Spring Cleaning Steem Acccount to Avoid Hacker

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Hello Steemian! Lately we have been saddened by the news of hackers been busy stealing funds from our fellow steemian. We as active users in here also now in fear of becoming the next victim. Please keep on reading on how to keep your steem account safe.

How to keep your steem account extra safe?

It is recommended that you should do some spring cleaning to your steem account by checking all the dapps that you have login into or you have given these dapps your posting or active key authority in the past.
You should be removing all the posting/active key authority to dapps that no longer active on Steem blockchain.
Another reason is that there is also a possibility that you have accidentally expose your active key while accessing malicious Dapps on your browser.

How to remove the posting/active key authority from these Dapps?

There is a tool by @steemchiller where he explained in more depth in this post here SteemWorld Update / New Tool for Managing Account Authorities you can easily do this process by login into his Dapps https://steemworld.org/

First step, go to https://steemworld.org/ then at the home page click on the Account Auths


On this account-authorities page you will see all the lists of Dapps that you have given your posting/active key authority.
To remove them from still having your posting/active key authority you just click the red "X" sign located at your right side next to the list.


After done with removing all the old Dapps that you no longer need or trust then click "Save Changes" to complete this process.


Then you will be ask to signing the transaction with keychain if you have installed this keychain extension on your web browser or


with steemlogin if you click "No" and you will be asking to put your Private Active key to sign this transaction.


After a few seconds, please refresh the page and you will see that those old Dapps that you have removed no longer in the list. Congratulations! You have done this process successfully 😃

Change your Master Password

The next step you can do to making sure your account extra safe is by changing your Master Password. This can be done by going to this page here https://steemitwallet.com/change_password or go to the 3 bar on your top right side of your Steemit blog page and on the dropdown select "Change Account Password"



Then on the change password page fill in the required data such as your steem account name and your current Master Password.

Then click on the "Click to Generate Password" tab to generate your new Master Password.
Next is copy paste this generated Master password into the next box under the "RE-ENTER GENERATED PASSWORD" and most importantly make a copy for yourself by copy/paste it to somewhere safe online or write it on a piece of paper for offline keeping too.


Then lastly select the 2 boxes of the reminders and click "Update Password" button to complete this process.

The above process is for spring cleaning your steem account from all the old not functioning Dapps. After done with the spring cleaning process, you can then login back into the Dapps that you trust or currently run by top Steem Witness and enable your posting or active key authority to continue using their Dapps.

What if you have been a victim of fund stealing?

If you have been a victims of the hackers stealing funds from your account, you should do the above process then change your Master Password process 2 times to making sure your account is safe.
p/s: You don't need to do Stolen Account Recovery as this process is only for when you cannot access your account with any keys/password that you currently have because hacker have changed your master password.

When to use Stolen Account Recovery?

A lot of Steemian confuse when to use this feature. You only use this Stolen Account Recovery when the hacker have changed your Master Password and you cannot login into your account with your current Master Password/ or any other Keys. You can regain control of your account again by using your old Master password and initiate this process. Remember this process only can be done if :

  • within 30 days after your master password was changed, as after 30 days, there is no way to recover it.
  • you can provide the email address that you used when you signed up, your steem account name, and a master password that was used in the last 30 days.
    You may contact Steemit via [email protected] if no feedback in 7 days after you submitted recovery request.

Please refer to this post for more details on How to initiate Stolen Account Recovery Your Steem Account gets Hacked? What to do next?.

In conclusion, DAPPs on Steem blockchain are not dangerous and unusable. Users can do re-authority/re-enable your posting/active keys to the tools/DAPPS that you trust after you have done the spring cleaning steem account method as explained in the above section. However as everything in life have it's own risk, the same with using this DAPPs and it is recommended to use the DAPPs/tools that you only really need and be extra careful while using them.
I hope that you will be doing this Spring Cleaning your Steem account regularly to avoid hacker attack.
You may also make use the Savings feature on steemitwallet page to keep your fund(Steem/SBD) safe as you will get notified for 3 days before the withdrawal be enable.

Stay safe and Keep on steeming!



I plan to add a new tool on SteemWorld, which enables us to see all users that gave permission to a specific app/account. Maybe I can directly show a hint to users with old authority entries when they visit their dashboard ;)

Surely that would be a great idea, as it might help us finding out reasons as to why and which app made us at risk !

Like we tried guessing out common similar apps between accounts and there were nothing to guess...

