ways to achieve them.

(img source: @yusaymon via: "Freedit")

But first.... let me end this fallacy right now!

You... don't... need... to... post... every... day!!!!

At least, not if you want to put the effort in it requires to deliver higher quality content. Posting a few times a week is enough to reassure folk that you are still here.

Quality Content

Here are some ways that I've been learning to improve my own content. Mind you, this post was in response to people complaining about rewards. I'm don't want to try and tell anyone how to live, or blog. What I want is to offer more productive steps for people complaining that they don't get enough rewards on their posts. I feel a bit pretentious doing so because I'm brand new to steemit. Here it goes, I'll work on this as time goes, and when I can't edit anymore, eventually I'll have to re-work this into some more complete guide.

Title, Preview Image, and First Few Words.

The most important thing is your Preview Image. It should Pop and really get peoples attention.

For your title you want your words to be clear, and, perhaps, intriguing.

The first few words of each blog post should be integral to the heart and make sense outside of the context of the rest of the post.

Remember. These are the first three things that people get to see before they decide to open your post or not.


Are you adding high quality images that you've appropriately sized and aligned? Sometimes centered, sometimes left align, sometimes right align. Occasionally using bold and italics? There are plenty of articles about how to this stuff, so I'll link to some of them at the bottom. Make sure you have enough line breaks or "White Space" as I've heard it called.


Did you write an article? Or did you mention an article, add a link, but not actually go over a bit of what's in the article? There is nothing wrong with a post that is mostly a quotation from a great book, just don't expect to get paid for it.

I notice that Artists do very well when they make a post that shows the artwork in stages, not just the final product, but an explanation of how it came about.

Also, it's helpful when posting videos to write a bit about what you will be talking about in the video, you don't have to write it all out. I do notice that major news organizations often do this, however. Maybe you do videos about news topics. Consider, that some of your followers might want to be able to read and reference after they watch.


Even the nicest article written can be nicer by adding a few references. Especially, if your articles are primarily for informational purposes. We have to care about our readers. What if they want more information?

This goes for images too. How am I going to find who my newest favorite artist\photographer is unless you add a link to their account? Even when getting free stock photos that don't require attribution, it's nice to the creator and to your readers.

This is a nice way to add an image reference with html:

<center><img src=""></img></center><center><sup>(Image By @zombiedoll via: <a href="">Slime Strawberry Shortcake</a>)</sup></center>

Another thought on this, is that amidst so much copypasta, spam accounts, and wasted storage space, a link to where you sourced your information is nice to alleviate any concerns. Moreover, since we hope to get actually paid for this stuff, that also brings up concern of lawsuits. Often, when searching for a good reference on something which I could have just wrote about, I learn new things about my topic. This makes for better content, and a more fulfilled me. I always wince at this, when I see an article that I really liked that doesn't add references. Mind you, nobody has to add these references. Especially if you're not complaining about your lack of post payout.

Something else important to remember regarding references is that it's helpful to reference your own posts. At the bottom of your post you can add a part where it says "Here are a few other posts you may also enjoy:".

It's helpful whenever linking and referencing in the text of an article to also make a reference list at the bottom so people don't have to search through the post looking for links when they are done reading.


If your blog feed is full of resteems, it can be difficult to find your content. Also, without a large following of people who engage with your content, re-steeming is unlikely to benefit you. Certainly, it can gain you a bit of good will from the author. For me, I try to re-steem no more than twice between each of my posts, and it tends to be material which is related to my blog, or i think is important for everyone to be aware of.


Do you write posts about what everyone else is interested in? Personally, I came to write articles about social skills. Active Listening, Body Language, Networking, ect. First of all for my own education, but also for all of you, and anyone who is curious. I was gonna blog, somewhere, anyways. I've been meaning to start writing for a while, I'm just grateful I found the Steem blockchain. My problem is that my subject matter does not have universal appeal. Maybe I need to work on my titles, or simply haven't connected with enough people, yet. In fact, I've had a hard time finding other authors who write in my "main" subject area regularly.

