10 Supernatural Stories I Loved Reading!

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Today I have 10 supernatural stories from the Supernatural Writing Contest that I loved reading and that I'd like to share with you in this post. They all have touched me in different ways and I'm sure you will love them too.


I have read about 200 stories since the contest started and I can say that it's amazing to have so many good stories. If you do not see your story in this post here, do not be disappointed as everyone has done a really good job to make Steemit more interesting.

10 Supernatural Stories I Loved Reading!

Some of the 10 stories I list in this post are older stories and they can't receive rewards through upvotes anymore, but you still can leave a comment to the author as I know they will appreciate it. I invite you to upvote the stories that still can be upvoted,

I still have about 100 stories to read in the list, which I will do this week. If you submitted a story, check its status on this page: http://jerry.tips/swc and if it's not there, would you put the link in the comment section below because this will help us see it?

If you don't know about the contest, read these two posts: Supernatural Writing Contest! and Would You Like to Participate in the Supernatural Writing Contest?

You may also want to read: My 10 Favorite Supernatural Stories and 10 Supernatural Stories I Enjoyed Reading!

10 supernatural stories to read this week:

(Not in any specific order)

The Ghost of the House - A true love story (SWC - Supernatural Writing Contest)

Author: @binkyprod


When I was a young girl, there was a ghost in our house. At the time, it was my grandparents’ house, before my mother inherited it. My maternal grandparents were still alive and living downstairs. The Ghost of the House lived there with us. I dubbed him thus, because he has always been there.

Healing My DNA & Soul Trauma - SWC @jerrybanfield

Author: @janellelanae


Shortly after the birth of my first child I became involved in a movement that would guide me to a woman that would change my life forever. The movement is known as “We Are Mauna Kea” and it was based on the protection of one of the most sacred places in Hawai’i known as Mauna Kea (for short).

Remembering Me

Author: @blanca237


As I describe my encounter, I will present this story using a past, present and future timeline to provide a linear flow to this story. In truth, time doesn’t exist, there is only one being – the source of all that is. Source is quantum and multi-dimensional.

The Scars I bear. The fear I conquered. (SWC)

Author: @crazybgadventure


My name is Darren Johnson, If you walked past me down a street you would not give me a second glance. Why should you after all? Why would I give you a second glance? Every person has history of some kind, mostly good but some not so good, some more horrific in nature but our faces never tell the story that some of us go through.

Dragonflies and Other Magical Creatures - my entry in the Supernatural Writing Contest - by @bennettitalia

Author: @bennettitalia


Once, when we lived in Florida, my ex wife and our small child called me out to the deck of the house where we lived. There was a wounded dragonfly, flying very loudly round and round in wide panicky circles because one of its wings wasn't working properly.

My Supernatural Experience! The Creature In The Woods-Part 1 (SWC)

Author: @magicalmoonlight


The year was 1994, I was 3 years old, my grandmother who was my absolute best friend, had cancer suddenly spread throughout the vast majority of her body. Prior to her passing and succumbing to her illness, she purchased me a cute little brown teddy bear as a keepsake and memory of her.

Supernatural Writing Contest - Real Story The black Thing Around my House

Author: @ricko66


Today I want to write a story that has happen to me and my wife 5 years ago. I already posted about it when I start Steemit but here is an opportunity to share a real-life experience that has changed my vision of our world.

The Ruby Ring (SWC)

Author: @mistermercury


I rarely wear jewelry, not even rings, so when I began dreaming of a large gold ring inset with a beautiful red ruby it got my attention. Soon my night time dreams flowed into waking hours and I began frequently visualizing the ring during the day.

Vacations with Extraterrestrials - Supernatural Writing Contest (SWC)

Author: @ingarnoldo


The story I’m about to tell you is real. It was 1998, I was 23 years old, it was in the month of August, and I was with my family to spend our vacations at the “Paramo La Culata” in Merida state, Venezuela. Our plan was going to the mountain and camping with tents, make a bonfire and in general, having a good time.

(SWC) Grandmas Know Babies (SWC) Supernatural Writing Contest

Author: @brandylynne


When Grandma got sick, when we all knew it was the end, I moved back into the old house to stay and take care of her until it was over. Things moved pretty quickly, but Grandma always was a "just get it done and over with" kind of person.

I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I did, and that this post was useful for you. Some stories are too old to be upvoted, but you still can post a comment for the author to read and follow them. I know that authors appreciate feedback.

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My favorite supernatural story book is entitled, Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.

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Hello gmichelbkk. This storîes are really intriguing yet very scary. I have learnt from a couple of them. I have also joined the supernatural story contest. Here is my link


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hello I am pleased to participate in this contest where we can share our experiences.
https://steemit.com/jerrybanfield/@lenny1/Near -Death- Experiences- Supernatural- writing -contest -(SWC)

I have it in the list now, thank you @lenny1.

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@gmichelbkk Hello sir, i think you missed reading one of the awesome swc i red and wanted to share it to u. I think the owner of this story gave her very best to share her experienced about swc. Read it and im pretty sure you will love it. Thank you so mich and more power!


Thank you very much @zoeroces for helping me find this amazing story. It's in my list now.

Hello, thank you for sharing this initiative with all of us. This is my entry for the constest https://steemit.com/jerrybanfield/@guiaarte/miracle-of-life

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Great picks @gmichelbkk i really enjoyed reading those stories and they gave me an inspiration to share my own supernatural experience please check it out.

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This story reminds me of my childhood, I was scared. This story is very fascinating. Thank you

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Wow! Some of this stories are really scary.
Please @gmichelbkk here is my own story of a miraculous recovery.


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My story is already here.
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More strength to you as you read

Thank you very much for allowing me to tell my supernatural story, greetings and much success @gmichelbkk , @jerrybanfield ; this is the entrance to the contest:


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What you guys are doing is laudable, Weldon and keep it up. This is my entry for the contest.



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Wow. That was a very nice list. I am new here and somebody advised me to make my first post, and when i saw the SWC i decided to make my first post. Here is the link to my entry, i hope it is reviewed by you.

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hello I am pleased to participate in this contest where we can share our experiences.
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Something is confusing to me. Am on the list on the spreadsheet and my post has expired like 4 days but yet to see the 10 steem that was promised to be sent if your post was not up voted by the bot. I am asking because new people on the list have been up voted. Is there something wrong with mine?

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