Would love to see this new tool @steemchiller

I'm already working on it. The tool should be ready in the next few days ;)

Great i wish you best of luck for that ❤️

I plan to add a new tool on SteemWorld, which enables us to see all users that gave permission to a specific app/account. Maybe I can directly show a hint to users with old authority entries when they visit their dashboard ;)

 last year 

That would be very useful x 2.

It would be bery helpful @steemchiller. And thank you for this info @cryptokannon


For example, if I join the curation trail then I have to give permission. Well, if I participate in several curation trials then how do I know or able to see which account has the access to my account and which trials are active.
So, if you provide that kind of feature which allows seeing all the authority entries then definitely it will be blessings for all steemit users.❤

 last year 

Nice that would be helpful.

 last year 

Thank you for making this post @cryptokannon

 last year 

Thank you for the guidance on the making of this post too. 😄

Good idea friend. Hey you, are you the genius behind the steem blockchain. Do you know if there will be any way to recover the keys of the tron ​​accounts created through the steem wallet. I ask. Because I have friends who unknowingly generate new accounts. And his rewards were accumulating in the last account created but apparently he lost the private key of this one. And I don't know, this issue is quite a mess. Can't recover right?

Hi, if he doesn't know his private key, there is no way to access the tokens in his wallet. Didn't he download the TRON PDF with the key? If not, looks like he needed this to learn the most important lesson in the blockchain world:

Never lose your private keys and always keep at least one backup at an offline place (cold storage)!

 last year 

Hello friend @steemchiller, a question, will you be able to create a tool from Steemworld.org to recover master keys or stolen accounts, I mean, when we make a report to Steemit they tell us that within 30 days they give us an answer, now if we have the last master key we used in recent days is not it better to create a tool from Steemworld.org and recover that account?

Yesterday the Steem wallet page was having problems. . . . My mother @marlenyaragua tried to change the master password during this period and the page changed the master password and at that moment the page crashed, then she literally changed the master password and failed to store it, I ask you again, is there any way or method from Steemworld.org to recover the accounts and not wait 30 days?


There is already a tool for recovering accounts on SteemWorld: https://steemworld.org/account-recovery

Important to know is that only the recovery account can start a recovery request. After the recovery account started the request, the account to be recovered needs to confirm it (can also be done on that page).

So, if you want to make use of that feature in future, you first need to change your recovery account to someone you trust and who is capable of doing the mentioned steps.

Changing the recovery account can be done on the Dashboard page (Account Details -> Account -> Change Recovery Account).

 last year 

Agradecida por el apoyo @manuelramos

 last year 

Que bueno verte de vuelta madre! Bendiciones!

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I do friend. But I don't know about me, because I have a group of women where I try to help them on their way through steemit. and one of them is presenting that problem. She showed me like 5 PDF with 5 accounts different. But neither is the account where the TrX accumulated. Anyway, thank God it didn't happen to me and I always keep my things. By the way I found out that for example, if you can import any Tron account from steem's wallet. For example, import the Tron account from binance's real address. I found her on the scan throne. And suddenly my account increased the value in USD and the amount of binance tokens was refluxed hehe it was fun I felt a millionaire for a second. Then I re-imported my old account and was poor again. I'm just telling you, it was something weird that you can do that.

Same happened with me :(

follow me dear

I think very useful. I hope that we will inform everyone more about this and we will not be exposed to such hacking incidents. Community leaders, in their own right, need to constantly alert users to this issue.


First step, go to https://steemworld.org/ then at the home page click on the Account Auths

Thank you, helpful, did not know about this possibility.

Thank you very much, the truth was I found this information very useful, this is actually a great idea to keep us safe, thank you, I say goodbye sincerely.

 last year 

I'm glad it useful to you. Keep on steeming! 😊


That's really good guide to secure accounts but steemit team have to freeze those hackers accounts and send back stolen tokens, like few months ago I have faced this maybe I have given access to some Dapp or etc my account got hacked and almost 278 Steem transfered within seconds I wasn't able to complain anywhere I tried twitter account and steemit official account but no one listened and it's gone so steemit team should do something for us and freeze those accounts or put some restrictions they can do anything thanks

278 Steem you can see in this screenshot

hello dear friend @cryptokannon good morning
Thank you very much for the information, you have made it very practical, I just did my homework to revoke the accounts that I no longer use
I really appreciate your time to offer us this information.
I wish you a great day

follow me dear i will back

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Anyone may use this post to educate or translate into your own language without asking for my permission. It is open source and copyright free 😊

Lo tomaré para informar a la comunidad, aunque hace días hice una parecida https://steemit.com/hive-193637/@edlili24/cambia-tus-claves-steem-por-tu-seguridad te invito a verla! Gracias por esta información!

