My 10 Favorite Supernatural Stories

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Today I'd like to share with you my favorite stories in the Supernatural Writing Contest that I have been helping @jerrybanfield with. This has been such an interesting week, thank you very much to all authors for writing these wonderful stories.

I have read so many awesome stories since the contest started that it makes sense I share my favorite ones here in this post.

Would you do me a favor and go upvote the stories I mention here because this will help them go even further?

My 10 Favorite Supernatural Stories

It has been an avalanche of stories and I am still struggling keeping-up with all of them in a timely manner. Several stories are older than 3.5 days and as I can't send an upvote anymore, I will send SBD directly to your account if the story is qualified. All stories I have in my list will be read, and new ones added to the list as I see them here:

If you don't know about the contest, read these two posts: Supernatural Writing Contest! and Would You Like to Participate in the Supernatural Writing Contest?

My 10 favorite supernatural stories so far:

(Not in any specific order)

My Spiritual Experiences : Supernatural Writing Contest @jerrybanfield

Author: @eco-alex

Spiritual Experiences are not something that I knew anything about 21 years ago. I have never been a religious person, and wasn't really looking to have any religious experiences. I was always quite content with philosophising the nights away and figuring out the meaning of life over many twilight ending nights...


**Near Death Experience(SWC)**

Author: @eunireal1 

The 21st Of December, 2011 is a day I can't forget in my lifetime, why because I had a face to face encounter with death in an accident which would have taken my life at a young age, that of my only brother, my sister @celineaugustinee, my two junior sister, and my precious mum whom was already suffering from Arthritis😖 😥 😞 .


Childhood Recurring Dreams - My entry for @jerrybanfield's Supernatural Writing Contest SWC


My husband has done a little research on my family history. My family have lived in the same area for centuries on one side (my mother’s) but only moved to the area relatively recently (in the great scheme of things – less than three centuries) on the other side.


Room for one more... - @jerrybanfield's Supernatural Writing Contest - SWC

Author: @gothic.revival 

I’d like to tell you a story my great-grandma told me. I don’t think she was supposed to be telling me scary stories at my age, and maybe that’s where I developed my love of gothic - who knows... well, whatever the reason, thanks for the cool and scary stories, great-grandma!


The Pond - Entry for Supernatural Writing contest by Jerry Banfield

Author: @mydivathings 

It is always frightening to tell a story involving ghosts. A written tale might not often do full justice to the actual turn of events but I have tried my best here with this one.


The Ghost in My Grandmother's House (Supernatural Writing Contest)

Author: @stephmckenzie 

My paternal grandmother (my dad's mom) lived in a haunted house. Actually, she lived in two. One was before I was born, when it was just her and my dad and their cat, her other two children having moved out and gotten married. She never remarried after her second divorce.


My Supernatural Story for Jerrybanfield's contest SWC

Author: @outerground 

I'm going to share with you some of my own preternatural experiences in this post. I'll begin with giving you a bit of background and an introduction. I am going to share with you some unbelievable but real events & an account of a poltergeist haunting.


SUPERNATURAL WRITING CONTEST: I Saw a UFO in the Middle of the Day, in Chicago. I'm serious.

Author: @emmyem84 

This is the first time I have sat down and written about my encounter, but I have been thinking about it constantly since 2011. This is so similiar to what I remember it gives me goosebumps!


Ouija - A Game That Never Sleeps” (Supernatural Writing Contest)

Author: @theessential 

This is my story. Sometimes the demon doesn’t leave... Let me just preface this story by saying that I do not wish to promote the use of a Ouija Board. I grew up always being curious about them... I always thought that it would be a fun experience- and they can be. 


My Supernatural Experience (SWC)

Author: @whitedolphin 

As an animal communicator where do I start? Supernatural experiences, or out of the ordinary experiences are the norm in my life. I have also had a few past life regressions (I am a hypnotist also) so have plenty of stories to tell. But there is one that stands out for me the most. The story of how I came to adopt my mare, Miss Saskia.


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Michel Gerard


Some nice creepy stories, did you ever see the twilight zone about a stop called Willougby?

