Steemit Alpha, a look back in history.

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"one small step for steem, one giant leap for steemkind" - Ned Scott, April 4th 2016.

That's Ned's first post ever made on steemit and a proper way to start off this post.

Today's post is a history one, It's about the rapid growth of Steemit, a look back in history and an answer to the question, how whales and dolphins came to be?


The logo below, is the "original" logo of Steemit dating back to the Alpha days, don't remember this?
Well some lucky people do!

That was the logo used in the 1st initial Alpha release 4 months ago!
Now a real pearl, a look of the UI and Trending Page in the early Alpha! :)

Look at that ^^! That was the look of Steemit in the really early days. Note the up vote and down vote button! Yeah it used to be a thing back then, no flags! So much has changed over the past 4 months, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well! -Peasants, they didn't have the follow button back then, once they had it, it wasn't working ;) Hahahhaa

The "Whale Factory"

What many people don't know Steemit is here for more than just a month or two that the majority seems to think. Note the big payouts in the early days, that's how some whales got their Steem Power. With very few users and a lot of steem, It was a big steem time back than, but that's not how most of them acquired their steem power. Imagine you having a account in the early days, you would've been at least a dolphin by now. The majority of the whales where one of the 1st passengers of the "Steemit mining train" earning huge amounts of steem for their mining! Most of the whales today are just, early power miners! That also explains why the majority of them have multiple accounts. You might know that the top 19 witnesses get huge SP rewards, well some whales have been getting these for months now....Oh and back in the days, there was no such thing as a"posting limit", you could post every 5min's! But coming up with something to post was the hard part! :))

On the other hand most of the dolphins are early investors who bought in at prices of ~0.25 cents/1 Steem. Or are just basic members that were just taking part in the platform. It is truly amazing to see such rapid growth and progress in this short time period and to be a part of it. We are the early supporters as well, if you look at the bigger picture!

Announcing the revolution!

This is the 1st Steemit promotional video ever using the "old" logo:

Still worth watching, but don't use this one for promotion, share instead There is the "new" one with the current logo! :)

Fun Facts:

  • This is the first ever post on steemit! posted on: Mar 30th 2016!
  • This isn't the first post on Steemit, but it is a very special one, Ned's first post on steemit!
    I quote: "one small step for steem, one giant leap for steemkind"!Seems we conquered new frontiers again, first the Moon, now Steemit, what's next?Hahahhaa :))
  • The first Pow ever, was found on March 24th 2016. at 18:00:03 UTC in the block #1092!
  • The first block ever(Block 1), produced was on March 24th 2016. at 16:05:00 UTC!
    (At the time of writing this we are currently on the Block 4325828!)
  • The first ever account was created on 30th March 2016!
  • If I'm not wrong, Steem is celebrating it's first 6 months of existence tomorrow at 16:05:00!!!(But we are for sure celebrating 6 months since creation of the first block!)
  • Exactly 3 months ago on May 23rd Steemit had 1360 Users! Again, at the time I'm writing this, there is mighty 73.200 of us and hundreds are joining us each day!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to share with you the amazing history steemit already has considering it's still fairly new and It's rapid growth. For me it was really interesting to research all this data and find that old screenshot of the Steemit Alpha. I've gained a lot of information about steemit thanks to this, expanding my Steemit/steem knowledge even further!

The Future?

Steemit did so much in such short time and proved it's great value, biased on this what are your predictions for the future of Steemit 3 months, a year ahead? I would like to hear your opinion!


A lot of us have missed these early steps, so it is quite interesting to see how things have changed in just a couple ot months...

It's amazing to see such a rapid and very exciting growth, I mean 3 months ago there where only 1360 Users, today 73.200 and counting!

it's pretty cool to see how much the site has already changed I'm still pretty excited to see how the site will develop as we move forward.

I'm still pretty excited to see how the site will develop as we move forward.

Me too, who knows what changes will happen in the future and how will we make progress.

So great to see all this and how things have changed! Thank you for sharing this with us!

You welcome! I had fun researching this!

Brilliant! All stuff I've been curious to know :)

Also, how do you get that follow button linked?

I've made a new follow button, since I've got asked about the button quite a few times by now, So I'll make a small post later today publishing that new button and showing how to get it to work so that others can use it! :)

Thank you that would be so useful!! Will we be able to design our own?

Sure, or you can grab one from the web labeled for reuse and use that instead or modify it to your liking.

The good old days when 1 post was worth 90,000$ , damn how could have I missed it?

I ask the same! hahahahaa
But don't worry, we are still "early supporters" so there is time left for us to Power Up! :)

This is all I think of when I see the old Steemit logo

Or maybe this:

lol, personally the old logo reminds me of a Dolphin or a really fast shark hahahahhahaa!

let's hope this initial hype doesn't fade away..

If it fades away for Steemit, it won't fade away for "" or any other platform backed up by the Steem blockchain. Think about the bigger picture, we already have a "Twitter Clone".... :)

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