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Steemit can be a wonderfully exciting place to find yourself. However, it can be EASY to get lost with everything available to you. One of the main solutions we've found is using Discord servers to have a central location to base your projects. It's fairly simple to learn and is a GREAT way to connect and learn from fellow Steemians.

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So what is Discord?

Discord is nothing more than a chat service that allows you to create specific channels or rooms. Each room can be on a different subject, so it's easy to find the content you're looking for.

Why Use It?

With Steemit's limitation on actually connecting with people, Discord fills that gap of creating communities where people can share their work, ideas, and whatever else is on their mind.

What Discord Channels Are There?

Now we're getting into the meat of the post. There are MANY channels, all with different ideas and themes to help a Steemian find their way or use a particular service. So here we go with just a few of the Discord Servers you may want to check out.

#1 PALnet - The Discord of the Minnow Support Group.


Of course I'm going to mention this one! It's the largest known Discord server for Steemit and the people there are more than willing to help field questions from new users. Be prepared, when you enter, you're dropped right into the fire known as general chat. Do not worry! While the content may be a little startling when you arrive, you'll be greeted with a ton of hellos!

Join PALnet Here!

#2 Looking For Niche


Looking For Niche is a community and a tool that connects you with like-minded people based on your favorite tags.
You sign up to a tag by our "WhaleBoT". When someone else signs up for the same tag, you two are introduced, allowing you to check out each others posts, collaborate and maybe even form your own niche community.

the extremely helpful @rawbinhutt runs the site and also put together this handy guide on how to use WhaleBot

Join LFN here!

#3 MinnowBooster


MinnowBooster is like a swiss army knife bot. You can rent SP, boost your posts, and invest STEEM. Here's the introduction post that explains what it can do Be warned that some of this has been changed. It's always best to head to the source.

Join MinnowBooster Here!

#4 WhaleShares


@officialfuzzy brings this project designed to give minnows access to whale votes. It's a bit more complicated than some of the other voting services, especially if you're unfamiliar with crypto exchanges, but this is a POWERFUL initiative and could very well be the tool you're needing.

Join WhaleShares Here!

#5 Steemit Talk Podcast


STP is a place for Live Podcasting, Recording Archives, and general day to day conversation regarding all things Life, Food, and Steemit! Most every Sunday at 8pm GMT you can listen to the newest live podcast and take part in the show. You can learn quite a bit in here and it's always a fun time.

Join STP Here!

Other Discords that I have yet to fully explore, but need to be noted

So much to Explore

These are the Discords that I am aware of, and the 5 listed are the ones I use the most often. There is so much to explore in Steemit and the above resources should make your journey a lot easier.

Thanks for reading and let me know of any more that I may have missed.


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To legit to quit!!! :)

A really informative post for the uninitiated dude. Upgoated.
You should write more buddy.
Oh by the way is this you?

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Wow, this is really in depth! It's great to see guides and assistance for new members to encourage more sign ups!

Very useful, well laid-out tutorial on this Steemit resource. I've only been an infrequent visitor on Discord until now, but I'll be sure to explore all its features more fully now. Thanks Shane!

Thank you for the post; Upvoted & followed you!!

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Thanks a lot for the kind mention! Hope Looking For Niche can help you and everyone find cool people!

These are great projects all around, and I think I am part of all (almost) above Discords. Discord communities is in my opinion the easiest and best way to find interesting Steemians.

Thank you for these resources, much appreciated! Upvote, follow & Resteem

Sharing the awesomeness on here and Steemit Facebook Group because I can

Thanks for the info, now I have more communities to interact with.

Probably one of my favorites post about discord, job well done!


Have you forsaken us!?


I have not forgotten the chat I once loved. I have however delete it. Miss you too!

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Nice resource list. Recommend the STP podcast. I've been catching up on the podcast over the past week. Love the rapport the guys have.

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Awesome info! Thanks

Useful help for me ,,, thanks for share.

This is great. I had been invited to use Discord, but didnt know what it was. By the time I found time to look it up and make an account, I couldnt figure out where to go or how to use it.
The STP sounds interesting. Now I know the when and where.
Thanks for laying it out in an accessible way.

I have joined your top 4 recommendations prior to reading this article.

It has helped, but I also find it overwhelming to manage all of the conversations, upvote requests, and rules for each channel.

My best advice is to pick 1 or 2 channels and make some connection before moving on to new channels.

Just registered. I'm really excited about discord. I registered with @minnowsupport and banjo a minute ago.

Thank you for the post; Upvoted & followed you

that's quite a good overview.
For the German Speaking community we have also installed a Telegram chat group with some nice featues like a Steem and SBD price bot.
Maybe we should enhance that to have an international Telegram Chat Group =)

Finally got around to voting for your witness. I've been such a procrasti-gator...


Oh! Awesome! Thanks!

Thank you @swelker101 for the info. And i saw your @shanehug is activated

top post! great info man, Discord changed my life here on steemit, I met a lot of amazing people there, and I could help some people too there.

Great and useful post! I learn new things everyday and I love it. Will join some of these groups:-)

great job my friend!
thanks for sharing


I love Discord, been using it for a few years and it's amazing to see what communities have popped up on it.

With tools like Discord Bots and all the help resources for Discord... it's hard not to love it!

Wonder what the next discord server will be for...

Thanks for this post. I had seen Discord mentioned a few times in my 17 days on Steemit, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. Now I know. :-D

Appreciate this post and voted you for witness :)

Thank you, this is real useful stuff

Thanks for giving a great overview of discord.