Its a spooky one about a stressed out sales executive who falls asleep on the train home and thinks he wakes up at a stop called willoughby but then wakes back to his reality. This becomes his favourite time of day, riding the train home and dreaming of willoughby each time he wakes disappointed its not a real place. Eventually in his dream he gets off at the stop. In the real world he walked off the train in transit and dies. The funeral service that comes to pick his body from the tracks is called Willoughby funeral services... Anyway, that story came back to me after reading a few of the stories above. It brought on the same feelings of what the ......

Interesting story i like it.

I am glad you do @gomovies.

It very interesting.

I am glad you like it @leemeili.

Its really interesting. Thanks.

I am glad you like it.

Out of this world post! I have to come back to this post when it is night time to get the full effect lol! Great post my Friend! I enjoyed it immensely! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Thank you very much for your nice comment @extraterrestrial. Enjoy!

Interesting, when is the end of this promotion.

Great question..I just submitted my story this morning and I am hoping that I'm not to late. Please advise Jerry. @chrispike

Thansks! @gmichelbkk

There is no end set up to this contest, except if we run out of stories or budget.

I don't see how you can run out of budget since ninety nine percent of the stories being picked are those making money and delegating their earnings to Jerry. I didn't see my story on the list either:

Nor do I see another story I read posted:

Just running down the list of the ones listed as the older post I see that 24 out of 27 didn't delegate their earnings either and the other three the earning delegation was slim compared to the one's in the running. Is everyone running on equal footing here or is there a little bias in play?

Thank you very much for linking these 2 stories because I didn't have them in my list.

I appreciate it that you took the time to respond and acknowledge our contributions, that's the least that that any of us could expect. Thank you.

Thank you @emmyem84 for helping me discover this story.

Thank you @sarahewaring for linking here. We missed it because it was under another tag. I looked at it, but it's less than the 1,000 words required.

@gmichelbkk I really appreciate all that you and @jerrybanfield are doing with this contest. As I am new here, I'm still learning about the delegations and such, so I just want to make sure I've done the submission properly to qualify. I submitted mine about 4 days ago and I know I am not on that list either. I assumed you had just not gotten through all of them yet. I believe I used the correct # and everything, so if you have gotten through them all then I have messed up my submission somewhere I think. I just want to know mine was at least entered properly. As far as witnesses go, I'm still learning about that and I've voted for people who have been a tremendous help to me, while getting started on the platform and have saved many votes because if I vote for something I want it to be done so with full comprehension of what I am actually voting for. So I will definitely look into this further. :) Thank you for interacting with contestants in such a manner! It is very nice.

@erinn thank you for your message. I do not have a story for your username in my list, would you please help and post your link here?

Thank you @gmichelbkk for letting me know! Sure thing! (If you don't dig it, that's totally fine! I appreciate being able to make sure you got to see it! :) Never Alone SWC blog post here.rockinghorse_haunted_nostalgia.gif

I'll make sure to double check everything and re read the posting requirements for the next one, but think I did it right.?

I put it in the list. Thank you for your patience!

o my!..., meaning my entry might still have a chance to be seen by @jerrybanfield?...
I am so sad now... I thought its over because it was already 2 days ago so I bid it myself....huhu

pls if you still have time pls include my entry to your visit sir @gmichelbkk

thank you so much

I put your story in my list @fabio2614, it will be read soon.

wow! thank you so much... I hope it can pass....👏


Oh wow! I'm really excited to get a mention as one of your favourites (so far).

Thank you SO much for the opportunity!

Now all I have to do is read everyone's that I've not got around to yet!

My pleasure Michelle. I have to fo the same.

Congratulations! There's a lot to read isn't there!?

BTW 2nd one on your list shocked me.

Thank you for commenting and reading the stories.

wow it's nice and wounderfull, but i'm still in pending list..!
Read my story @gmichelbkk Please check my story Here


I look at your story @uzair1214, but it is less than 1,000 words and there is a large section that was published somewhere else. Maybe you can fix this or write a new story?

@gmichelbkk hey how's life?
please check my new story that i was submit for Supernatural Writing contest click here

Thank you @uzair1214 for submitting a new story.

Great supernatural stories!

I am glad that you like them!

Michel thank you for making this list I will ensure I read these first!

