Be ready for the next contest!

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Sounds good to me!

A free ticket again ? :)

Uhhh yeah! I just got the cheapest plane ticket one way to Europe. I don't have a SteemFest ticket, but I'll be there!

You're just going to show up in Poland with a one way ticket?

Oh yeah, I'll travel by bicycle after the event too.

please visit my page, i have some photos of my short trips in the villages around my city,
If possible for you, Vote me please.
Thanks a lot

Yes this time ready

Yes i'm ready..

Welcome to Dtube @steemitboard ...
Thank you for sharing information on Dtube,

I'm ready :)

Very anxious of the contest to see what it is

It's looking very interesting post. Good one friend. Nice way of promotion.

Is it only available for people who are at Steemfest?
Are fellow Steemians to be caught like Pokemon or Steem Monsters?
I have so many questions. ;)

You will get so many answers ... soon ...

But we want answer now! :p lol

Ready! )))

Nice edits! A free ticket would be nice :D Can't afford to buy it this year QQ

Can't wait

hello, i feel my self lost, i can't write an article or replie

I am ready

Yes ok
I am ready mr

Good nice @steemitboar and good job
I am ready for countest

Good job @steemitboard

start the partyyyyyy :)

Desde Venezuela estoy activo.

I really like Contests......


What is it?? hahaha
Waiting to find out :D