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So, you've signed up and are itching to get started. The Newcomers' Achievement programme has been recommended to you so here you are, wanting to know what it's all about and here we are, ready to explain it to you.

If you haven't done so already, your first port of call should be to have a look through this collection of guides which should help you to quickly understand the Steemit environment.

The previous Newcomers' Achievement Programme had been running for 4 years and served a valuable purpose. Time has come though for an updated approach, to reflect the way Newcomers have been approaching the platform.

The aim of this certification is to help you to embed yourself within the wider community, to learn all of the ins and outs of the platform, to make friends and most importantly, to enjoy your time here.

Of course, taking part in this is completely optional.

This approach has been designed to help you to settle in and the Greeters are available to help you via the Discord channel for newcomers if you have any questions.

So where should you start?

1. 🧭 Explore

Ok, I know you're desperate to post something but the best way to get started is to see what others are up to. Explore some communities or search with some tags and see what piques your interest.

2. 🙋 Introduce Yourself

You're in the Newcomers' Community so head back to the main page, hit "New Post" and get started. Remember, you only get one "1st Post" so make sure to start off on your best foot! If you're not sure where to start, take a look at these 8 tips or the previous requirements for Achievement 1. Just remember, if you're genuine, honest and be yourself, you can't really go wrong.

3. 🤝 Welcome

You'll then be greeted by one of the Greeters Team - remember, these are users just like you, volunteering their own time so make sure that you're nice! Whilst one Greeter will welcome you, other members of the team will be available on the aforementioned Discord channel for newcomers.

Based upon your interests, our Greeter will be able to recommend some communities to you and help you to get started. This initial phase of certification will take one month (you should be given a date) and when this is up, we invite you to return to write a "Progress Report". The greeter will also give you a new label (🤝) to indicate that your certification journey's begun.

During this one month period, we'd like to see you interact with the community and learn about the platform - we've aggregated a list of useful guides filled with advice, tips, and tricks to help you. You can find the specific things that we'll be looking for in your 1st Progress Report...

4. 🥈 1st Progress Report

Please, don't use these points as a template - templates are so boring 🥱 - we're interested in hearing about your experience so far. You could use some of the following ideas as prompts...

  • A summary of the communities you've joined, why you've joined them, which you like the most and why.

  • The topics you've been writing about.

  • A list of key people you've interacted with. An introduction to the people who have had the biggest impact upon your experience so far (NOT an opportunity to tag whales) and the unexpected relationships that you've experienced.

  • Your most successful post - Why do you think it was successful?

  • Other observations - What have you learnt and discovered that you weren't expecting to.

  • Your plan and expectations for the next month on the platform (please don't mention growing your account!)

Once again, please post this in the Newcomers' Community, we'll be looking out for it.

If you've been inactive during the month or not made an effort to interact with the community (or for other reasons which will be explained to you), we'll ask you to continue interacting for a little bit longer and add a ➡️ to your label. If you've not taken note of our guidelines and decided to plagiarise or abuse the platform, we'll add a 🚩. It's worth noting that these labels grow and don't shrink so please make an effort!

We'll also speak to some of the Admins and Moderators in the communities that you've been most active in and once everybody's happy (and we're generally a happy bunch), we'll award you with a shiny medal (🥈) to reward your efforts so far and move along to the next stage (with a new date).

5. 🥇 2nd Progress Report

By this stage, you should be nicely settled and starting to understand the more nuanced parts of a Blockchain Based Social Media Platform so in this report, we'll be looking for:

  • An update on everything you shared in your 1st Progress Report. A lot can change in a month, new communities, new relationships - we'd like to hear about it.

  • Witness Voting - Who have you voted for and what made you choose those particular witnesses?

  • Withdrawals - Whilst we like people to keep powering up, we'd also like to know that you've learned how to make a withdrawal. Just a small one will do - the more power you have, the better!

  • Tools - We've introduced you to some useful tools and websites to help you gain knowledge and we'd like you to share your experience with us. Did any stand out as being particularly useful? If so, why? And if you could create or improve any of the available tools, what would you change?

You'll also be at the point in your journey where you should know as much (if not more) than us, so tell us about it.

All being well, this is the point at which you're officially, no longer a Newcomer and are ready to spread your wings. We'll update your label with another medal (🥇) and set you free.

As with your 1st progress report, we might extend your stay (➡️) and even after you've fled the nest, any misdemeanours and the 🚩 is only an update away.

It can be hard joining a new Social Media platform - a new community with all of our existing relationships. But if you put enjoyment before rewards, be honest and be yourself, then a fun, exciting and rewarding journey awaits you.


We hope this new approach will attract authors who want to create content of various kinds. I think this is a more friendly and warm approach, which in itself encourages moderators and community leaders, in addition to greetes, to get involved in guiding and interacting with Newcomers.

We hope that newcomers arrive and join the various communities of their choice, that they can create content that inspires them that is related to themselves, and that they interact by finding good friends. If it happens this way, progress report 1 and 2 will be an exciting task for them.😊

A good change! Well done to the Greeters!

What is going to happen to the #newcomers tag?

The #newcomer tag (written without "s"). The first three months are used for the user to indicate that they are a newcomer.

I think that if they use it it is still giving that information. :-)

Okay, thank you. 🎕
The only change will then be that the author will be a newcomer from the date of sign-up and not from the date of passing the first achievement post.