So, I expanded my subject matter to include what more people are already interested in \ exposed to here. Not just what everybody is interested in, but I'm interested too (even if it's not what I originally planned to blog about).

(image source @creativesoul via: @spaingaroo Make Out Like an Artist Contest)

Sourcing images and other materials for your Blog.

It enriches everyone's experience here to source art and other material from within the blockchain. This also strengthens the platform over all.

I write posts showing off the art of my new friends, and have gotten permission to use some of their images in my blog, a trend which I would like to encourage. Everyone loves art, and all of our blog posts need images.

If you aren't posting the art that you make, and collaborating with other artists on the site; I hope, that you will consider sourcing the images for your blogs here on steemit.

Some artists will be happy with a simple linkback, and "remember me when you're rich". I always pay whatever I can afford to pay. Typically it's a small sum way under the actual value of the image comparing how long they took to make it. Even if they are super talented and it only takes a few minutes, it still probably took a long time to get that talented. But yes, I will remember you!

It can also be helpful to contact people if you want to write about them or refer to them in your articles. Unless it's a simple @ tag while mentioning something that is common knowledge, on the block chain, I try to get a hold of people before I reference them in my blog.

Writing about Steemit

I write about steemit sometimes, but always in a positive fashion. Not because I have rose tinted glasses. Consider this, how do you think you are gonna get that whale vote when you are talking about how horrible steemit is, and bashing whales? Anyways, I doubt most of the people writing scathing opinions of steemit have taken any time to try get to know the people who run this site. Nor have they, likely, taken the time to find solutions. In a moment of mistrust, jealousy, anger, or frustration, they've lashed out at the community who's support they hope to attract.

If you do decide to write something critical of steemit, please try to stay positive with it, or at least polite and not offensive. Otherwise, people are gonna start getting muted pretty quick around here.

It would help if you put more effort into researching the issues, and possible solutions. Think of Fair and Balanced, not like FOX news, but actually.

Good examples of this have come from @rycharde, who is fairly new here, yet managed to highlight possible improvements to the system(due to his mathematical prowess). If you like his ideas, maybe you could work to promote them. With public support, we might be able to get some implementation:

The best that can be achieved, in the game theoretic sense, is to make optimal social behaviour more attractive than the sub-optimal equilibrium point. This must be encoded in the rule-set...

There has been much discussion of these issues recently. It can become very heated, especially when behaviours are given a moral interpretation. What I seek to do here is to clarify a few things and then concentrate on encoding rules that encourage behaviour that is beneficial to the whole reward pool and that reward people who have different strategies.

(image credit: @zombiedoll via - Dancing in Central Park)


How to gain Visibility on the Blockchain

We need friends here, not just for payout, but for a real fulfilling experience. But how do we make them?


This is number one, and an area where I have room for improvement. When you engage people in the comments, they see your comment while engaging with the site(compared with chat). This makes it very easy for them to jump to your profile and get to know you \ vote on your posts.

I was encouraged by @sift666 in chat:

When you post or comment, separate each idea with a line break.

Idea... ENTER.

Unless you do that very few people will understand what you are saying.

The more well thought out and complete the comment, the better. I'm sure everybody reading this knows don't say "follow for follow" or ask for followers in someone else's comments. If you want to ask for people to follow you, do it in your own posts. No begging for followers in peoples comments. Engage. If you leave a good comment, they will check out your profile, and perhaps follow you.

I tend to vote on and respond to every real person comment on my articles, often I upvote the replies too. It's also a good idea to check out the profile of people who leave you comments.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that the blockchain is stronger when meaningfully self referenced. If I see an article about a topic I write on, I leave a nice comment and a link back to my post. This is a helpful way for everybody to continue to read about the same topic. I do the same thing with the links of other peoples posts which I think add to the conversation. I don't do this all of the time, and I do it manually. Too much of this without thoughtful comments may get you flagged, however.

