Around the World in 80 Steem-Fed Days - Calling all homesteaders, small farmers, food store owners - could you sell produce for steem?

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I've just posted the second list of businesses accepting payment in steem.

The number of businesses accepting steem is growing but the number of food selling businesses is particularly small.

Being able to purchase basics like food with steem will really help to cement its place in alt-commerce.

If I were to attempt a round the world in 80 days trip just eating steem-purchased food I might be a bit lean by the end.

[Note to self - The Steem Powered Diet - only eat what you can buy with steem and watch the pounds fall away.]

Although it would make a fantastic travelogue... Around the World in 80 Steem-Fed Days.

The itinerary would go something like this...

  1. Fly from Cardiff to USA - remember to take a packed lunch.

  2. Find MN Homesteader @mnhomesteader - stock up on eggs and rabbit for the next leg of the journey.

  3. Do a quick online order while in the US for some delicious paleo desserts and cakes from PaleoTreats @paleotreats .

  4. Get a flight down to Guatemala and head straight for Atitlan Organics run by @squdsi1 .

  5. Gorge myself silly in the wonderful organic restaurant at Atitlan Organics.

  6. Fill my suitcase and my hand luggage to bursting with the wonderful produce from Atitlan - chicken, coffee, eggs, goats cheese, pork, salad leaves. The next leg of the journey is going to be long and hungry.

  7. Hop on a flight to Bali - hoping @samstonehill might throw in some light refreshments with his @SteemHolidays accommodation.

  8. Pack my bags and find a plane going to Mauritius. Make a bee-line for the PMC Grill & Resto. Chill out and feed up on the great food from @progressivechef.

  9. Well rested and amply fed its time to head across the sea and over Africa all the way to Port Harcourt in Nigeria. @Greatness96 's shopping mall and grocery store is the destination.

  10. Amply stocked up in Port Harcourt it's time to head north to Europe. There are no flights to Germany at this time, but the there is a last minute deal to Gothenburg.

  11. Landing in Sweden I meet up with @reko for a bit of dumpster diving. No steem involved, but no fiat money either so I think that counts.

  12. My bag amply loaded with some dumpster salvaged bounty I catch the train to Potsdam in Germany. Arrive just in time for a pleasant light lunch at Einstein Kaffee Bistro @einsteinpotsdam.

  13. Well sated at the bistro I hop on a flight to Cardiff. Back home just in time for tea.

So there are places selling food for steem all around the world - but they are rather few and far between.

We need more.

  • Are you a homesteader or small farmer? Could you follow the lead of @mnhomesteader and exchange some of your surplus produce for steem?

  • Are you a grocery or food store owner? Wouldn't you like to have a nice shiny 'steem accepted here' sign in your window?

  • Do you run a restaurant, cafe or bistro? Fancy adding steem payments to your menu?

If you are interested in taking steem payments but unsure about the technicalities do get in touch with me. I am currently researching and gathering information on the various payment options.

On a side note, for anyone in the UK who would like to buy their baked beans with steem check out this post...

You might also be interested in some of my other posts :

I am in the market for buying steem directly.

I can pay by BACS, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Cards.

For more details check my post :

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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I'll be selling fresh produce priced in Steem and SBD this spring. It cost me nothing to offer the option, so why not?

Not really expecting much in sales due to my location (rural Oklahoma), but anything to get Steem and SBDs into common circulation will help.

Hi @torquewrench1969 , that's excellent. Do let me know when you start selling and I will add to the list. One more stop-over on my Around the World in 80 Steem-Fed Days trip...

What sort of produce will you be selling?

Feel free to download my Steem Accepted Here sign if you want to put that on the stall 😊

We home roast coffee, and are OK in Idaho under cottage food laws. We have talked about wanting to offer it for steem but are not sure about where we can ship too. Let us know if you have any input - thanks!
Oh! And we would do produce, too, except it would have to be dehydrated stuff. We are not near a large enough population center to even sell produce for US dollars.

Maybe start with a post saying what you offer? And say you could take steem.

Do you have a website with details of what you sell?

No website, but I have a facebook for our farm that we were thinking of selling the coffee thru. Veggies would be seasonal and varied... and last year all we could have sold was grasshoppers... ;) I will work on a post.

nice research @pennsif!! maybe we should make this an annual pilgrimage!

Maybe the grand prize for #promo-steem Ambassador of the Year award 😊

Haha! All that travel and all you're looking for is FOOD!!! That's hilarious. Great post. It's coming though.....with Steem prices going up there will be more and more interest (and incentive to get paid in Steem). Looking forward to how this list grows. Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you.

Shipping would be a major setback, as well as customs and regulations. I'd rather see a local currency and barter exchange starting to pop up.

Having said that, I'd happily accept SBD for seeds, from anyone in Europe, as there's no shipping problem!

Agreed, I wouldn't see international trade in steem for food products.

Very much for local, in-country sales. I think steem has a lot of potential as a local currency.

It would be good if you do a post advertising the seeds for sale and I could then include that in the next listing if it is an ongoing offering.

I generally like the block chain logic and I agree that it might be a good starting point for a local currency, but in the same time I'm leaning towards a no-tech solution, something that can exist without the need of devices, internet, electricity. I'm sure you know of many examples of a regular local currency.

