My Childhood Days in the Home Counties of England, c1967 - Wicksteed Park and London Zoo

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This is original unedited digitised cine film footage of my childhood days in the Home Counties, England.

This movie includes footage of a me on the dodgems at Wicksteed Park (I think).

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Included in this film are :

  • Me and my middle sister riding the dodgems at Wicksteed Park (I think, or possibly Woburn Abbey). Notice I am now old enough to 'drive' myself - in one of the previous movies I was too young to drive the dodgem car myself.

  • A family visit to London Zoo. The animals we saw included elephants, a bear, zebras, giraffes and possibly my first encounter with penguins. There is also a clip of a canalboat on Regents Canal that goes past the zoo.

  • Some nighttime footage of Piccadilly Circus in London.

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