Trick or Treat - Publish your scariest halloween story and win a new badge

in #halloween5 years ago (edited)


Abra ca dabra UpvotethisPostus

this is my halloween craft! i painted them in 3 hours!

Briar Queen.jpg

Trick or treat @arcange careful of the scary bone fish! 🐟

This is really fun. Last night I watched John Carpenter's Village of the Damned, and I came up with an original story of my own.

Please share this original tale I wrote about a wicked troll and pumpkin magic.

Trick or treat @arcange 🎃
Have eye got a story for you and everyone :-)

Ghost writer 👻 Boo 47

This is a cool idea @steemitboard. Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the spooky badge on my board. Prepare to be scared. 👻

Love this! I won’t rest until I have that Halloween badge - got to get on my broom and track down my scary story....
Edits done on a photo I shot.

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