Hola un gran saludo a toda esta hermosa comunidad aquí estoy de nuevo listo para publicar contenido mas asiduamente. luego de un viaje inesperado, me conecto de nuevo. He regresado y estamos listos para seguir batallando con buenos, actuales y excelentes contenidos.


Imagen de mi Propiedad

Hola saludos a la gran comunidad de steemit. Aun en espera de verificación.

 last month 

Es casi como decir, que como al principio que ingresabamos sin los logros pero si con una presentacion que es el deber ser.

Porque asi como cuando uno se presenta en la escuela, en el trabajo o en una comunidad desde el primer dia.

Lo que quisiera acotar es que si hay muchos que llegan porque les invito otro en su mayoria fue asi, pero si los invitan, sean como su angel de la guarda, no los dejen solos hasta que ellos puedan volar, aunque siempre se les ayudara.

Yo que tengo 6 años, cuando me invitaron quien lo hizo desaparecio, solo me dijo escribe pero mas nada. Yo tuve que abrirme paso, preguntando en Discord en las comunidades que ahi estan, como los comandos, las fuentes, las imagenes, pero aun sigo aprendiendo.

Cuando estuve como segura de invitar y ayudar a otros lo hice, no siguieron todos, los que quedan aun soy como su supervisora, porque se le escapa a veces algo de los comando y les digo, tambien si no quedo justificado el texto porque le falto algo.

En el camino tambien he como adoptado a otros je je m que los veo como algo perdidos, confundidos y los ayudo tambien.

Si los cambios van hacer para bien que sean, bienvenidos a todos los que van llegando, ya por ahi tengo unos invitados que luego llegaran, pero primero les hablare de la plataforma, para que no se desesperen.

My hope is that this list of guides will help any newcomers who are left to learn by themselves. I've tried to reference it as much as I can but I also know that not everybody comes with the intention to read and learn.

We're also in the process of compiling a "Newcomers Friendly" list of communities so hopefully, they'll get more guidance that way too.

When I joined, I did so alone. I didn't know anybody and had to figure out everything by myself. I can't remember it ever being a problem. I found some things strange (like the Trending page being full of trash) but I eventually learned why. Sometimes, it's nice to learn by yourself instead of being fed everything. Perhaps that's why I'm still here and others aren't 🤷‍♂️

 last month 

Hello friend, I have no problem in helping but it's kind of uncomfortable that after taking some time to explain to others, they leave after three publications or because they didn't see good rewards.

It is not always like that, it is not a lie that at the beginning most of the Venezuelans here we shielded ourselves in that, but then it became like a habit to write, to share, because it is not only that, but we also learn.

Many complain that the big or small votes of the sc or the booming ones do not arrive, but since I arrived here, someone told me: a penny a dollar is worth, and this will grow and my motto since I got here is: EVERYTHING COUNTS, EVERYTHING COUNTS, EVERYTHING ADDS UP.

And after 6 years I feel at ease, otherwise I would have left the platform a long time ago, but not here I am still here and I will continue until I really see the time to retire, which is not right now.

I will help anyone who wants to belong to the platform. And about the guides of course I will tell them.

Thank you.

You have a good approach. For many who join, they've been promised $100 per post. They've been shown the Trending page and thought "I can have that" but the reality is very different. And generally, the people who chase the money are often the people who don't find it. I've found it's the people who know themselves and are here for enjoyment who have been the most successful.


And you'll earn more here than you will on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

 last month 

And you'll earn more here than you will on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

That's right.

This sounds to me like a good well-considered curriculum.
Special thanks for the video in the end - enjoyed it a lot, too.

This frame seemed particularly relevant:


(apart from the "We can help" bit)

Off-topic comment:

I loved the video, I didn't know it, it is full of references but the most obvious is that of Alice in Wonderland. I imagine you saw it too, the rabbit on the table...

Writers block is more popular than you think...hopefully we can open the doors to unlock it :D

I'm not sure I'd ever seen the full video before but I know the song, particularly the chorus of "Watcha waiting for?"

 last month 

Your explanation for newcomers is very important for always Steemit users.

Because there are still many among others who do not know.maybe with your explanation all of them will be very understanding to be able to communicate well and improve ourselves..

I am happy to read your post because the details are very useful for us thank you for sharing your experience about Steemit

 last month 

Excelente publicación

Estaba buscando esto. Regresé a Steemit el 17 de febrero y desde Abril que comencé a invitar a esta plataforma y no veía el movimiento como cuando hice mis logros.

Me alegra mucho estás nuevas guías.

Estoy súper agradecida.

Una vez más: Gracias equipo.

 last month 

We needed something like this! I am sure it will bring the best out of the genuine newcomers.

 last month 

I love this, please my leaders @the-gorilla, @inspiracion, @sduttaskitchen please when can I begin this thank you 😊

You've already taken your first step with the previous Achievement 1. I recommend reading as many of the links in this article as you can and come back and write a report in a month's time - using the information in this post as a guideline. Sound good?

 last month 

Thank you very much I will do just that

 last month 

Sincerely speaking I must say your idea is a really brilliant one, this will fight away account farmers which has been a major issue and it would attract more of dedicated steemians into the platform.

Before I go I must say I love your video below the post because it came with mixed emotions, initially it made me laughed and secondly he gave me a sense of motivation and inspiration.

Thanks for sharing ☺️🙏🏼

this will fight away account farmers

Maybe, maybe not. They always find a way of ruining things.

 last month 

Am saving the link to this post. A lot of people want s to come on board to create content. This would really help me to guide them. Thank you for taking your time for this amazing content.

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