SteemAlive Presents: "Spotlight on Relatives". A personal story of how a relative helped or did not help you. 20 Steem Prize

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Its time for yet another interesting contest from SteemAlive. For some periods now, we have not been so regular in our contests. But its great to be back. We invite you to participate in this contest called Spotlight on Relatives. Its something interesting that you would love to be part of.


The contest - Spotlight on Relatives!

Every family is unique and is often made up of people with different outlook to life. In some families, there are relatives that are helpful and cooperative. In some other families, there are a few hostile relatives that refuse to be of assistance to you. So in this contest, we want to hear your story.

Have you ever been helped by an Uncle or Aunt? Or have you experienced hostility from an Uncle or Aunt that refused to help even when they are capable of doing so. Tell us your story. You can decide to write a positive or negative experience from a relative, or both.

Your story should include the following:

  • Who is the relative to you (uncle, Aunt, etc)?
  • What difficulty were you facing at the time?
  • were you helped or ignored by the relative?
  • Do you think they were capable of helping you then?
  • What is your advice to friends that are shunned or ignored by a relative?


The rules

  1. Make a post of not less than 300 words on the above subject. The title of your post should be: Spotlight on Relatives - A personal story of how my (Uncle/Aunt) (helped/or refused to help) me
  2. Kindly Subscribe to steemalive (Not compulsory)
  3. You must upvote and resteem this post to help create awareness
  4. Publish your post in Steemalive community and use the first tag realspotlight
  5. Drop the link of your post as a comment on this post.


The Prize

We have up to 20 Steem available for this contest. Each of the first 20 entries will earn at least 1 Steem, plus votes from steemalive for the first 10 entries.

Additional bonus for exceptional entries = 0.5 steem (Given at our discretion)

This contest will end as soon as the contest post pays out (7 days from now)

Support this contest.

You can help us increase the prize of this contest by donating Steem or SBD. You can also give a valuable vote. Or join our curation trail. Thank you so much in advance for supporting this initiative.

Once again, we thank @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their continued support. We are grateful. We also do a special shout-out to @stephenkendal for promoting the #contest tag.


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Thanks for this opportunity. Here is my entry

I am glad to be a part of this contest.
Here is my entry

 2 months ago 

Nice contest @steemalive expect my entry soon

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