Kidnapped Father?

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They come in the middle of the night.

Who comes in the middle of the night? Police states do.

Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting and live streaming on a child rape gang in the United Kingdoms (U.K.) this morning, some hours ago, this Friday, the 25th of May of 2018, this year. Beyond that, all evidence of this is being scrubbed off the Internet in live time. This post may be removed, maybe. These videos may be destroyed. Globalists are attacking websites that report on this.

Tommy was arrested.

They are trying to kill Tommy in jail.

Last time he was in jail, he was stabbed. He lost teeth.

Share the #FreeTommy hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.


Journalist Tommy has been reporting on murder, rape, theft, crimes, in England, in the European Union (E.U.), on the people, on the extreme Muslim terrorists, on rape gangs, on the no-go zones, for many years. Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) is also in Great Britain and has been reporting on how the animals have been raping 5 year old girls and boys to death. This has happens in America and in many countries around the world. Trafficking is something I learned about some years ago by The Salvation Army. You are next.

I'm next. What are you going to do about it? They are coming after us. We are living in George Orwell's book, named Nineteen-Eighty-Four (1984). The good news is that some of us global patriots are taking action. You can join us or you can go back or your video games. Yeah, pretend nothing happened. Don't get mad. Just let the globalists kill you.

Be a baby like her?

Kidnapped Father?

2018-05-25 Friday 04:21 PM LMS: Kidnapped Father?

Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 04:43 PM


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Thanks. Upvoted. #FreeTommy

Is there like any official explanation why did they arrested him?

A judge ruled for a media blackout. It is illegal to talk about Tommy. He is in jail right now for the next 13 months and Muslims are trying to murder him right now in England. He is a journalist. They said he disturbed the peace. But he did not disturb peace. They then said something about contempt of court.

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Thanks for reporting, upvoted and resteemed.
Disgraceful! Disgusting! Shame on you UK government, UK police for arresting a reporter, a journalist who was only reporting THE FACTS, THE TRUTH on a court case of child rape and sexual abuse carried out by muslim rape gangs.
He has been unjustly jailed for 13 months, intentionally to silence him and get him killed, since last time he was unjustly arrested and sent to a maximun security level prison, he was beaten up so badly he lost several teeth and stabbed by muslim inmates.
The UK has become a dictatorship, the press has been silenced from even reporting on his arrest.

He is a journalist, a reporter, that is his job to report the facts.

Let's all take a stand and say "enough is enough" with all this injustice and arresting innocent people for free speech and exposing the truth.

Tommy is innocent. I stand with Tommy Robinson.
I stand up for free speech.

Free Tommy Robinson now!
#FreeTommy #freetommyrobinson #tommyrobinson #FreeSpeech #TommyRobinson #IamTommy
on youtube :

BBC had to delete their article on Tommy. Hundreds of newspapers were banned from reporting on it by the EU, even websites and companies outside of the EU was banned. They are erasing it off the internet, off Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, in 2018 May 25th, Friday, which was yesterday, and since then, and it is him today and you tomorrow. It is me tomorrow. People don't see the pattern. Speak up or die.

Next time try eating this with a Irish Stout by your side.

Do you want to #FreeTommy or do you want to die from 5G haha?

Thanks for sharing this. I wrote articles about Tommy, too. I am Tommy. You are Tommy. http://TommyRobinson.Online #FreeTommy #SaveTommy

People need to start calling this what it is. Modern day in your face slavery.

Also, we need to save Julian Assange.