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friends please support my steemit account, I want to improve the family economy


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Thank you for this very useful information ... the way you run it there is very easy for everyone to understand.

да, полезно и увлекательно)))

dear @cryptokannon thank you for sharing this vital information.
the cryptocurrency industry, steemit precisely has now achieved broader attention, there is already a narrative that is so easy and common as to be almost pedantic. An individual, or perhaps an entire digital currency exchange, is subjected to malicious hacks.

firstly i will admonish people to Stick to trusted app stores when downloading apps. “Users shouldn’t download applications found on open forums, i was one of the victims and i always advice my fellow steemians to Beware of phishing emails from fraudsters trying to get your personal information.

 last year 

you are right, I will have to make a post about this too, as currently we only have 2 trusted mobile Dapps on steem blockchain, which is wherein.io and @playsteemit and for web front end/UI like steemit.com, nutbox.io and steemcoinpan.com. User should not use other Dapps that is not mention in this list as we cannot guarantee that it will be safe for them. As for other tools Dapps it is recommended to only use them if needed.

Thank you for this useful information: We will be glad to see your post on it..

Muchas gracias por esta información ya lo hice yo tenia muchas Dapps en el pasado con autorización pero acabo de actualizar todo gracias a esta informacion, me gustaria aprender a quitar delegacion de una Dapps donde yo delegue y ya no está funcionando como es posible hacer esto? Muchas gracias

 last year 

Hi @michellechristie I think this post would help Steemit Explained: Delegation

Muchas gracias por responder, mi problema era quitar la delegación a una Dapps pero ya lo logré en steemworld. Saludos

@cryptokannon, Thanks a lot for the review and warning. You have done a valuable and time-consuming job!

great....and thanks you so much for the information

thanks very much @cryptokannon for this insightful lecture, I hope steemians will be more cautions and save their hard earn money from these hackers..

Thanks for this prompt update.

Hi @cryptokannon, thanks for share whit us this important information. I'll reestem this post and traslate it for the people that follow and i teach, in steem!

 last year 

This is very useful information. Tutorials like this here on Steemit is really helpful. Even though I am not a victim of this attack, I will be aware of what to do before it happens. This should be done especially when someone has a big account.

Nice explanantion, its very useful.

This is surely helpful ma'am @cryptokannon. thanks for sharing.

 last year 

thank you @cryptokannon it helps us a lot.One of my friends did not log in her stemmit account because she forgot her master password. How to log in her steemit account if she forgot the master paswword? Is there another way to recover it? Thank you...

 last year 

Hi @cryptokannon, thanks for sharing important information for steemit users. Can I translate this post into Indonesian? so that it is easily understood by the Indonesian community, if possible I will post translated results in the Steem SEA community. Thank you.

 last year 

@sofian88 please feel free to translate any of my posts that you find useful or helpful to other users without asking for my permission. 😊

 last year 

I know you will definitely give permission, if I have spare time I will try to translate your other posts.
Thank you very much @cryptokannon

Thank you for sharing this information with us friend

dear crytokannon ! you have good idea about this but admins should work hard on this it is not safe method because the hackers are also in between us and are reading your post .There should be another way to inform steem users personally messaging on gmail.If I hurt you then please sorry.

follow me dear i will back i am from pakistan

 last year 

Hi @zainmalik333 this is the only way we can inform the users, steem is a blockchain and transparent to everyone including the malicious hackers.

you are right my dear and i am very happy you gave your important time to me thankyou dear.

this is verry helpful to us especially to all newbies here like me. :)

Tienes toda la razón

follow me dear i will back i am from pakistan

Really appreciable content to learn about security on steemit

Nice information

I read this Blog and I support you for your idea

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@cryptokannon, thank you very much for your detailed post, very useful information and detailed screenshots show how to change the keys and password step by step.

This morning wallets don't work today. Do you know about it?
Maybe because of the theft of coins on many accounts, the Steemit security service checked and make more serious protection?

 last year 

@vipnata I don't know the reason too. I think they might have some update but we can still see our wallet info through steemworld.org and do the transaction from there or ecosynthesizer.com also can be use for this

 last year 

Thank you so much, dear @cryptocannon for your reply.

thanks you so much for the information admin

Thank you for this update @cryptokannon.

I've my friends like @henryglowz who lost his account to a hacker but from the aforementioned, I believe he can recover his account.

Thank you bro @kadosh2340, i've gone through the post already.

Okay...hope you're gonna try it out ?

