🚨 Warning ❗❗ Please Do Not Click any links for FREE STEEM ⛔🙅‍♀️

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Hello Newcomers!

Lately, there is a circulation of comments going around about getting free Steem tokens if you doing something by clicking on the link they give and that link ends up asking you to authorize with your Steem posting key or active key or master password.

❗❗⛔❌Please do not click or give out your Steem Active Keys or Master Password to any of this "FREE STEEM TOKEN" promotion. I repeat there is no such FREE STEEM TOKEN at Steemit community.

You have to earn it to get Steem here either by joining contest or from the upvote you get on your post payout. Steemit or any communities here NEVER give out FREE STEEM tokens to its community members. If you see any of these advertisements or promotions going around, please notify us so we can inform Steemit so they take further action on it.

For extra precautions and how to be safe when you browsing around Steemit or to know the legitimacy of any sites that offer such offers, you may refer to these articles by @randulakoralage so you know how to stay safe and being vigilant.
The Latest Way of Stealing Your Keys ⚠️⚠️

Check the URL First, Before Submit Your Data | 5% to SL-Charity

If you reading this and you already somehow click on that link and give out your steem account active keys or master key, now please refer to this post on what to do next to save your steem account
Your Steem Account gets Hacked? What to do next?

Please stay safe and I repeat NO FREE STEEM TOKEN here, if you see one, that is usually a hacker trying to scam you.


Hi, @cryptokannon! We need your help. A week ago, one of our authors suffered from a phishing attack and lost access to his account. @ruta-rudens recently joined Steemit. We know Rue and have been waiting for a year for her to join us here. She is hardworking and many people know her. She has interesting posts that cause discussion and beautiful author's photos. Now we are all upset because of the hacking of her account.
She tried to restore it using https://steemitwallet.com/recover_account_step_1 and contacted the support service.
Her account was registered on June 6, 2021. Perhaps this is why there were difficulties with recovery, at the time of the request, the account was less than a month old.
I talked to her yesterday. Rue admits her inattention and we all hope for a recovery of her account @ruta-rudens. Please help us with this.

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ok noted, will pass this to the steemit team.

 last year 

https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@xsaqib/2ujsj1-achievement-2-xsaqib-basic-security-on-steem @cryptokannon it has been 3 days my achievement 2 post is not verified . i commented every where to @steemcurator03 please help me in verifying my post it will be your kindness

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Ok thanks alot

Steemit is a best work

Hello @cryptokannon… I have chosen your post about “-🚨 Warning ❗❗ Please Do Not Click any links for FREE STEEM.-” for my daily initiative to retest - vote and comment...
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

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Good advice

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Spical thanks 👍

Thanks 👍 maam

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Noted ! I appreciate the info

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Thankyo sooo much for this important and valuable information

Good Information, thanks

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They're mostly scammers. Hackers are those who exploit weaknesses in a system to breach security. Just trying to make a distinction between a hacker and a scammer. Anyways message has been passed- NO FREE STEEM TOKEN. Thanks for the alert

 last year 

Thank you so much for the info on this!

We need to be aware of these kind of practices.

 last year 

Thank u for this info

 last year 

I am very happy about this post, any newbie I have sign up so far I caution them on that. Thank you very much @cryptokannon for this nice education.

 last year 

Thank for writing @cryptokannon because I saw so many accounts were hacked and their earnings were stolen by hackers

 last year 
The only way to generate Steem is on the platform itself and not by a third party. That is my understanding because it is a social network based on a blockchain. Falling into traps is not so easy but sometimes they fall but the most important thing is to report those activities and see if it is from the community or not.

great post with great advice, I do a resteem

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Gracias por la advertencia, en cuenta.Saludos!

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thank you very much💗💗💗💗

Newcomer report, thank you for your reminder

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Thanks so much for upload useful post

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Gracias Cryptokannon por ésta advertencia. La inocencia y las ganas de de crecer nos pueden llevar a cometer una imprudencia.
 last year 

Gracias por la información

any picture is not uploading i don't know no more about steamit why this thing happened please help me

Thank you very much for the advice!

 last year (edited)

Thank you so much for your kindness.
We all know that scammers and hackers are everywhere online.The admin's advice is crucial ooo.

 last year 

Thank you ma'am

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Thankyou so much for this valuable information mam!

 last year 

very important and useful information, thank you very much for the information, I personally am very grateful for the information about this👍😍. please permission to share this post

I almost fall prey to them of recent, thanks for the great alarm 🚨🚨🚨⏰⏰ #nofreesteemtoken #newcomer #johnyflingb #steemian

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Buena advertencia, hay muchas cosas que uno desconoce y es importante que seamos orientados en esto, gracias 👏

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very important and useful information My friend ☺️ @cryptokannon

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Thank your for your advice! This is my second day on steemit. Just curious what type of content steemians like. Can I migrate some of my blog posts both from wordpress and blogspot to steemit?

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Very important and useful information. Thank you for sharing.

Hi, @cryptokannon just newly registered here great to read on the Newcommers' Community and be informed on this helpful advice of things that are going on around the platform thanks a lot... :-)

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Thanks for guidance !

This is my Achievement 01 task.
Mam please cheak and verify me.

ok, thank you for valuable info.

thanks for your help on keeping us out of dangers,i want to ask how one can join a contest or any exciting communities to boost one status or earnings. thanks @cryptokannon

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Muy buena información para estar alerta, a @cryptokannon propósito quiero informar que recién fue aprobado mi logro1 en steemit y hoy aproximadamente como a las 8:30pm cuando abrí en mi teléfono la notificación enviada por el verificador @adeljose, cuyo enlace lleva a la comunidad de recién llegados, me fue solicitada la clave maestra y la introduje porque pensé que era un procedimiento normal para registrarme en dicha comunidad, ya que así decía que me registrara, no me percaté de la dirección de enlace y en ese momento le resté importancia y no pensaba hacer la notificación de lo sucedido, pero en vista que leí bien esta publicación decidí hacerlo por prudencia para mantener la seguridad de esta cuenta y para recibir sus orientaciones de que debo hacer al respecto , no vaya a tratarse de estafa, gracias.

 10 months ago 

Gracias por las indicaciones, me parece muy bien que nos indiques, los errores que por incautos podemos cometer. 👍

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Great work

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Thanks for your important warning post.

This is a good warning, thanks. It is especially timely for me as I have just joined. It's like that old saying goes: "there's no such a thing as a free lunch".

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