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One thing I noticed when joining Steemit three days ago is that information is hard to find on what Steem and Steemit actually is. Also there are many good tools and resources available but no one knows them. This post tries to adress that issue.

So many new users ask themselves: 

What is Steem and what is Steemit?

Steemit is a social network, similar to where you can post, comment and vote on content. But the twist is, you get Steem when others like your content. And Steem is worth money. Currently over a dollar. So unique content creators can earn money without the users having to pay for it.

That sounds nice, but how do i get in?

Steemithelp has a wonderful tutorial for this.

Is Steemit the only way to view posts?

No, there are many other clients available. Some of the popular are listed here:

  • Esteem – Mobile Steem Client for iOS and Android
  • Busy – Facebook like design for Steem
  • Zappl – Soon to come twitter like client for Steem
  • chainBB – A forum like client for Steem
  • SteepShot – An instagram like client for Steem

How do I get all the details on what happens?

There are many good tools to view the Steem blockchain:

  • SteemD – See all internal data for anything on the blockchain
  • SteemStats – Here you can watch users and get live updates 
  • SteemDollar – Liveticker on Steem price compared to other currencies
  • Steemviz – Livefeed of what happens on Steem
  • SteemWatch – Configure notifications for events you are interested in
  • Phist – See the history of any post
  • Mention – See who mentioned you
  • SteemitPond – Visualize what happens on Steemit
  • Steemification – Chrome extension for Notifications

What else is out there for the Steemer in me?

Here are some cool projects for Steem:

What cool community projects exist?

Here are some I find interesting:

I want to develop an app for Steem, what can help me?

Here is a list of Apps and Libraries for Steem:

Useful Links:

This post is an aggregation of many useful resources and tools, please give them credit! If there is an error or you feel misrepresented, please comment below and I will edit the post.

This post will be updated with new information when new tools come out. Please comment if you found I missed a tool.

Any feedback is appreciated. Follow @reggaemuffin for updates!


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Very well done post. As long as I have been on here this is one of the best collections of steem resources that I have found in a post. Good job. Looking forward to more in depth analysis on steem and her applications from you in the future.

Thanks a lot! I am a dev myself and with the first app I wrote, I noticed after finishing it that it already existed... So I got up to make a list of all the things currently existing so that other devs can work on new problems and users find all these tools. If you ever find something not covered by the list, please tell me :)

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I am gathering my thoughts. When I get concrete output you will be the first to know through this thread.

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Update 1: (Please upvote this update so people see it at the top)
I added by @thekile Awesome project! See his post here:

Update 2:
I added SteepShot by the @steepshot team to the post. It is an Instagram like client I totally missed and am now trying out. Liking it so far!

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Thank you and welcome to Steemit again :) Be sure to check out they have a list of well written tutorials!

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Thank you! If I missed anything, please tell, I'll add it then. Also see this comment for what has been added since the creation of this post

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Thank you for this great post. I did make an article a while ago for newbies. But your aggregation is valuable.

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How to quickly improve upvote?

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@reggaemuffin I am new to steemit...I posted several stories....see my blog...and 6 days later I suddenly cannot post a story anymore.....why....I did go into live chat and ask several questions about steemit and all and two people were very rude and reported me to abuse where there was no abuse at all I asked 2-3 questions and they went there some sort of cult like group in steemit where they know how to shut your account down through computer programs using abuse? Is so then there is no free sspeech in steemit and it is noting more that crazies who are hurting steemit where fewer quality people come to steemit...please let me know about this so I do not waist my time....if steemit wants to be nothing more than bitcoin stories then it will fail....

@reggaemuffin thanks for the reference sheet of resources. Being a newbie here on Steemit, I'm trying to "get a feel" for how the site works & everything STEEM has to offer. Thank you for making things clearer.

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I am a steemit virgin trying to load my poetry and paintings. Your post was extremely helpful. Between your post and my guru @frankbacon I hope to be up and running with the best of you all.

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