MSP Waves Radio - Pennsif's Alternative Lifestyle Show - going live tonight! [Friday 26 January 2018]

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After many weeks of planning and gestation Pennsif's Alternative Lifestyle Show is finally going live tonight, Friday, on MSP Waves Radio.

Big thanks to @globocop, @meno and @r0nd0n for helping me bring the show to the airwaves.

The show will run from 10pm - midnight UTC every Friday, and feature a mix of guest interviews, chat and competitions.

For the first show we have a range of most interesting steemians coming on to talk to us about what they are doing on and off the steem blockchain.

The guests tonight include :

  • @RedRica, from the UK, who will be talking about homeschooling
  • @GeordiePrepper, one of the top preppers in the UK
  • @Halcyondaze, from the USA, who runs Epic Gardening and has the most impressive goal to teach 10,000,000 people how to grow their own food
  • @TheBugIQ, from Canada, who will be telling us about his varied interests including music, photography and developing products for homesteaders and bushcrafters

Interspersed between these great guests I will be talking about my Pennsif's Pot project where I am giving away grants of up to US$100 every month.

I will also be launching one, or maybe even two, competitions with tempting steem prizes.

Each week the Alternative Lifestyle Show will be cover a whole range of topics including :

  • homesteading
  • prepping
  • homeschooling
  • tiny houses
  • complimentary medicine
  • alternative energy
  • cooking, particularly low meat, vegetarian and vegan
  • permaculture and organic gardening

If you have a passion for any of these subjects and would like to come on future shows please drop a comment below or find me on Discord at Pennsif#9921.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show is on MSP Waves Radio.

It will be on Fridays, 10pm - midnight UTC.

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via or on Twitch at

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Excellent! I'll be free tonight but usually on a Friday I'm not home until ~11pm or so. Any chance these will be recorded for later listening/watching?
I know twitch VoDs don't stick around indefinitely so maybe something like DSound or soundcloud (I don't really know these things so I'll stop now lol)

Now this will be a show I must listen too. Not a homesteader myself (I live in an apartment complex), but I do repurpose a lot of things and have a small worm high rise apartment complex (vermicomposting) with a couple of thousand tenant worms! Looking forward to this show tonight!

Ah, a vermi-landlord with his own vermi-real estate empire!
Just don't try "coming to an arrangement" when they can't pay their rent, that gets you a dodgy reputation lol

Their magical castings (worm poop) is payment enough! Black Gold, wormy tea.

You can be a homesteader in an apartment.......Just saying.

Congratulations! I am sure it will be a most excellent adventue. Looking forward to the show.

Great job mr.@pennsif... Congrate..
I like that...
may you always be the spirit in work :)

All the best for your kick-off show @pennsif. You will be great!

🎵 Woooot!!! 🎶
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Hey sounds great - although I might be ground down into sleep by 10pm! Tough week at the coalface.

Aw Geordie is going to be on, God grant me the wakefulness to stay up long enough to listen to this. I am going to try @pennsif

Geordie is ace, I only started verbal conversation with him this week through his Discord channel. He's just a'grounded' and pleasant guy to chat to. A mind full of great stuff to. :)


Credit where credit's due ;)

Wahooooo!!!!!! Congratulations!

Hi @pennsif, I really enjoyed the show last night..... I had to go at 11.30 tho. My first 'proper' go on DIscord to, I struggled a bit with the navigation. I was 15mins in before I realised about the 'audience' tab so I could see/respond to folks lol.

Bunmed I missed it yesterday. It's in the calendar so I don't miss it again.

Are these shows recorded at all? If so, where are the archives?

All being well, I'll try and get a chance to listen though I might not be able to catch all of it.