My Childhood Days in the Home Counties of England, 1966 - The School Fete

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This is original unedited digitised cine film footage of my childhood days in the Home Counties, England.

It was filmed at the summer fete of my primary school on 11 June 1966.

Included in this film are :

  • The opening of the fete by a local celebrity. It was supposed to be the BBC newsreader Richard Whitemore but I am sure that is not him in the film. I guess he couldn't make it.

  • Me presenting flowers to two ladies. I then shook hands with the wrong hand!

  • Musical entertainment by a band called The Clarions - I wish I knew what song they were singing.

  • My godmother bowling for a pig.

  • The fancy dress competition including some very politically incorrect costumes (by today's standards).

  • I was Huckleberry Hound in the competition - I think I came first with my partner Yogi Bear.

  • My middle sister in the 'Pick A Pocket' for 6d outfit.

  • The ladies 'Prettiest Ankles' contest.

  • The 'Guess the name of the doll' lady.

  • The book and comic stall.

  • The three winners of the 'Prettiest Ankles' contest.

You can see the previous movies in this series at :

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Awww I absolutely love this! :D

Good old school days. I am positive some of those costumes would be frowned upon today. Sometimes I wonder if we are too politically correct these days...

It's only one particular costume that really 'stands out' -- and there are even some minority kids present at the fate too, God knows what they must have made of it! And he gets a prize I notice.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

Ha! That's awesome.