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Notifications from SteemitBoard have been improved

@Steemitboard is stimulation engine for newcomers. We received a lot of positive feedback from those who told us how notifications about the badges they receive was a motivator. They feel encouraged to continue their activity on the platform.

However, we also received feedback about the fact that these notifications were sometimes a bit too generic and did not clearly indicate milestones and next steps to reach.

A quick reminder - There are several types of notifications

1. First step notifications

These notifications are issued when the user performs for the first time an operation on the blockchain (upvote, post, comment) or receive something for the first time (upvote, reply, payout)


2. Personal notifications

Personal notifications are issued when you receive a particular badge (event of your life on steemit) or a community badge. These badges are displayed in the "personal" tab of your board on


3. Level notifications

Level notifications are issued when your level change, whether because you grew up or unfortunately when it decreases.

They are explained in details in this post.

4. Achievements notifications

Achievement notifications are issued each time you reach an important milestone. These relate to the operations you performed on the blockchain (upvote, post, how) or performed by others or by the system and where you are involved (upvote, reply , payout)

These are the notifications that have been improved.

Previously, @steemitboard sent you a rather generic notification about your achievement, and to have more information, you had to to click on the badge to go to your board on [] (

Now, @steemitboard provides you with a detailed description of the milestones you have reached and what you must now accomplish to take the next step.


The further you go, the more difficult it becomes.

Beginners will receive more notifications than Steemit’s veterans. This is because the levels of achievement required to get a new award are lower at the beginning. Step by step, it becomes a little more difficult to reach the next level and time between notifications should increase.

This has been set up to incentive newcomers and to avoid spamming regular authors with non-stop notifications.

If you don’t want to receive these notifications, it is easy: just reply to any notification with the word “STOP” (and nothing more). @steemitboard will not send you notifications anymore.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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If you made a badge/achievement spot for delegating to @steemitboard, your SP would blast to the moon (: That would be a fun way to constantly be taking in more delegations, because the badge system is addictive!

Thanks for the suggestion. Added to our todo list ;)

No problem, @steemitboard is awesome! Keep up the awesome work!

Great explaination! It was really motivating to see your comment on my first post :)


nice steemitboard improvements ! :)

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Para mí es de gran motivación, creo que son claros con cada una de las insignias. Es cuestión de profundizar cuando exista alguna duda. Gracias por su apoyo.

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cool! i enjoy your notifications and how you set them - more in the beginning, less later. Feels like i won something each time

Hey, can I ask a question? I used to be able to type in this code as part of my signature: [![](https://steemitimages((((dot com, taken out so the code will show)))/100x80/http://steemitboard(((dot com)))/@phoenixwren/level.png)](http://steemitboard(((dot com)))/board.html?user=phoenixwren) ...but since I graduated to minnow, it hasn't updated to show the minnow icon, it still shows a redfish. See?

Can you advise me how to get it to show the minnow icon? I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! :)

I usually have an incremental number with a tag, for me to be sure from where I posted that.

it hasn't updated to show the minnow icon, it still shows a redfish

This is because of the image cache implemented by Steemit. To bypass it, one simple trick is to add a parameter at the end of your url, like the current date


will display it correctly:

Hooray, thank you so much! :)

Thanks for explanation

Genera motivación y deseo de superación en cada post que se realiza, gracias por este aporte.

Gracias por la explicación, y por las insignias que he recibido, la verdad son muy motivadoras.

Thanks for your explanation!

Good to know. Thanks for all you do. 💕

Hopefully, I am as a newcomer in Steemit one day I could grab more than one achievement notifications.

Nice information, thanks for the explanation!

These are really encouraging notifications. Thank you for continuing and even improving the service for everyone.

Thanks for info.

I really appreciate the badges and being able to track my accomplishments. I voted for steamboard as witness because I think you are adding a level of gameification involvement that truly inspires action.
Perhaps there are articles I am not finding though to help me answer some questions. I did not receive anything for first steps though I see them on others achievement boards. Until I saw the explination on this post I thought maybe you didn't give them out anymore. Is there a reason I skipped those and went straight to the others? Also I tried for the author reward posting four times in a day and every day of the week and I am wondering if the rewards are delayed like steems author rewards or if I just wasnt in the UTC window for the day.

It would also be awesome to see the levels on your site, I can see bones, olive wreaths, dolphins and so on as I scroll through the leaderboard but no key or reference to what the levels are or in what order.

Thanx I really like getting the badges 🙏👍

I have replied many time whit word STOP but notifications don't stop.
Please STOP notifications on my blog!!!

You have to write "stop" only, nothing mored @steemitboard is a bit touchy with requests :)

it's exactly what I did many times and doesn't works!

Indeed, you did.
There might be a small bug out there. I will check it.
Please apologize for any inconvenience.

It's ok, I'm sorry about the tone, hope you can fix it

Fixed ;)

Hola @steemitboard me parece una herramienta muy buena para dar ánimo a los usuarios sobre todo a los nuevos, espero recibir pronto tu visita con esas notificaciones de estímulo. Gracias y buen trabajo