Don't be rude

If someone writes something you don't like, it might be better to ignore it than to leave a sarcastic comment. We can go back to the old adage of "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all". (yes, I see the irony of my post complaining about complainers)

See: How to avoid saying things that you'll regret


Recently I started checking out who my biggest, and most frequent upvoters are. That way, I can check out their blog if I don't know who they are, or send a thank you for the support. Not a bad idea to show some appreciation to the people who regularly upvote and comment on your posts.

I learned about how to do this from the article @cikxaijen steemit upvote bot review:

In the article @cikxaijen explains that when you click "votes" the list is ordered by who paid the highest.

Something that helped me feel good about using way more upvotes was an article by @timcliff. Here is a selection from that article.

Let's assume:

You want to vote 40 times per day.

  • You don't have a vote slider, so all your votes are cast with 100% strength.
  • With pre-hf19 voting, each of your 40 votes would have added 1 cent to the payout of a post.
  • Under the new voting, your votes are 4x as strong, so they now add 4 cents.

If you start voting 40x per day, what will happen?

  • After a few days of doing this, your voting power will drop until it reaches an equilibrium at around 25%.
  • Each vote you cast will be 1/4 as strong (since you are voting with 25% voting power).
  • Each vote you cast will use up 1/4 as much of your total voting power (since only 25% is left).
  • Each vote you cast will be worth 1/4 as much, so they will now be worth 1 cent instead of 4 cents.

Will I run out of voting power?

  • No - not if you are casting around 40 votes per day.
  • Each day your voting power will dip down to around 5-10%.
  • Every day your voting power recharges by 20%, so you will gain what you spent back.

@timcliff - Minnow Voting, it is still OK to vote 40 times a day


A useful tool for collaboration is This allows you to share what you are working on with other people while you work on it. It even allows you to edit an article with someone else in real time (click there to view this article on hackmd). A big thank you to @reggaemuffin for telling me about this.

I might as well mention for a moment that I started talking to @reggaemuffin during the bandwidth crisis because I was concerned that there weren't enough witnesses talking to people and reassuring folk of what was happening to deal with it. When I initially messaged @reggaemuffin, I didn't really expect much. To my surprise, I received a relatively quick response to my concerns.

A note for contacting anyone here, but especially witnesses, is to assume that they are always busy. Don't be demanding of their time or attention.

I've managed to chat with a few witnesses, briefly, to get their opinions on different matters. Possibly, in part, because I wrote some helpful articles about technical matters in the past. It wouldn't even be a bad idea to drop a comment on their posts, thanking them for their service.

So, collaboration. It's a great way to make new connections and expand the audience for your material. I'll include in this linking to other articles that are related to your topic. Also, whenever I want to mention anyone in an article, I make sure to contact them, if possible. It's good to let people see how you want to refer to them, or what type of content you want to use their art for. So, whenever possible, I contact and

Another good idea is to write about other people here. By nature of the way this site works, we do not have a link list for our profile on the side. Ideally, I would be able to pin my favorite articles on the right side of the screen for any of my readers to enjoy, any time they see an article I wrote. I'm sure something like this will be added eventually. For now, it's helpful to go through your blog, find notable posts, and make a post highlighting the best material you've presented. This is a way for new readers to find our material. The same goes for other peoples blogs. I'm sure most anyone would love for someone to read their entire blog feed, point out some notable posts and write about the awesome that person does. If I want to do this, I ask, first, if they would mind for me to do a writeup, and typically people are ok with that. I've learned a lot writing my "Steemian of the Week" posts.

I would encourage others to try the same thing.


There is which has a help channel. @timcliff and @drakos answer the technical questions which we all have from time to time. It's actually quite impressive to me how all the questions get addressed, even if they were asked a while ago but there was no one around to answer at that time. Besides the #help channel, there are some steemians who use but not discord, so even though I don't use it all the time, it's nice to be able to keep in touch with people.


