If you made a badge/achievement spot for delegating to @steemitboard, your SP would blast to the moon (: That would be a fun way to constantly be taking in more delegations, because the badge system is addictive!

Thanks for the suggestion. Added to our todo list ;)

No problem, @steemitboard is awesome! Keep up the awesome work!

Great explaination! It was really motivating to see your comment on my first post :)

Gracias por la explicación, y por las insignias que he recibido, la verdad son muy motivadoras.

nice steemitboard improvements ! :)

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Para mí es de gran motivación, creo que son claros con cada una de las insignias. Es cuestión de profundizar cuando exista alguna duda. Gracias por su apoyo.

cool! i enjoy your notifications and how you set them - more in the beginning, less later. Feels like i won something each time

Hey, can I ask a question? I used to be able to type in this code as part of my signature: [![](https://steemitimages((((dot com, taken out so the code will show)))/100x80/http://steemitboard(((dot com)))/@phoenixwren/level.png)](http://steemitboard(((dot com)))/board.html?user=phoenixwren) ...but since I graduated to minnow, it hasn't updated to show the minnow icon, it still shows a redfish. See?

Can you advise me how to get it to show the minnow icon? I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! :)

I usually have an incremental number with a tag, for me to be sure from where I posted that.

Thanks for explanation

Genera motivación y deseo de superación en cada post que se realiza, gracias por este aporte.

Thanks for your explanation!

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