Would You Like to Participate in the Supernatural Writing Contest?

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Today I'd like to talk about the "Supernatural Writing Contest" that @jerrybanfield is sponsoring and that I am helping with. I am very excited by this contest and all the beautiful stories that authors on Steemit have already started to produce.

We see a lot of contests on Steemit, but one more time, Jerry Banfield is innovating with the topic of the contest and the prizes that will be given away.

Would You Like to Participate in the Supernatural Writing Contest?

If you have been struggling having your posts in Steemit seen and have a supernatural original story to share, this is your chance. It is not an ordinary contest where there is a first prize, second prize and third prize, and then nothing for the other participants.

In this Supernatural Writing Contest, everyone wins if the basic requirements are met. Jerry is showing the topics you can write about below.

3 main requirements:

- New original story, not already published elsewhere and not copied or partially copied from another website or book.

- 1,000 words minimum.

- On topic.

If these 3 requirements are met, a bid of 10 STEEM/SBD will be sent to @jerrybanfield's bot to upvote your post. That's about $50 in rewards that you can receive for the post.

If you do not have an original story, please do not participate. All stories are checked with https://www.copyscape.com and if they are not unique they are rejected.

Read Jerry Banfield's post for all details: Supernatural Writing Contest!

You can also watch his video.

This is the executive summary taken from the post so you know exactly what it is about and if this is something for you. 

Executive Summary

In order to participate in this "Supernatural Writing Contest" you need to have an account on Steemit.com. The story has to be original and your own with 1,000+ words. All stories that qualify will receive a 10+ STEEM/SBD bid upvote on Jerry Banfield's bot, which translates into around $50 in rewards. This contest is sponsored by the @budgets account and upvotes will be sent by @gmichelbkk.


  • Original story.
  • Your own story, own supernatural experience.
  • First tag "jerrybanfield"
  • Use (SWC) at the end of your title, if it is not obvious the post is for the contest.
  • 1,000+ words.


  • Near Death Experiences
  • Past Lives
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Miraculous Recoveries
  • Coincidences
  • Moments of Magnificence
  • Ghosts/haunting
  • UFOs


  • $5,000+ in USD equivalent of upvote bids are available allowing hundreds of authors to participate!
  • Best stories resteemed on @jerrybanfield's blog.
  • All SBD author rewards from this post will be sent back to @budgets to fund the contest!

If you do not wish to receive an upvote, but still want to participate in the contest, type "Decline payout" at the end of your post.

Jerry and I have already read several stories and upvotes have been sent. I really enjoyed the stories I have read and I am looking forward to read more.

The Steemit community needs more stories like these and I invite you to participate and do your best to present an original story.

I hope that you will find this post useful.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more posts like this one?

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Michel Gerard



This is my supernatural story of a female spirit that appears at certain times.

@thesimpson I will read it soon, thank you.

It's in the queue!

I hope you enjoy it and you get at least one or two spine chills. it's a real modern day haunting story

Ooh sounds interesting...Going to read it

Here is my entry although my story is completely original I also added some historical facts is that okay? If not I will more than gladly edit so that it is able to qualify for the contest.

It should be ok. I am looking forward reading it @isteemithard.

Hi @gmichelbkk I wrote my story and submitted under the tag jerrybarnfield with an "r". I immediately noticed my error and tried to edit the tag and I ended up messing up and having two copies of my story. I don't know how to delete posts on Steemit so please check my correctly tagged entry here https://steemit.com/jerrybanfield/@insculpt/2x1e9n-my-near-death-experiences-swc

Thank you @insculpt. Just edit the duplicate with one sentence saying it's cancelled with a link to new post maybe and save. Can't delete posts.

Is my story in the queue? It's day 3 already since I posted it and soon it will be payout day. Just wondering if it will be read in time.

@gmichelbkk what is the last date to submit story ?

There is no last date, it is currently open indefinitely.

Can i submit two stories?

Not at the moment because we want to give a chance to everyone to have a post upvoted.

Thank you, I will.

Still you didn't check my story...

It is in the list of 80 stories to read!

Submitted mine yesterday! I was so excited to get a chance to share my store and inspire others. Thank you @jerrybanfield and @gmichelbkk for this incredible opportunity to impact the Steemit community.

I am looking forward reading your story @kenmelendez.

Hello @gmichelbkk

Please visit my blog also, It's my true story and I never thought of sharing this with the world, But if you'll at least read it and share your comment then it would help me a lot to overcome my anxiety.

Please I need one comment from You and @jerrybanfield 🙄

I don't know whether my post deserves an Upvote or not but I feel it deserves your feedback.

Can You Sense Your Future?

♨ Thank You ♨


Your story will be read and I'll write a comment. I am cofident that you will get an upvote as well. We have 80+ stories to go through!

Hi, Michel. I saw post from Jerry about 'Supernatural contest'. I comment on his post, but not sure will he see it because there is many comments. I will appreciate if you can pass this comment to him:

@jerrybanfield If I can ask you for one favour...

I had many 'supernatural' experiences. I quoted supernatural because that experiences are super real and much more common then people think. Also that word make sort of fear from it, so our mind don't like to talk about it. If we called it little bit different maybe we will talk more about it...

But that is not what I want to ask favour rom you. Like I said, I had many supernatural experiences:

  • Close UFO experience
  • Saw ghost of my grandma
  • How I healed my dad from incurable disease with my thoughts
  • Since my dad died last year had many contact with him from other side
  • Healed hard core alcholic with my thoughts
  • Intuition lead me to winning poker tournament
  • My high trips where I go from one universe to another (univese of any 5 sences, universe of pure presence, universe of imagination,...)
    ...and much more experiences.

What I ask favour from is you choosing what my experience you want hear about...

Thanks :)

Maybe Jerry will see your message, maybe he won't. I would be keen to read about your universe travel, but the other topics seem interesting too!

Michel thank you for making this contest possible with your help reading the stories!

hi @jerrybanfield I mistakenly used wrong tag "jeryybanfield" please check my post here
.. at least let me know if I'm qualified or not.

We will find it.

My pleasure Jerry.

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