How to join @steem-alive curation trail

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For the benefit of new people joining our community, a curation trail is a way to help our community account vote authors with quality content within our community. The more people join a curation trail account, the more it votes with value. We have encouraged our community members to join our curation trail and some do not know how to do that. so this concise guide will be helpful for anyone that wishes to join @steem-alive curation trail - or any other trail.

Steps to join @steem-alive curation trail

Note: Please compare each steps with the graphic illustrations for better understanding. The illustrations are screenshot from a mobile device


1.. Log on to
2.. Click Login/Register
3.. Click Continue
4.. Enter your username and posting key
5.. Click "Get Started"


6.. Click "Login"
6a.. Click "Close" to close the dialogue box.
6b.. Click "Steem login" to continue.
7.. Click "Continue"
8.. Enter your username
9.. Enter your Active key
10.. Click "Get Started"


11.. Click "Authorize"
12.. Click "Curation Trail"
13.. Enter "steem-alive" in this box
14.. Click "Search"


15.. Click "Follow"
16.. Click "Ok"
17.. Click "Settings"

18..Enter "100" in this box
19.. Click Save settings

Congratualions, You have joined our curation trail


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Thanks so much for the tutorial post. Let me try it now.

You must have taken time to analyze this tutorial that even a layman will understand it cause it looks more like viewing a movie from the screen. Thank you for the effort we're up and running

@iamdanny. We hope it will help your recruits to understand how a curation trail works and support us. We thank you for supporting this project.

after the curation trail
what next

Thank you for the great work and quality time spent in doing this

 2 years ago (edited)

I have join @samuel20 and also set my post alignment

 3 years ago 

The tutorial is very explicit i most say. Very clear steps to follow in order to join the curation trial. I most appreciate the efforts of @steemalive, you are doing a great job.

We thank you and hope your friends will see it if you resteem it, to help us gain more support. Keep on Steeming @njiatanga

 3 years ago 

@steemalive this tutorial is really a great tool to many members of the @steealive community and even to the new recruits, it's very easy and simple . Thank you for this article .

Thank you @marydexplorer. Hope you have joined our curation trail?

Thank you for this detail procedure. With this we can register and become members of the curation trial of steemalive, hence helping the community achieve it's goals and objectives.

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for sharing @mr Bright-obias

Is this for everyone
Moreover I don't think my steem us up to 100 to enable me to join

Thanks @steemalive, the post really explain the steps involve in joining the curation trail but my question is this trail is it for everybody or you must have some level of steem power.

Everybody. We will show you how to increase your Steem power @dprogress.

Acabo de unirme al trail. Gracias por esta inicativa.

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