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Edited: Changes in @minnowbooster fee from minimum of 0.1SBD to 0.5SBD

We noticed that small votes are still making problems and increased the per vote minimum send to 0,5SBD and hope we don't have to go higher…-minnowbooster

As a minnow, I always find ways to increase my reward in my posts. One of the services offered in Steemit is 'Upvote Bot'. So far I have tried @randowhale , @minnowbooster and @booster . In this post I will try to explain them all.

P/s = I have nothing to do with all 3 services and this is an independent review


@minnowbooster is a straightforward upvote bot. Send a minimum amount of 0.1 SBD to @minnowbooster and receive 5 times the amount you send.

Check @minnowbooster steem power here:

To calculate: Consider these parameters:
1SBD= 0.97 in current market price so,
Exchange Rate is: $1 = 1.05 SBD
Note that you only get 75% of the upvote as 25% of the payout goes to your curators (the ones upvoting your post)

For example: You send 0.1 SBD to @minnowbooster ,
0.1 SBD x 5 =0.5 SBD ($0.53) <----- You should get this amount
From the 0.53 SBD, you should get 75% only meaning =0.4 SBD (rounded up)
Exchange to $ you will get =0.4SBD x 1.05 = around $0.42 roughly

So, I get the upgoat of $0.43 (I lost 0.01 cent in this calculation LOL)


Booster is a bidding service where you bid high to get higher bid by this bot. @booster time frame is every 2.4hours. After the end of the time frame, @booster will upvote all the bidder’s post depending on the weightage of every bidding.

Step 1 : Check how much 100% booster upvote worth. Check here :

Step 2: Check your chances by analyzing how much money people are bidding. Check here:

It is crucial for you to check your ROI before bidding.

In my case, @booster upvoted me by 0.35% of his voting power after my bidding of 0.3 SBD. at that time roughly 64 SBD was bidded. Hmmm better luck next time!

To compare @minnowbooster , and @booster , I get a better vote from Minnowbooster. As you can see, if you open the dropdown of the voters, the most valuable upvote will be at the top. However, please note that there are chances you can get more worth of upvote too if you analyzing all bidders behaviour and strategize.

Conclusion: The more SBD you have to bid, the better your chances are. I would not recommend using this service if you going to invest below 1 SBD, use @minnowbooster instead.


@randowhale will place a vote with a random vote power of 2%-5% on your post. @randowhale cost a minimum of 1 SBD

I transferred 1 SBD to @randowhale and receive 3.8% upvote

I have calculated and I get around $2-$2.30 for 1 SBD .

How to send SBD to Randowhale, Minnowbooster and Booster?

Go to your wallet, click transfers at SBD, key in which service you are going to use, key in the amount and copy paste the desired URL of your post like this.


I have analyze 3 of upvoting service that can benefit you in your quest to increase your Steem Power. It is then up to you to use which service. I sincerely feel that the more upvoting bot there is, the more it is competitive in terms of pricing and the more users can benefited from it. I stand by my conclusion to use @minnowbooster if you can only invest less than 1 SBD. If you can spend more, go on and use @booster and be very analytical about it or use @randowhale to get around 2-5% on your investments.

That’s all folks!


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@cikxaijen got you a $0.88 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@cikxaijen got you a $0.88 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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This post received a 4.4% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @cikxaijen! For more information, click here!

There are more. Try @discordia and @bellyrub.


Yes. I used @bellyrub too. Not yet using @discordia . Will do other review next time. Thanks buddy


I agree with your conclusion. Minnowbooster is best for really small fish and booster is best overall.


don't forget you can send one steem to @minnowbooster for 1-4 weeks delegated SP! check out their newest post for more info, if you don't already know.


Tq! I haven't touch on delegating SP. Maybe later when I know a lot about it! Tq for reading!

This is superb, thanks for the tips @cikxaijen