It is entirely out of the scope of this article to go over all of the discord channels. All I can say is that it's a way better design than In fact, I do intend to write about all of the discord servers someday.

@swelker101 wrote an article that highlights a number of them:

Using Discord to Enhance your Steemit Experience - The incomplete list

A good thing to remember, is don't just jump in a room where you don't know anybody yet and expect people to flock to your profile. Get to know some folks, have fun, and find one or a few where you feel comfortable.

I don't spend too much time in the chat rooms, as I tend to be busy on and writing articles. But it's great to be able to chat with my new friends :-) I am told by some people who have spent a lot of time in chat that it can distract them from producing content. Typically, I have a lot of Direct Messages open, so I can catch up with my friends, on the fly.

Contests and Trails

There are various "Trails" in steemit, where users with similar interests all interact with each others posts. There are often contests, and weekly digests which you can be chosen to be featured in.

Check @steemtrail for more information: Steem Trail Daily Introduction

You can find the existing trails and participants in the steemtrail discord server

There are many contests where the entrants all look at, vote on and comment each others articles, even if you don't win, just entering these contests can get more eyeballs on your articles.

One example is: [Minnows Accelerator Project SIGNUP [WIN 200 SP Delegated] Aust10-17

(You'll have to find the most current signup application because soon this post will be un-editable, and I can't keep going back and changing to the newest signup page)

@spaingaroo regularly holds:

"Make out like an Artist - Daily Love and Steem Dollar Give-Away"

@sammosk also holds the Creative Competition, be sure to check that out!

Creative Competition - All Are Welcome - New entrants here!! 10 SBD Bonus

Those are just a few of the contests, I don't really know too much because I haven't entered too many contests. Mostly, I'm concerned with continuing to develop my writing and material. However, I do know that participating in contests are a great way to build community.


One of the funnier things I have done on Steemit when I was first starting out just followed a lot of people. Naturally, it did not take very long before my feed was filled with so much “stuff” that I 100% missed out on anything I ever cared about. @enjar - (from the comments section)

This is a good point, and I'm glad you brought it up. Everybody has their strategies, personally I don't just add everybody. However, I do make it a point to occasionally go through my followers list and look at everybody's profile, try to comment and vote from time to time. In the process I discover hidden gems. It's always a good possibility that if someone is following me, that I might enjoy what they have to offer. This also helps me to catch up with people I haven't connected with in a while. I do the same with the people I'm following.

Ok, I feel like I've covered a lot here.

Have Fun, and Steem On!

Feel free to leave feedback.

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted all of the content created by @inquiringtimes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Additionally, while not required, I am easily contacted if you wish to use these materials for any purpose(excepting a quotation in comments on the Steem Block-chain, where a simple @ tag \ linkback is sufficient).


Other Resources:

Image Credits:

(Final note: my highest paid posts take quite a bit longer than a few hours.)

See Welcome to #Art-Services for more details

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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this is the richest thing I've read in a while in context.

"I'm don't want to try and tell anyone how to live, or blog. "

If your blog feed is full of resteems, it can be difficult to find your content.

Hell yes! This one drives me nuts. Am I really going to scroll through 37 resteems to find that post that Joe Blow wrote eight days ago?


All my posts are with "fitinfun" in the 5th tag, so I can find them and I tell this in my profile descriptions. My posts come up in search this way too - but fitinfun is my brand so it's got other stuff too. It's good to have a tag no matter what. I found this out on other platforms.

An absolutely SpanFanTaculare post. I had to read it three times and I still think I should read it again.

I should probably go to each and every link at the bottom as well.(Look I used spacing in my comment...I learned something today). Have a great day Mate.


Happy to help, and hopefully discourage the griping ;)

I joined Steemit soon after the HF 19 came into force and I think it is good that our Upvotes are worth more but sadly we only get 10 Upvotes a day.


