Steemit in Wales - list of steemians in Wales - 100% growth target smashed

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About three months ago I started on a journey to promote steemit and steem in Wales.

At the time, with help from @stephenkendal we discovered 63 steemians in Wales. Upon investigation I found only 16 of them were still active.

Action was needed. I set up the SteemWales Discord server and I begun organising a first Wales steemit meetup.

I also thought we should set a target for increasing the presence of steemit in Wales.

The target I chose was to double the number of active steemians in Wales by the first meetup on 10 February.

We've done that - and some...

Similar to my list of Homesteaders and Preppers on steemit, I have now prepared a list of all the steemians in Wales.

We have currently identified a total of 87 steemians in Wales. This figure includes 48 steemians who have not been active for the past month, 4 steemians awaiting account activation and 35 that are currently active.

That is a growth of 119% - and it is still 3 weeks until the meetup.

We've smashed the target out of the park!

Steem is boiling in Wales now. Myself and @theadmiral0 are each aiming to recruit 100 new steemians this year under the #SignUp100 campaign, and @welshstacker is pitching in with another 50. Other steemians like @pumpkinsandcats and @jen0revision are also bringing in new steemians left, right and centre.

So we are going in hot for our next targets - 100 active steemians in Wales by 30 June, and 250 by 31 December.

Let's do it SteemWales...

So here is the latest list of steemians in Wales. I hope this will help Welsh steemians connect and support each other.

My apologies if I have missed anyone from the list that has already contacted me - just post in the comments again. Or if you know anyone else who should be on the list let me know.

Note - the list includes the month of joining, and the location in Wales where publicly stated. If anyone would like their location details amended please let me know.

Steemians in Wales (v1, 21 January 2018)


CURRENTLY INACTIVE [can we persuade any of these to get active again?]

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Thanks again @pennsif for leading the charge to make SteemWales a great source for Steem knowledge, community & entertaining radio! :)

Thanks @theadmiral0, and thanks for joining in on the recruitment push.

Fun times ahead for SteemWales...

im in prestatyn , north wales and active and follow you

What a wonderful result! This is just the type of news that works on twitter so I tweeted you :)

That's great, thank you. I've never had anything tweeted from here.

Hope it gets some retweets 😊

I will let you know. If you have an account over there is is simple from your posts. I have about 150+ steemer connections over there but most of my rts come from people outside. Steemit posts come through beautifully.

Seems to be something in the water in Ceredigion! Wales'll be steeming up before we know it

Ceredigion is grooving along on steem...

This is amazing work, @pennsif! Congratulations on your success!

Thank you @cecicastor. The steem is rising in Wales.

Congratulations for reaching this goal @pennsif! I see a lot of great posts to look forward to. Such a wonderful thing to be able to learn and grow with so many people from all across the world, Wales included. Very inspirational. Welcome to all of the new members from a fellow new member!

This is a great project - getting to know all sorts of wonderful new steemians across Wales.

Great work done

I grew up on a sheep farm, so I can say this !(near wales, funnily enough) lololol

uma i.jpg

Wahoooo!!!!! #SteemCymru
I'll keep trying with a few more too!! You've done a stirling job pennsif and the rest of the SteemWales team

damn man this is awesome .. really really good

Also been through and followed everyone who I missed previoualy

What a wonderful ambition you are doing, very impressive. Very surprised at the low number of people in wales who are part of steemit. Or is it a bigger number including those who are not active on the platform???

Awesome work!

Yes, I confirm I'm flying the flag for Anglesey.

Making good progress!

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