I love the ouija board story!! But it seems not all stories are seen
I posted ds story 6 days ago, i even had to repost it so it would be seen and i folllowed all the rules, 1000 words etc but my story hasnt been recognised. But its cool though, Im still glad I participated.

Thank you for helping me find your story. It will be read soon.

Thank you so much for mentioning my UFO encounter here! I was thrilled to see my name mentioned. I really hope that you and @jerrybanfield do more contests like this in the future!

@emmyem84 Congratulations! I'll have to read yours as it sounds like it's right up my alley! :)

Those stories are indeed touching. You're really doing a great job by reading through all those stories and the upvotes. You interest me @gmichelbkk and @jerrybanfield.

I would like you to read my own entry which i made about four days ago. Here is the link

I saw it @solomonwise, it's in my list.

Wow, great stuff. If you have time please drop by to my entry of the @jerrybanfield Supernatural Writing Contest
This Man ~ @jerrybanfield's Supernatural Writing Contest - SWC

Wow that would be great , Thank You

Thank you so much for including my post in your favorites! It’s nice to see that my hard work paid off!!


My pleasure, I loved your story @theessential.

Congratulations @theessential for having your story listed in the top ten! :)

Hi @gmichelbkk I wrote my story for this competition as soon as it was posted and I think I was in the first few who posted their story but I didn’t add a picture which means it doesn’t really stand out. I hope you enjoy my experience from when I was young. As My post is 6 days old already I am worried I won’t get an upvote. I understand you must have a mammoth of a job reading all of these stories. Do I need to be worried just yet?

Unfortunately @markkennard I didn't see it on the trending page, might be because of the missing image. I have put it in the list. Older stories, if they qualify, will receive a direct transfer instead of an upvote.

Thanks very much @gmichelbkk you put my mind at ease. I’d say it was my fault for not including an image as I saw it on the trending page a few days back. You must have a huge job with reading all of the submissions. I hope you enjoy my post

Some great stories here! Congrats to my sister @emmyem84 for being listed!

Thank you for your nice comment @starl1ght.

I have it in my list now, thank you @camporr.

I entered this contest yet haven't even been noticed really... was expecting someone to at least read my story. I'm pretty sure jerrybanfield is just out for his own gain, and his posts are bs. Last time I ever enter a contest for this whale...

@brandonk what you say is not fair for Jerry. I understand your frustration, but finding all stories on the trending page is difficult.

I do not see any entry with your username, would you please post the link here?

Maybe you are right, and maybe I am rash... but it just sucks being excited about a contest and not even being seen. This is my story, it isn't that great... I'm just happy it's recognized. Thank you.

I'll put itin the list and read it as soon as I can!

Thank you for helping me find your story, it will be added to the list and read.

I appreciate you helping Jerry out on this. Right now my story is five days old and must have been lost in the shuffle. Check it out when you can!

Thank you @bryandivisions for helping me find your story because I didn't have t in my list. It will be read soon.

"Ouija - A Game That Never Sleeps" attracts me so much.

Wow... This is great. They are all nice and interesting.. You selected well. I joined the contest too though it seems my post wasn't seen

Wow... This is great. They are all nice and interesting.. You selected well. I joined the contest too though it seems my post wasn't seen

I loved participating in this contest! Thanks!

There are interesting stories
I participated in the contest too but it's nice to see stories like this appreciated

@estherikott thank you for your message and I just got your story in my list. It will be read!

I hope @jerrybanfield will read and notice my entry too. I wrote it for 5 hrs just to check my grammar the whole time I was writing it. Heres my entry. Thank you and more power!

I have it in the list now thank you @zoeroces.

Thank you very much @cryptomma for helping me find this story that will be read soon.

Thank you for your time, this is exciting!

I am very happy to participate in this wonderful initiative, I have many stories to share, experiences of the soul and the mysterious and supernatural, I hope to continue sharing them with you. Many successes to all and thanks @jerrybanfield @gmichelbkk for the support. This ews my post

Thank you very much @bailatelavida, I put it in the list.