Sadly, our community is still in its infancy and it's too early to introduce such a concept. Most new communities rely on barter, as it is easier with a smaller goods- and service-set. Maybe at some point in the future... one can only hope... and work hard towards a goal :)

Good idea about the seeds! It would take quite some time to go through all the seeds we've saved and keep, but it might be worth it. Do you think there are people here from Europe that would be interested in buying seeds?

The concept of local currency and bartering systems has always fascinated me.

I have been involved in a number of schemes in Britain over the last 30 years but they have all been shortlived for various reasons.

Which is partly why I believe running steem, or possibly a SMT variant of it, on a local basis would be more sustainable as it has a value in itself.

This would then provide the basis for interchangeability between local currencies from different areas which would add to their viability, credibility and sustainability.

Amazing work and also new idea for me.. Buying food items using steem.. Or someone can create a food market online.. Thanx

Yes an online food market that accepts steem would be very good.

My uncle is trying to get me to sell at farmers markets like he does. It's a little funny to me because I have no produce and am not physically capable of being a market seller. They want nothing to do with online orders of their mushrooms. If I had a produce/product to sell i would take steem for it, though.

I like that they believe that I'm capable it's just difficult timing for me to do so. I hope to make that happen I'm just doubtful it will be possible right now. I really am interested in this accepting steem for payment idea. I hope to see it implimented. I can see your vision!

Good stuff.

This is a great idea getting the likes of farmers to produce for steem and by doing that, it stretches more future of groeth for steemits where jn the world and steem demand will surely increased bringing in more investors into the community. I am trying to make such happen here too in nigeria. Good effort you are doing. You give people like me hope to want more

Good luck with your work in Nigeria. What sort of projects are you going to get involved in there?

@pennsif this post was presented at the most recent Pimp Your Post Thursday on the Steemit Ramble Discord. I have written a post to share your featured post. Just stopping back to let you know that you can see your name in lights right here. (Just kidding about the lights :)

Gladly we may get a shop from Ghana on the list soon

I am ready and waiting to add to the list. Let me know when the shop goes ahead with accepting steem.

Hi Pennsif - enjoyed reading the article and will follow your future posts. - I do know of a Steemian who might want to shift some Tea by mail order and take receipt through Steem! Ironically once the recipient has made their brew it turns to Steam again!

Haha, do let me know the details and I will add to the list. Thank you.

I havent even taken a payout yet, dont even know how exactly. Definitely dont know how I would take steem for payment as I cannot ship baked goods from the farm (you must have a commercial kitchen to sell online). Hmmm...I'd have to marinate on this a bit...

Let me know how the marinations go...

We still have some jellies we could possibly sell for steem! I'm not sure how we would do it though! I would be open to the idea and willing to learn how.

Maybe put a post up about the jellies and take it from there to start...

Man this is a great initiative. If I ever start some vegetables or something at my house I'd love to be able to sell some of the extra for Steem.

Good luck with the veg growing.

Wow. My husband and I were just talking about this last night. We said that we want to get set up to accept Steem at our market vegetable booth. We are small farmers and grow organic produce for a "living". Definitely excited to learn more about this, and I can't wait to add "Steem" to our Accepted Payments sign at our booth this year!

That’s awesome to hear! Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

Cool. Let me know the details when you are ready and I will add it to the list.

Don't forget to do a post on it as well. Maybe one in advance as well to announce your plans.

Great! I am not sure how to go about accepting Steem at our booth, though...

Yes that could be trickier. We need a steem payment phone app...

It is very rewarding meeting Steemians that are not in the proverbial box and stepping us with new ideas and approaches that pave the way for others. Thank you for all you do here on this platform. Good to know you! Resteemed as I believe their are others ready to make the changes needed to get this world on course for better times. Steem on......

Thank you and thank you for the resteem. It is exciting times here on steemit.

What an incredible IDEA!

Are you a homesteader or small farmer? Could you follow the lead of @mnhomesteader and exchange some of your surplus produce for steem?

THIS is such a good thing! I had never thought along these lines before; but, in this day and age with technology taking off as it has... I can foresee cryptocurrency heading to a point of being accepted more frequently and at more businesses; whether brick and mortar or online.

Yes, openings are coming up all the time with steem. Let me know if you come across any homesteaders in your travels around steemit who might be able to participate on this.

This sounds totally fun! I would love to take this trip in a few years! Would also love to host people on our permaculture homestead (you can stay in a yurt!) in exchange for steem and feed you yummy homegrown food. We also sell herbal medicines so we can cure you with steem for what ails you ;) and in a few years, homemade wine for steem from our vineyard. Yes it’s a very good world indeed.

Check out SteemHolidays from @samstonehill for your yurt.

Keep me posted on your herbal medicine selling - let me know when you are ready to be added to the list.

I am NOT selling food for steem but if you do that trip you can sleep over free and I will feed you for free as well...

Doed that count a bit as well?

That is very kind Snekkie... I'll shall add it to the itinerary.

I have passed through the Netherlands a few times but only stayed there once. That was on a school trip when I was about 12. We stayed in a youth hostel and had sauerkraut every day. I wasn't so keen on it then. Now we make our own and I love it.

This is wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work and research!

Thank you.

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Good post

Thank you.