Steemit Survivor Contest UPDATE - 20 STEEM Grand Prize - IT'S ON!!!

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Source: CBS

A Quick Review

@suitcasemama and I are huge (and extremely nerdy) fans of an American reality show called Survivor. You know the one - contestants are marooned on a deserted tropical paradise, compete in silly challenges, and vote people off the island. I put out a post a few weeks ago to gauge interest in a Steemit Survivor Contest. The goal of the main contest? To pick who will ultimately win the upcoming season of Survivor. Since this will be fairly hard to do (one in twenty odds), I wanted to give a 20 Steem or SBD prize. I was also thinking about setting up weekly contests with smaller prizes where the object would be to pick who is voted out next.

Update - All Systems GO!

I'm VERY happy to announce I've received enough interest to go forward with the first-ever-in-the-history-of-Steemit (to my knowledge at least) Survivor Contest! Yay!


So far, the following Steemians have clearly expressed interest in participating:

That's seven, that's enough for me!

A few more folks were mentioned or commented, but I wasn't sure if they were just being supportive or wanted to compete. @fronttowardenemy, @gabrielatravels, @oclinton, and @celinavisaez, let me know if you would like to participate as well.


More good news: I've saved up almost 9 Steem so far, so I should have no problem raising a bit more and will be able to award 20 Steem for the main contest's grand prize at the end of the Survivor season. The prizes for the weekly contests will be awarded based on the Steem/SBD raised by those posts.


Still more good news, we have sponsors! I've received two very kind offers for support:

  1. @freedomshift has kindly offered to add some 1 SBI share for the weekly contests and at least 1 SBI share for the winner of the main contest, depending on number of participants. He does this all the time through his #ccc initiative, go check it out!
  2. @o07 has made a massive offer - if the contest is successful in attracting 20 participants we will award one lucky winner with one ounce of silver including shipping costs! Here's how it would work: if we reach 20 participants we would run a bonus game by randomly assigning each player a Survivor contestant. If your assigned contestant wins the Survivor season, @o07 will ship you an ounce of silver!

Many thanks to both @freedomshift and @o07 for their kind offers! Please check them out to see what they're up to these days!

As you can see, more participants will unlock more prizes from these guys - so make sure to encourage any friends who may be interested to participate in the contest!

Next Steps

  1. CBS should officially reveal the names of the contestants soon. This usually happens in late August or early September.
  2. Once the contestants are announced, I'll post the final rules and prizes and invite players to choose who they think who will be the Sole Survivor.
  3. The main contest (choosing an overall winner) will be locked before the Survivor season premiere September 26th, then the weekly contests (choosing who will be voted off next) will start.

A couple more things

  • This will be the American version of Survivor with the theme "David vs. Goliath" and set in Mamanuca Islands‎, Fiji.
  • Special thanks to the @rentmoney, @costanza, @pifc/@thedarkhorse trifecta for their support through the Pay It Forward Contest. You brought a lot of attention to the contest, thank you!

How you can get participate

  • Let me know in the comments if you want to play!
  • Tag friends who may be interested in the comments below to spread the word

If any one wants to contribute to the prize pool, let me know and we'll add it to the pot.

To review: Survivor! Tag a friend! Help get the word out! Sponsors welcome! Stay tuned!

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I am going to create a post on your contest and see if any of my followers are interested in joining your contest. I will link your topic in it. I also just sent a paid for resteem bot to try and help you reach more people.

Edit : Post has been created.

Big thanks @rentmoney! Apologies for the delayed response, we take Sundays off screen, but I can't thank you enough for the support! No one's ever made a post for me before! :)

Great Idea to take a day off from screens. I been cutting back my time a little but still need to cut back more.

We should start a #screenfreesunday movement then create blog posts on Monday sharing what we did on our screen free day 😎

I would like to participate in this, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Your interest is noted @toddcurry, great to have you with us on the island! :)

I'd really like to join please!!! Sounds awesome!!!

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Fantastic, you're on the list! Welcome and very glad you're participating!!

Yay!! Glad to be apart of it!! The tribe has spoken!!

I'll play. thanks for letting me know about this @rentmoney

Great to have you aboard and thanks to @rentmoney pointing you our way!

@steven-patrick, I'm from CA as well, but from the south. It looks like you're from the Bay area?

Yes. about 45 minutes from downtown SF. you in LA or San Diego? or other place?

Grew up in Anaheim, now in Bangkok with @suitcasemama 😎

Cool. Keep us updated on contest :)

I want to join in this one

Cool, you're on the list @izaid, welcome!!!

You can count me in for sure!
This seems like it will be great fun. :)

Oh you're definitely in @doctorcrypto, no escaping now! :)

Gracias por preguntar, voy a participar, nada se pierde con intentar, un cariñoso abrazo @eoj

Exactamente y gracias! I've made a note that you are IN!

