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RE: 10 Supernatural Stories I Loved Reading!

in #jerrybanfield2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @golddeejay, I added it to the list.

I've read a lots of creepy stories already here and I decided to have my entry too. I hope you can find time to read my entry sir.
So much hopeful here...thank you so much

Thank you @juichi for your comment and the story.

thank you sir for giving me a reply. I hope my story will qualify to your list...waiting here with full of hope.

thank you so much @gmichelbkk,I already have it!

My gadgets had issues. I was told about the contest by a friend and was not aware of the 1000 words criterion.

The story has been edited and now meet that criterion.
@gmichelbkk, kindly review the entry.

Thank you @golddeejay, I put it back in the queue.