Hello @gmichelbkk, I would like to know why my story is in the "old entry" category, what do you mean? I dedicated my time to writing this story with the honesty that the rules of the contest demanded, I am new in Steemit, and it is an original story, I did not publish it before, there is no other post like before. Thank you for considering my observation, this lowers the enthusiasm considerably, but when you are a little fish, you want to grow with your support.

Thank you for the comment @bailatelavida. When the story is more than 3.5 days, I can't send an upvote anymore, but all stories there will be read and if they qualify receive 10+ SBD or STEEM instead.

Thank you, I just wanted to clarify that my story is original, written for this space. Thank you for evaluating the work and the time dedicated to the contest. I hope you can read my participation.

I am so thrilled to see my post in here. Glad to know that you liked it @gmichelbkk

Mind blowing stories. I have read three from here that have stuck with me. "Room for one more" and "Ouija- a game that never sleeps" are my favorites so far.
@gmichelbkk I do hope you find time to read this story I wrote about my father:

I am glad that this post made you discover stories you enjoyed reading sn I will look at your link soon.

Great. I eagerly await your feedback. Thanks.

I am glad that you like it.

so interesting! thanks for sharing!

My pleasure!

Interesting compilation.. Thanx for sharing

I am glad that you like it!

Yeah the one with ouija is really taking my nerves.. It was so terrifying... I was thinking since first day of contest to write my story but it is a terrible work and i even afraid think about it..

Yes, scary story and well written. Give a shot at yours, get help to write it if you need.

I just publish my story for jerrys contest.. It was really a big task for me.. Here 5am and i did not sleep whole night.. I wrote it with that fear travelling with me since 10 years.. I ll be happy if you read it and tell me your opininon

Yeah i am trying to be brave and motivated as the series of incidences i passed are still fresh in my mind and made me coward or fearfull even i feel fear in day light

That's great! I put it in my list.

I am excitedly waiting for your or jerry comments on my story.. I think this ll take few more days

Interesting stories....
please keep up the good works

Thank you very much @expensive717.

Hi @gmichelbkk! I just saw the post in @jerrybanfield where he shows all the posts that participated in the contest but mine is not there :( It would be awesome if you guys can still read it hahaha. I'll leave the link below! Thanks anyways!

Thank you for showing the link here @andresfer0310, I have added it on the sheet.

Sad incident, his car was destroyed !!
follow back Mr @gmichelbkk

I have supported and upvote @jerrybanfield as a witness far before the contest was made. because I hardly miss reading every post, I will always follow @jerrybanfield


Thank you for him @toniesteem.

Well, I beg your pardon my dear friend @gmichelbkk. But then, I have to conclude that you haven't come across yet with "The Biggest & Most Transcendental Secret In Human Life" entry post for @jerrybanfield's (SWC) contest.

Just click on the green text above and read it mate. Do it my friend, do it without fear. I guarantee you will never regret that click, consuming the reading thoroughly and prolly you'll learn something new and valuable from that supernatural experience.

I bet that this post could easily also be among your 15 favorites. LoL }:)

And although said post, unfortunately, is already past the period of payout to get upvotes that'd count and would add value to that extraordinary & singular content/revelation. A simple and meaningful comment from you over there to the author will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers!! :)

Thank you very much @por500bolos for giving me the instruction on how to find your post. There are so many posts that I haven't seen in that "jerrybanfield" feed. I clicked and put you in the list. Yes, I know, we are very late, so sorry for that, but if you don't get an upvote, you will get some STEEM/SBD sent to your account.

Thank you very much @por500bolos for giving me the instruction on how to find your post.

My pleasure mate. :)
When all this is about uncover & reveal "Mysteries and Enigmas I consider that millions but billions of people born and die without knowing it or having never deciphered it"

I felt the duty to extend, expand & spread The Message beyond boundaries. Haha

Cheers!! :)

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mr jerry. i have send my story "ghost sound" in sw contest but i never see it at your blog. what happen?

Just saw it now @bdoelskie:
But unfortunately it is only 700 words! Maybe you can still edit it and make it 1,000 words or submit another story.

i think a true story no need to long or use xxxx words. if my story i "pushed" to 1.000 words just make my story like a "dragons tale". but okey maybe it just a contest and im not qualified. thx for the information :D

We need to have certain rules like everywhere else!

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