So i addressed this in the article you can still vote up to 40 times a day if you keep vp between 5&25


Your really making a hard work on it bro...all the info we need in one article.specially to us as minnow..thanks bro @inquiringtimes

people like you have great ideas that can help the community and make it better

i learned alot from it. now it gives me some direction how to do steemit in the right way. the last time i do alot of restreeming. thanks for this blog so now i know that theres a disadvantage to it. Although resteeming give minor benefits its right that we dont need to flood resteeming in a day. i also learn some tips on how to do article. and sourcing the images that i will use in the future. thanks to this post.

So glad I was using the tags on the right hand side.

Thanks for such an informative read this is going to help me lots :)

upvoted and followed

Had to drop by and make sure I was showing you some support my friend! This is a great article full of resources that will surely will help better the Steemit community and that is what we need! Thank you so much for taking your time to create this! I am definitely going to follow some of your linked in materials and get to know the community even better ;) It is such a vast ocean in here that it's wonderful to be made aware of things we may not know of! You're wonderful (I know you know it, but know that we know it too) ;) XO


You should write a guide on how to write thoughtful heartfelt comments. You're very good at it. <3


Haha that is so sweet but there is no guide, it has to come from within and has to carry your heart through it =D

Excellent post, @inquiringtimes. Really very good.
Thanks for sharing with me.

So much info in this post! Both the parts! I will bookmark this for future reference. Thank you so much for taking the time out to write this!


thanks for reading.

I'm pressed for time to read the entire post, but just skimming a few pages' worth gas clarified some things for me, and I'd thought I'd picked up quite a bit in the 4 months I've been dabbling here.
I always try to credit my source immediately after or next to that content- but your reinforcement of standard accepted writing practices is very helpful for people to practice more serious forms like journalism (not just journaling) and text rather than totally loose fiction.


It's a great place for everything. I'm not trying to say anybody is doing it wrong. I'm just saying, if you want your content to be valuable, you are probably going to have to meet a certain standard.

This is impressive work @inquiringtimes. I'm truly humbled that you would start this piece off with one of my musings.

I too started with following a lot of new people here. Before I knew it I was following over 400 people and...well I learned to surf the feeds to find interesting content and people.

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. I unfollowed everyone but first I made a 'two months in' post and stated my thoughts, hopes and a bit of my background.

I had been trying to go through each person I was following and checking their blog to unfollow the obvious spammers and scammers but I gave up by the time I was into the Bs. So yesterday I just bit the bullet and unfollowed the lot with the thought I'll add back those who I feel I've made a good connection with or those who I'm following because I find their content interesting/useful.

I'm not a prolific content provider here so I will be resteeming for least I think resteeming is an important part of the curation process. Some I'll resteem simply because I believe they have a track record of getting large payouts which should, over time, build up my steem power. It seems this is the most important course of action because you can do more good the more SP you have.

As you already know I do my best sharing in commenting on others posts. I've researched and written a dozen posts of my own that I just never bothered posting. I guess it's anxiety cramping my style as somethings, regardless of the amount of research I put in, is just not I feel my place to give my own observances.

I've said enough here I think but I will check out some of the links provided to help improve my own work. It's a slow process for me. What takes you "more than a few hours" to research and write takes me a day or two. I hope to get more organized using the links you've provided here.

It certainly seems your strategy is starting to gain you more steem power...and a supportive following. Congratulations! ~smiles~

UVed/RSed/Following };-)>


Another absolutely brilliant post.

I've read over it quickly but will be returning to this like a reference page.

And I know first hand that you practice what you preach.

The urge I often struggle with is resisting the desire to take the piss out of tossers, but you are so right about that too.

Thanks for the great post.

And now because you like scary pictures :)


That is a very generous statement. I'm humbled.

This is a great article for new users like me! So many questions answered! Thank you!

