Daily pick of hidden gems #31

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Finding the content that gets hidden in all the spam to help new authors get their posts noticed

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Featured posts

1--Anxiety Attack. A personal view


Anxiety, it can have a major affect on a person and their well being.


2--LSD was in the news!


Had no Idea what LSD was till I read this.


3--Understanding the Creative Mind


The mind is a wonderful thing, make sure not to loose it.


4--Some Facts About My Steemit Journey So Far. The Real Steemit Truth.


We can all learn from each others stories and experiences


5--World's Largest Aircraft Completed It's Maiden Voyage


For all those that like really big cool machines, here's an awesome one for you.


6--Do you speak while alone? There are couple of good reasons to keep doing it


I'm going CRAZY and it is now a good thing...


7--You say you will, but will you?


Mmm I often don't do what I say I would do as time flies.


8--Kill Your DAMN shyness!


I am an extremely shy guy... They need a new word to describe how shy I really am.


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This is where I will add any great content/posts you think should be featured


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Again, great finds and awesome work at promoting so many worthwhile authors. Thank you for your hard work, it is appreciated, namaste :)

Wonderful. I've been trying to stay awake until you posted this. Damn. Now I can't go to sleep until I've read them all. Oh well #steemit while your alive sleep when your dead.

PS love the Quote of the Day

hahahah yeah steemit has made many sleepless nights for some users

Sleep? What is that? I though it was call Sleem, i mean Steem.
Oh Shit, I need some, steem. I mean Sleem...
Oh. Forget it! ;)


Nice selection as always. Thanks :)

Looks lovely and its nice that you are featuring others work, I have seen several of those that I follow :) Thanks :) Alla x

your food is always amazing :)

aww thanks :) i decided to try various things, but food will be still there :D

Keep that good food coming :D

Thanks for your interesting and helpful post. Also, I love the quote of the day.

Just wanna say thanks for upvoting me in the german hidden gems :)

I love the quote! Interacting on Steemit definitely makes me feel like somebody.

Thank you for the feature @dragonslayer109, I appreciate it!

#4. Is mine :)

You're doing a great job and I truly hope that the authors you feature will get even more exposure. I know that some of the authors gets noticed from your work and I hope this till take off even more in the nearest future. It's amazing! :)

Thank you for all your efforts!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

(a post about Steemit history, Steemit is quite old btw) suggestion for peoples pick's?
And I'm off to reading some of the pick's....

How do you get picked for these? I've written lots of high quality stuff, ranging from fiction to informational articles and parodies, but as far as I know, I've never been picked for one. Do we have to do something specific?

Ill have a look at your posts for the next daily pick

Wow, thanks! Much appreciated, I hope you'll be able to find some things you like. :)

This post seems like a good one for your next set maybe https://steemit.com/life/@jamtaylor/on-giving-and-receiving-criticism

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