Thank you
That is helpful

amazing i will do that and it was informative

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Very nice !

Thank you very much for the instructions, they are very useful because many times we have tools at hand that we do not know how to use.

Very good friend. Thank you for sharing this useful information for everyone.

awesome post!
Here's one of my computer informative posts. hope it helps 😁

 last year 

Thank you for this reminder/guide @cryptokannon! I've already changed my password but I haven't thought of checking my account authentications. I'll do that later. ^^

I plan to add a new tool on SteemWorld, which enables us to see all users that gave permission to a specific app/account. Maybe I can directly show a hint to users with old authority entries when they visit their dashboard ;)

excelente explicación para nosotros los nuevos miembros saludos éxitos

Your post is very useful .. I hope everyone will benefit ..

Great information. it is very helpful for users.

Very good and informative post.

Thanks @cryptokannon for always having our backs, I will try my best to follow this guide and hope my account stay safe. You are doing a great job
#cameroon #twopercent

Wow its very good idea And thank you for this info @cryptokannon

regardor steemit .Thanks for shearing this post.

Very informative post!
Thank you for sharing.

thank you for making this post.that would be very useful.i understand ...and follow me dear

Hi, I can't seem to open wallet right now. Is it down for maintenance?

 last year 

steemit developer team currently doing some works on it and may take some times. You can still do the steemitwallet transaction through other Steem DAPPS such as steemworld.org or ecosynthesizer.com

Ok thanks, I'll just wait, I too scared of dapps. Holding since 2017 :)

Hey, I have this trouble since yesterday. You can reach the wallet through steempeak.com. need to log in first.

I found this article so helpful. Thanks a lot

Hoping for Steem to go up in market

well done good work .its very helpfull for me that you posted

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Good piece of advice

Helpful post. Thank you so much for this great initiative @steemchiller and @cryptokannon GO AHEAD!
images (2).jpeg

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Thanks for your advice sir....!!

muy buena herramienta quisiera saber mas

Thanks for making us aware of these people.

essential info especially for me, because I am new in steemit, thanks for this helpful content

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Thank you madam for this very informative article.

Very informative post Thank u ☺️

Hello @cryptokannon thank you so much for this wonderful and self explanatory post I have been looking for a post like this and today I got it. Thank you so much

Thank you, very nice sharing.

Thank you for posting this information!

Posts are very helpful for maintaining account security @cryptokannon. For beginners, it may be difficult to understand in some parts. for that, it is better to be guided directly by Steemian who is very familiar with the account security system.

omg!! very nice! nice post!

 last year 

thanks for the info it helps a lot good day to you

Gracias por la info. Tengo algunas preguntas.
Primero, hay algún listado de dapps confiables? En qué debemos fijarnos para asegurarnos que no nos pueden robar las claves al usar una dapp de Steemit? O es que se está sugiriendo aquí no utilizar ninguna?
No convendría incorporar para loguearse en steemit el sistema de seguridad de dos pasos que utilizan la mayor parte de las plataformas?

Let's Make the Steemit Community Clean From Hackers 👍👍

Thanks for the valuable information. I was worried about this things.

Super useful, saved this post as a tutorial (hope, will never need the 2nd part of it). Good day!

Cómo recupero mi contraseña de trx? Que al cambiar la contraseña maestra perdí mi antiguo pdf

I dont understand 🤔
Can you help me in Indonesian.

 last year 

Thank you for this. This is very helpful.

Thanks for the update be

Muy buena información, gracias.


That wa very helpful. Thank you! :)

Thanks for sharing, sure be doing a regular checkup and cleansing

Thanks for informative material.

How can you help me in my post? how can I generate something else some other parts nobody reads = (what can I do.!

 last year 

Hi @yoglis0 you will have to make yourself known, I see most of the people here introduce themselves to the community first, then commenting a lot on other posts, let the community leaders of your interest know about you and let them know that you want to grow with them in their community. Make sure the community have their own community curation account so they can support you in the long run. Try to contribute by delegating your steem power too. Hope this helps/useful.

facts are insane ...sounds grate

Thanks for the information @cryptokannon i really appreciate

Can we a non profit foundation build a community here ?

 last year 

Hi @aksizakki yes, you may, this Steemit platform is open to everyone. It would be helpful if you can introduce your organization and the team behind it properly.

thanks for making this guide, good to have it added to bookmarks. I am using steemworld happily - it is a precious tool. numerous thank, @steem-chiller (ofc, I voted for you).

Thank you my boss @cryptokannon, for this important information.

It would be bery helpful @steemchiller. And thank you for this info @cryptokannon


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