A very comprehensive post, thanks for the minnow tips and links!

amazing post
followed and upvoted

Thanks for the info. Really helpful. Wondering how you can send thank you to your upvoter as there is no direct message? Thank you!


I do my thank yous on one of their posts on steemit. I usually go back to a post that is about 5 days old. Of course I need to have something to say about the post I'm commenting on too.

This is the most effective for me - sometimes I get my comment upvoted and usually a good connection out of it.


Thanks for the tip.


You're welcome. I hope it works for you too :)


In their comments, on, or discord. Usually, we have the same name on the external chat programs. Or I ask people in their comments if they use chat.

Really a helpful information you have given.

What an in-depth article! Following you and upvoted. Thank you for all the information and guidance

I will read this again. Lots of information.

I follow everyone I see over 40 or so, with a photo and who makes a good comment somewhere I'm browsing. They do not need a photo if they are over 50. I follow anyone who followed me yesterday each morning. I think I am getting most of the active people this way and not too many not-active.

I'm a big follower on all my platforms because I like everyone and have never had a problem with this strategy. I get a lot more followers this way than I would if I went and checked people out [which I don't have time for anyway].

Unless you are porn or violent - I will like you.

But I never look at my feed. I could not look at it when I only followed 50 people - too random!

I use the filtered feed in steemnow and it is heaven. I just add the parameters I want and then there are the posts! But usually I do not even need that since I get a lot of good comments and replies to my comments on other people's posts. I go to all those people's feeds and engage there and maybe on to one of their commenters. After that - I have no time for a feed anyway no matter how many people are on it.

I was against chats and finally started posting a tiny bit in steemchat. What happened? Two guys are now begging me to upvote them and not in a good way. one of them seems to have lied about upvoting me and about commenting on my posts. He says he did, but I do not see it.

I am not a chatter anywhere and I'm really hesitant to spend time learning discord. I've been twice and got really confused and could do nothing either time. It seemed to people saying hi to each other.


I am curious... if you don't look at your feed, then what is the point of following? To make people feel good? Then they re-follow you and don't look at their feed also?


I'm following to get a bigger following of my own. Those people I follow are active steemers with a rank so that they are not spammers and might engage with me. I don't know how many people look at who followed them, so I don't know if they get any feels out of it.

Some other people definitely do follow me just because I followed them.

I have no idea how anyone looks at their feed with more than 10 people on it here so I disregard it as I said. I do have one guy who only keeps about 15 followed for that reason and I'm one of them, so I feel good about that.

I think the only way I can connect with people here is with good posts that I promote in my other social media. For example I have a good steemer twitlist and we all rt and resteem each other out there. I'm also in about 50 fb groups for sharing steem posts so I do that and get good results.

The other way I connect is by making about 30 comments a day and those are all on people I follow. If they like my comment, they might follow me and sometimes do.

When I get to ### people following me, maybe things will change and people will see me without promos, but I don't know how.

After doing this for about 7 weeks I have followed about 70% of active posters already. So if I go to a post with 20 commenters - I might follow 3-4 and the others I already follow.

I found my feed completely random as to time and topic and I just couldn't use it after the first few days.


Steem up the good work!

Upvoted. Thanks for this post. I have a former student from my years in China who is a good fiction writer. And she writes in English. I want to introduce her to steemit, but fear she will be overwhelmed by the formatting, which is pretty easy to learn although it can be a bit daunting at first. If I tell her about steemit, I'll refer your posts to her.

Another great post but seriously heavy duty for somebody like me who is still learning.
I've read it a couple of times and there are some really good ideas and concepts to incorporate into my article writing.

Too much to remember, so I'm going to come back for references every now and then.

Thanks for the level of effort you put into it!

This is my 5th resteem of the day lol, I just couldn't stop my self from resteeming this :)

This is kind of posts that should go in trending..
Oops sorry you said no to whining


lol. thank you.

I wish there was an option to save a post, like a pin or something. This is something I don't want to lose in a timeline!


bookmark in your browser? or resteem it..


