My Childhood Days in the Home Counties of England, c1965 - Bicycles, Christmas and Painting the House

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This is original unedited digitised cine film footage of my childhood days in the Home Counties, England.

This movie focuses on Christmas Day 1965 but also includes a number of other scenes from my family life in the mid '60s.

Included in this film are :

  • Me and my two sisters on our bikes and scooters. I was riding my 'infamous' red tricycle that caused a major commotion just before one family holiday - but that story is for another post.

  • My mum letting me try her sherry - I am not sure I liked it!

  • Me in the bath with ANOther. Check out my water pistol and the colour of that bath water...

  • Christmas Day 1965 - the opening of presents. I seemed to like my new scarf. My mum appeared to like her new black negligee.

  • Christmas Day 1965 - the traditional Christmas dinner - turkey and all the works. I was wearing such a dinky little bow-tie. There's posh for you!

  • My railway set. The flying helicopter and the exploding wagon were so cool.

  • A horse and cart delivering manure to our neighbour for his roses.

  • My dad and granddad preparing the back of the house for painting. There's me at my bedroom window wearing that snappy little bow-tie again.

  • Me and my middle sister gathering leaves. Far better to get a ride in the wheelbarrow than to push it!

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[ image and graphics by @pennsif ]

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That brought back some memories. Sunday night was bath night, dad went in first, followed by mum then us kids, that's why the water was always brown...LOL. Up at 5am Christmas day. Hornby for Christmas and i bet you got an Evel Knievel too...if you was lucky you could stop up and watch Quatermass and the pit...

All sounds familiar - although I don't think I ever got to see Quatermass.

Aargh!!! That water was disgusting!!! It was thick enough to grow spuds in ;)

Is that a paraffin blow-lamp I see there?

We always shared baths in those days.

If I recall Sunday night was bath night!

Same here,
Me and Jimbo (6 years younger bro) would also share on a Sunday night. I think the water colour was very similar to ;)

I love these old films. Looks like you didn't have a taste for sherry back then. That bathwater looked pretty brown to me. Must have been playing in the garden beforehand. I think every kid in the '60s had a train set. My brothers had one too. Love the little bow ties. They were so posh back in the day! Was your granddad wearing a suit to prepare the back of the house for paint?

I haven't had sherry for ages - but quite fancy some now...

Yes my grandad was wearing a jacket - not sure if it was a suit. It was standard in those days for me to wear jackets when working!

just managed to come onto and yours was my first vid I watched :-) ahh, those good old times! Thank you so much for sharing them with us - threw me back into memorylane here :joy:

Glad you enjoyed the movie. I have bought about 8 so far - still a few more to come yet.

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Truly a lovely family movie, thanks for sharing it. How nice your reaction when you tasted the sherry!
Even my father had a train set, with which I also played as a child, so cool!

My train set was great. It was my favourite thing to play with, and lego of course...