My Childhood Days in the Home Counties of England, 1964-65

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This is original unedited digitised cine film footage of my childhood days in the Home Counties, England in 1964 and 1965.

Included in this film are :

  • Clearing the garden with friends Pat and Julie ... and toffee apples
  • My sister's yappy Yorkshire Terrier dog called Andy (with my red tricycle in the background)
  • Me 'hunting' the pet rabbit with a pop gun
  • Me with my sisters and friend in the paddling pool (check out the colour of the water when it is emptied)
  • Me and my sister on the go-kart my dad built - my sister steering, me on brake (spot the tree stump in the background of the final scene - Dutch Elm Disease had just taken its toll).

The film was Standard 8mm cine film without sound.

You can see the previous movie in this series at :

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I remember having a potato gun (a diddy james bond ppk sized weapon) that could also squirt water and fire caps to. Though to be honest, it was cr*p at all three tasks.

I remember the cap guns - I wonder if those are still allowed.

I think if I recall this gun fired a cork on a string!

Cork on a string........... suddenly thinking all 'Disney' now............... or is it 'Looney Tunes'???
'Peter & the Wolf'

You can still buy the caps (paper roll & 'ring caps'). I used those for the remanufactured shotgun primers post. Tho you can make an 'Armstrong's Mix' out of safety matches too.

Did you make a post on shotgun primers? What was the link of that one?

Is this the one' you're referring to?
This was all development (in crazy inventive mode) after I couldn't believe how expensive blank powder cartridges were for the 12g alarm mine (burglar/deterrent device) when compared to normal 12g cartridges. Maybe they are made in smaller numbers or the gunpowder used in them is more costly to make? Who know???

We used to have so much fun with cap guns and the kids that didn't have the gun would put the caps on a rock and hit them with either a hammer or another rock. The smell is so vivid even now. I don't think that kids are allowed any kind of gun but water guns and video game equipment any more. I've seen the caps at specialty shops but I've only seen vintage cap guns - no new ones.

Yes I remember whacking them with a hammer too...

Great fun! I am streaming this for more to see. Happy New Year my friend. Thanks for all you do. 🐓🐓

Happy new year @mother2chicks - glad you like the movie. Another one is going up shortly.

I remember go carts

I think I went through two or three in my childhood - great fun.

Beautiful memories, @pennsif! It's great that you have the videos to cherish.

It is like having a time machine to relive these moments.

Time machine for me too. That made me so nostalgic for when we used to do the same stuff! I think we did 'Superman' and 'Cops and Robbers' more than cowboys but still, the same magic.