Saludos desde Tailandia!

Sounds like fun i'm in!

Great, I'll make a note of it. Glad to have you and welcome!!!

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You are really good at attracting sponsors @eoj!

My offer to sponsor or co-sponsor is open to you as well - to anyone with a good idea.

Thank you @freedomshift - @kenmelendez has some very good ideas and does giveaways in combination with his D-Tube videos.

I think he would be a great person for you to sponsor!

P.S. I'm happy that you are sponsoring and co-sponsoring people on the Steem blockchain 😊😀😁

You'll never know what good might come out of offering a seemingly simple or silly contest.

I offered one with a simple question - "What does today mean to you?"
please see:

They brought out the best personal stories ...

Winning is not everything - it's just a catalyst for some to do their best.

Thank you @freedomshift I read over your contests and they look good! 😊

Haha, thanks @chrisrice! Nice to see you back on Steemit, I think you took a break for a while?

Also, do you want to participate in the contest? You're very welcome if you want!

Yeah @eoj I took a break from Steemit for a while to spend more time with my family. I was still commenting but I didn't post any new blogs.

I am not sure what time Survivor plays in the Philippines and don't really watch TV so I won't participate in this contest, but I will make sure to keep up with your posts!

Perfect reason to take a break, your priorities are right on! I hope everything is going well in PH, greetings from Bangkok!

Thank you @eoj - Enjoy your day & night in Bangkok!

I would love to participate but currently my life is very busy and I barely get time to write a post a week. So it would be hard to track the contest 😣
Good luck to all the participants! 😊

No worries @gabrielatravels, I certainly understand busy! :) Although technically you don't have to do much for the main contest: you won't have to create posts or anything. Just make one guess in the comment section in on my post in September when I launch the contest and then check in December if you guessed correctly! :)

Oh, alright then. I'm in! :D

I thought there should be a constant number of guesses so I need to follow up some kind of show or something :)

Great, excited you're joining! The main contest is super easy to join, but you're right, the weekly contests will require a bit more attention to the show! Just join the main one! ;)

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Excellent contest @eoj! has my participation in the next Survivor.

Bienvenidos al concurso! Y saludos desde Tailandia! :)

I am confirming my 1 SBI basic co-sponsorship of this contest - assuming that a footnote stating support of the #ccc initiative or an invitation to join #ccc will be added.

This contest is now listed in the "Current Open Contests" post -

All the #ccc qualified contests have the required statements AND URL for reference and example to use.

Please click on the #ccc tag to see other #ccc qualified posts.

My understanding is that this is the MAIN Contest and IF so, please comment on "Current Open Contests" post with the end date - I'll list it in the table IF different from the one-week duration of most weekly contests.

Please also notify me on the latest version of the "Current Open Contests" post regarding the weekly contests - they will be listed separately.

As with all #ccc qualified contests that I co-sponsor, please comment with all updates, new or ended contests and winner(s) who I'll sponsor on the "Current Open Contests" post.

Thank you @freedomshift! The contest will not launch for another 3 weeks or so, but I am already mentioning #ccc in my pre-contest announcements :)

Okay - I'll update the "Current Open Contest" post accordingly.

Please find the latest to provide future updates.

Thank you!

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Terima kasih banyak @el-nailul, I appreciate it! Would you like to participate as well?

Apakah ini kontes main digital game atau kontes survival langsung di alam liar kah @eoj??

Just a game on Steemit based on an American TV show - no actual survivor skills necessary! :)

Free resteem+ upvote courtesy of @untapentuoreja

I want join this

Great, you're on the list, welcome @laxmanmah!

Looks like you have a lot of interest in this contest. I will try to participate, however I don't watch TV at all, so would be guessing randomly at the winner. It is a no-lose proposition though, so why not give it a try?
@aussieninja may wish to try it out too?

Sure! I haven't watched the show for years... but I'd be thrilled to give it a go!

Excellent, glad you'll be participating!

Thanks Joe! I've followed you now so I can keep track of when I need to act.

Cool! As soon as we get the official cast announcement, both contests should start rolling!

Great, glad you're joining @happyme! And you're right, the main contest won't take much investment in the actual TV show. The weekly contests will require a bit more attention, but no worries, just participate in the main one!

When will the contest begin and will you be notifying us or do we need to keep checking your blog?

The main contest (pick the Sole Survivor) will start in a few weeks - after they've announced the contestants but before the first episode of the season. I'll do at least one more post where I finalize the rules and prizes and then I'll turn the main contest on. I'll tag you and the rest of the competitors in each of the coming posts, so just check your mentions and you'll be fine.

I'll also be running the weekly "who will be voted out next" contests all season long as well!

Super, thanks!

sounds interesting, I'm in :)

Great @pbock, I've added you to the participant list, welcome aboard!