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👋 Welcome to Steemit

Since its launch in 2016, Steemit has seen its community members put significant effort into helping newcomers familiarise themselves with the platform and ultimately thrive. They have created numerous guides filled with advice, tips, and tricks.

This post aggregates those guides, organised into 10 sections:

  1. 🙋 Introducing Yourself
  2. 🔒 Security
  3. 👪 Communities
  4. ⚠ Content Etiquette - Proof of Brain, Plagiarism & Abuse
  5. 📝 Styling Your Content - Applying Markdown
  6. 👍 Voting and Curation
  7. 🚀 Rewards, Clubs and Powering Up
  8. 👁 Witnesses
  9. 🎁 Delegations
  10. 🔨 Tools & dApps

Whilst the majority of posts will fit nicely into a single section, some may cover multiple topics.

Before diving into this treasure trove of information, please start by reading @steemitblog's Guide for Newcomers

1. 🙋 Introducing Yourself

(Previously Achievement 1 (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

2. 🔒 Security

(Previously Achievement 2, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

3. 👪 Communities

(Previously Achievement 6, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

4. ⚠ Content Etiquette - Proof of Brain, Plagiarism & Abuse

(Previously Achievement 3, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

5. 📝 Styling Your Content - Applying Markdown

(Previously Achievement 4, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

6. 👍 Voting and Curation

(Previously Achievement 6, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

7. 🚀 Rewards, Clubs and Powering Up

8. 👁 Witnesses

(Previously Achievement 6, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

9. 🎁 Delegations

(Previously Achievement 6, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))

10. 🔨 Tools & dApps

(Previously Achievement 5, (ES), (TR), (বাংলা), (ID))


I love your work and it is truly wonderful...I really like how illustrated and educational it is, I love the visual aid of the emoji... I like everything.

The house really needed to be fixed up, and put heart into it, as you say, the kitchen is the heart of the home and here is the kitchen 😍

Thank you, I think your contribution is invaluable.

This post could very well continue to grow, here is everything, and I know that even old users don't master all of this, this would be like the Steemit Bible, or the great manual to learn... Something for the Steemit geeks lol... I love it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you🙌😊

Thank you 🙂

I think that's one of the great things about living here, you look around and think "we can do better", then get people together and get it done.

📢 please pin this post! 📌 (edit: already done )

Very good compilation. Even I read a few of the linked articles again.
I still remember my first time here when I was looking for such information...

I know it's in the Newcomers' Community, but there's got to be something new to learn in many of these articles - even for old hands like us!

23 Minuten 300 votes ich glaube der steem besteht größtenteils aus 🤖 und keiner hinterlässt einen Kommentar

Ich hab’s vor dem Voten gelesen!
Tolle Fleißarbeit… 😎

There’s a guide on auto-voting if you’re interested 😉

 last month (edited)

Hola amigo!

Esta es una muy buena recopilación para los recién llegados, utilizaré el enlace para proporcionarle la información a los usuarios nuevos que están en el grupo de telegram que manejo junto a 'Alejos7ven'

Lo del vídeo es una muy buena idea!

Por cierto, no todas las personas están acostumbradas a usar Discord, ni si quiera yo lo usaba antes de ser SR (de hecho para algunos en mi país aún es algo nuevo usar telegram)

Good idea - I think that there's something here for every level of experience.

Thanks for mentioning @alejos7ven - you've reminded me that he's created some tools too.

@alejos7ven - can you share some links to your tool or any posts that you've written to describe them and I'll get them included here 👍

By the way, not all people are used to using Discord, I didn't even use it before being SR

I didn't use Discord until I joined Steemit either (and only use it for Steemit). I've still never used Telegram.

If anybody struggles with Discord, we're still only a comment away (although it'll be more difficult to get multiple people's attention).

Ill prepare a compilation and then will share it with you!

 last month 

Tampoco usé Discord hasta que me uní a Steemit (y solo lo uso para Steemit). Todavía nunca he usado Telegram.

Exactamente por eso, los nuevos usuarios les cuesta un poco adaptarse a Steemit (unos mas que otros) para que también se tengan que adaptar a discordia

Posdata: aun no se usar completamente discordia 😂

Luckily, they still have the option of replying here - things just might be a little slower 🐌

 last month 

Thank you sir. It is a very handy guide sir.

Sir, please sir. I submitted my Introduction 3 minutes ago and nobody has greeted me. Please check sir.

I'm almost sure that desperation will diminish, and change to something more normal...😅😊

(You are a serious case 🤣)

 last month 

You will be checked thoroughly. Have some patience

 last month 

Long time no see

Hola amigo, una recopilación importante para todos los usuarios, no solo para los nuevos, te cuento que entré al enlace de steempro, primera vez, me di cuenta que el status del club sale errado para algunos usuarios que he revisado por steemworld, es decir que algunos salen fuera del club estando en él, revisa por favor si estoy errada.
Saludos, te deseo mucho éxito.

Thank you, I agree and think that there's something here for many levels of user.

I've never used steempro's club status link as I prefer my own tool. Perhaps if you can share a couple of examples and more detail, then @faisalamin can take a look.

 last month 

Hi @genomil can you share the details so I can check the calculations manually,

Club status also vary duration to duration.


Hola amigo, listo, ya pasé los ejemplos para revisar.
Saludos, feliz día.

 last month 

Great work you have put together here, I guess every newbie will be well guided with this.

Cheers - we don't want them making silly mistakes do we 😉

 last month 

Thank you for compiling all this information. I'm saving this post's URL to easily guide newcomers...

👍 We'll keep it pinned in the Newcomers' Community too so you'll know where to find it.


 last month 

Good job on this!

By the way, I asked a question some days ago on one of my article..., but it looks like I made a mistake while spelling your name...as a result of that, you didn't get the notification. My bad. I've made the correction and the notification can show now..

Thanks - just seen it and replied 👍

I'm new here and very excited 😊

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