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New Story: New Star Wars Hope.

They Got Me. Don't worry, you can find me on a former channel, JoeyArnold7, which features playlists on Donald Trump, @Stefan.Molyneux of Free Domain Radio, Alex Jones of Info Wars, Lauren Southern of Farmlands (South Africa Documentary), Tommy Robinson of Free England From Jihadism, Lionel Nation Media, my own Oatmeal Joey Arnold (JA) L4OJ Arnold Attic OJAWALL home videos, Louder with Steven Crowder, a Steemit Playlist on the Steem blockchain, the Walk Away From The Global Leftist Socialism Technocracy Corporatism Tyranny Movement.

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Never Titanic Let Go

I'm thinking of making a playlist on Owen Benjamin of Huge Pianist. Since like 2007, I've made so many different playlists over these past eleven years on my different YT accounts. In 2017, they terminated my OJAWALL channel. I've been banned, many times, off YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Theology Online, etc. Actually, millions of people, globally, have been kicked off these social ghetto networks, especially this year (2018), that is more so this year than ever before. The General Sheppard YouTube Channel has been disabled, terminated, removed, many times. But new accounts pop up with the same name.

YouTube keeps on trying to purge it.

But then a new account is made like a day after that. YouTube may find it again after a few days & delete the new channel. I've written many times in the past about how I've been banned. So, long story short, they may not tell you why. But one day, you wake up to find out that you're gone. Ask around if you haven't been there yourself. You probably have friends who have been through it as well. I've included a few links in this article on previous posts on the previous times I've been banished. It has happened so many times for me & for others. So, the details are there. The good news is that we are winning. You can join us if you want. It is worth it. It's gold.

V For Vendetta

Each time, a new account is made & thousands of people subscribe to it instantaneously in just a few hours. Sheppard has been uploading Alex Jones (AJ) videos, shows. So, the good news is that we are the future, the resistance. We are winning. Join us if you haven't already. Focus on what you love & try your best to do what you love, be it in sharing videos, photos, posts, memes, ideas, stories, songs. If something doesn't work, then try another thing. Eat some oatmeal. Plant some gardens. Keep smiling. Keep living. Meeting resistance is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Winning Games

If Michael Jordan made winning basketball shots in the fourth quarter to help us win but then said he didn't, then does that undo the points? No. If Kanye West said he didn't Red Pill Democrats off the plantation, then does that unredpill em? Hypothetically if it did, then they weren't redpilled, or saved, in the first place. Like the Once Saved Always Saved debate, can a person be, not religiously, but politically, Once Red Pilled Then Always Red Pilled?

I think so to some extent.

It can be sad maybe if Kanye is scared maybe. I don't know what is happening but he helped either way. He may miss out if he stops now. If MJ stopped balling, then step up & put it all out on the court, politically, for your children, for our future. Why not? Life is a gift, and that is why it is called the present, said the turtle in Kung Fu Panda III.


They remind me of the communist censors back in my native Cuba. They won't succeed. People like edgy stuff, mainstream is always boring, worthless shit

You were born in Cuba, or your ancestors? Very interesting. Yeah, the mainstream tries to claim both, to be main and to be edgy at the same time. Big joke. Younger people are beginning to get it. Brazil & Taiwan are beginning to get it, for example.

Born and raised in Cuba, 25 years surviving communism and the famine of the 90's. I know the communists very well, that's why I can see them from miles away in the demorat party in America. They are on The Road to Serfdom very clearly.

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