Daily pick of hidden gems #19

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In life many amazing things are hidden from us. How often do we take the time to look for them.

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Featured posts

1--Perspective on Language and Interpretation

One can very easily misinterpret a lot of things. Especially when it comes to text.


2--STOP! Spending your Damn money!

Wow hope I know hoe to spend my money. My brother, after getting his first payout, has already spent it all


3--The Life And Times Of Inkha: The psych ward, From rags to riches, An addiction, And the girl that changed it all.

This is truly the most inspiring story I have read on steemit!


4--Sixteen Ways To Dial It Back When You Are Overextended

Fell so less stressed already just by reading this. Stress hits us all so READ THIS.


5--Inequality among STEEMers. Why we ought to stop being greedy?

Greed is definitely a really bad thing and can destroy the things we work so hard to create.


People's pick of the day

This is where I will add any great content/posts you think should be featured


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What a great list! I love all that you've chosen!

I decided to start following you too, now that it works :)

thank you

Thank you for the feature!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you @dragonslayer109 . Much appreciated. Pleas guys remember to up-vote the original post as well! It helps a lot with Rep. etc.

thank you I will be adding it soon

Really, I think this is a great initiative. Kudos for wading through all the posts every day and bringing us these gems.

I'm really glad that it is helping you. Its not all the hidden gems out there as I can't be placing posts every hour

@dragonslayer I love this idea. I've added to my list of goals "make the daily pick of hidden gems" with one of my posts.

i will definitely have a look at your posts

I like these lists, I hope in the future we can sort essential content or resources.

That would help so much in the community

Interesting share of articles!
I like the one about keeping your money in stock.
All I got to say now: ungreedy greeting so all you Steamians!

my pick is #4

Very grateful to you for your support!

This is a great digest. I read all the posts with great interest and pleasure. Thank you for your time and attention. Continue to discover interesting posts. Now I will follow these collections.