It's been so long since the last time I heard about browser's bookmarks! Thanks for the remaining, it's true :)


I bookmark and sometimes I pin to a pinterest board too but I use viraltag so I get the graphics. I'm thinking of making a fb page for steemit since these posts come through good over there. I already run a bunch of pages so it would not be too hard.


glad you enjoy, feel free to come back for updates.

Great post. So much so that I feel varying degrees of self-guilt in many of the topics you addressed... not by intent, but via my own ignorance. Rather, I should say that I'm new here and have learned a lot, mostly by plying my own path. But I learn further that many have plied this same path before me, and because of it, I learn more everyday. Thanks. UV

well done mate, super post, I wish I had voted for it in the early moments..

thanks for the shout out

Really a very useful article, and very detailed @inquiringtimes. to be honest I was very pleased to read your postings like this. be instructive to me that how to be a successful blogger at steemit. I look forward to the future you continue to provide a useful post for all of us. love to get to know you on this platform. I am following you from now on. Thank you for sharing.


Feel free to hit me up in chat


One of the funnier things I have done on Steemit when I was first starting out just followed a lot of people. Naturally, it did not take very long before my feed was filled with so much “stuff” that I 100% missed out on anything I ever cared about.

It’s the only way in the short term to really find some great people to follow and the community you want to engage in. Starting out you really don't know. It’s even harder with how much people change over time. A lot of the first people I followed were like me-- new. I felt that was a wonderful way ensure getting to meet people. I did meet a lot of great people.

After a while, I did one of my other enjoyable tasks here. Remove all the spam from my feed. It was truly amazing the nonsense that was going on it. I had everything from people who decided to go into nsfw for “more” upvotes, and other people who just thought resteeming everything they read was the way to go among a lot of “other” things. Since then I’m still cutting down my following number faster then I increase it.

My current thoughts are this is a social platform after all. If I can’t at least try and keep up with everyone I’m following why follow them in the first place? I’m currently at 53 people I’m following. I check in on each person over the weekend to see if they are still active if I have missed out on anything major. Did I not see something amazing that needs an upvote and comment? Has this person gone inactive for too long now and I just need remove them?

The great thing about this is the people I follow do a lot of work for me. Both timcliff and denmarkguy found your blog to be interesting enough to resteem. I’m not having to spend hours looking for something interesting to read. My feed is interesting to read. When one of the people I’m following is not writing something they are finding and resteeming something that is.


I enjoy leaving comments more than I do writing blogs. I’m not left with my own thoughts of having to pick a topic. Even better most of what I would write about already is out on Steemit.

Far too many people seem to focus on just blogging. They seem to have forgotten it’s a social platform. how can you expect the different feeds your blog appears in to help you out if you can’t help yourself out first? They somehow think people will just magically find them and want to engage in their own blogs. I say WHY wait when you can go out and engage with anyone whenever you want.

Now granted much smarter people than me leave shorter comments. I’m just a crazy person and enjoy comments more than turning everything into a blog.


Thanks for a thoughtful addition to the discussion... I did forget to talk about following people... Will update tomorrow (and quote you if you'd like)


By all means, it’s really a topic that people need to go into deeper thought about. I use the people I follow as the first place I tend to curation from.

There are people on this platform that I consider “hard to get a follow from.” They are worth so much more than those that just follow thousands. Yet everyone thinks getting a follow from one of those people will change their life or something lol.

I’ve spoken with those people before about it. They admit it’s like winning the lotto if they find your post and upvote it. I never intend to win the lotto so I prefer not playing it.

I always laugh when I see people trying selling resteem to their “1k+” people that are following them. I remove people who resteem 50+ times day/week. If those people even read their feed they notice and do the same hehe.


I agree. I am more impressed when someone with 3000 followers who is following only 200 follows me... then I feel special.

I don't have a limit of follows. I am fairly generous with my follows, but later I may go back and reduce so that I can keep a manageable feed.

