A Family Holiday in Mallorca, May 1969

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This is original unedited digitised cine film footage of my childhood days in the Home Counties, England.

This movie focuses on our first family holiday abroad in Mallorca.

The holiday took place in May 1969, and I had my ninth birthday there.

We stayed in the Hotel Alomar in the town of C'an Picafort.

Our flights from Luton Airport were with Monarch Airlines that recently went into administration.

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Looks like a fun family vacation. Lots of photos of you munching on food, especially ice cream!

Cor that's very Alan Whicker to be international jetsetting back in the late 60s / early 70s - none of the budget flight bag etc troubles back in those golden days...! 😎

cerita yang sangat menarik perjalanan yang begitu mengesankan.
teman saya ju pernah kesana dan dia cerita kepada saya bahwa mallorca adalah tempat yang sangat indah
sukses selalu imuntukmu.
salam sukses dari saya

Terima kasih

saya sangat senang bisa berkomentar dengan anda
salam kenal dari saya @fadil94