Great post! I resteemed so I could read it again later.


Thank you! I've been continually updating it.

Thanks for the guidelines, which were needed by me most.


I'm glad that you are benefiting!

Wow @inquiringtimes, another brilliant and impressively comprehensive post-- well done... in fact, this could easily be linked from the FAQ, but that's not my gig.

Funny, how we seem to have come to this point along similar paths... I've been creating web content since the mid-1990s and started my Internet "career" as a "sysop" on newsgroups and listservs on the University of Texas' IBM mainframe in the mid-1980s...

Interesting that we're both passionate about making Steemit work and can bring a wealth of "been there, done that."

Steemit is an amazing opportunity and potential game changer... but one obstacle that must be overcome is a certain myopia related to using "but we're on the blockchain" as a catch-all excuse for not having to deal with real world issues... such as basic human nature (psychology) and greed.

Anyway, great post-- resteeming this, and part I.


Thank you again, for everything. I want to dispel a myth before it begins, however. Yes, I built a website in html when I was 11, some time in the mid 90s.. it was very rudimentary.

Primarily, I've learned about blogging since I've joined steemit. Which is good news for any tech savy newbs.

I'll be keeping up with your blog, and we can grow together!

Really well written post with great, positive advice mate.

Hope your day is going well my friend!


The Minnow @Accelerator Project does a lot of good for newbs like me! Thank You!

Thank you for the tips and tricks inquiringtimes. I at least try to post everyday, because I want to push myself. I post drawings, animations, and anything that has to do with graphic design. So missing a day or 2 is out of the question for me, unless something serious is going on in my life.

A couple of months ago, I wasn't drawing at all, and since I was introduce to Steemit by @lovejoy, I've been inspired to draw everyday. I also try to do my part by upvoting and engaging with the community.


You might enjoy looking at the #art-services tag. Steem on! :D


This is quite riveting. What exactly is this tag, and am I allowed to use it?


Click the tag and see :-)

Upvote your nice post. if you like art you can check my post

Saved to read later :) tip!

Much help and great ideas in this post. I think this is really helpful for new people and also for them who are struggling with their posts and might need a heads up or reminder to get back on track.

Creating quality content takes some time, I have learned that you seldom get anything for free and at least I have to invest my time.

Great written!


It was super helpful for me. I learned a lot while writing it.

Thank you for sharing such important information and advice which will surely helpful to the newcomers of this steemit group.. I am also a very new member.. Have a nice time..


good luck! see you again soon.

Why does everyone think they must write a novel to get their point across. Shorter with less fluff allows for the users to read more from other users. I don't have the time to read everyone's novel that could be cut down to 5 minutes without the fluff. Fluff= Crap I don't need to read but makes article longer.

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Good Luck!

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So nice as it is very detailed and lots of tips. :)

Great post, @inquiringtimes! I couldn't stop reading and opening links in new tabs. This is the reason I too spend less time in the chats; information sponge.

RE: References
Your list of references (almost all from Steemit) show the amount of work you put into writing this article. I may have to come back several times just to reference your references!

Something else important to remember regarding references is that it's helpful to reference your own posts.

I did this in the last part of my GIMP tutorial series, but really should add a post, as you also mentioned, of post highlights.

RE: Image Sourcing

I hope, that you will consider sourcing the images for your blogs here on steemit.

Usually I put together my own screenshots and images, but upload them to my site instead of the blockchain. A trend that I can work on changing as well.

Thanks for taking the time and energy to put together this guide.

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I can't find the best word but thank you @inquiringtimes. It's as if I'm about to hibernate with a full stomach with this blog.

I'm pretty new to all of this and it's been weeks now snooping around with articles that would help me step up my Steemit journey.

Yours by far is one of my top 10 favorite :) And I'm going to try all of your suggestions here one at a time.

I just hope you can see my comment for you to know how grateful I am.