CONTEST EXTENDED - Think you're well traveled? Name that.... TAIL!

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So....This was supposed to be a winner announcement post. Supposed to be.

Friends, I have some bad news and I have some good news...

Bad news: No one won the first contest. No one was able to correctly guess the airline or the country :(

Good news: I've decided to EXTEND the CONTEST! You know what that means?

That means MORE good news! I'll take the SBD earned from last post (a massive .06 SBD!) and add whatever SBD I make on this post.

The winner will then have the massive responsibility to decide how and where to spend all that SBD.

Still not bothered? Here, I'll even give you a hint: @bashadow discovered this very cool website featuring airplane tail logos:

I can confirm that tail featured in this contest is indeed on that website. You have all you need to win this contest, even if you've never been to this country. Now get going!

Let's try this again, shall we?

Think you're well traveled?

Then test your knowledge with this simple contest:

Name that tail 2.jpg

Name that....TAIL!

That's it?

That's it!

How do I enter?

Answer these two questions to be entered into the contest:

  1. Which airline does this tail belong to?
  2. What country would you most likely be in if you had the distinct privilege of boarding a plane with such beautiful tail art?

No need to upvote, resteem, or follow. Unless you want to.

You do you.

Just respond in the comments with your two-part guess. After seven days when the post reward earning period ends I will declare the winners.

What will I win?

  1. First (and most importantly) bragging rights/unalterable/immutable blockchain fame
  2. Second --> all SBD gained from this post PLUS all the SBD gained from the last post (.06 SBD)!

How many Steemians will win?

There will be up to three winners who will split 100% of the SBD gained from this post and the previous post!

If there are more than three correct answers, I will do a randomized drawing to choose the three winners.

If there are two winners, they will split the SBD evenly.

If only one person guesses correctly, they will get 100% of the SBD.

If no one guesses correctly (again) that's just sad. You'll all be fired. Again.

Easy, right? If there is a contest for contests that are easy, this is my entry.

So go ahead and guess, this post might actually have a nice little SBD jackpot. Less reading, more action. Get guessing and good luck!


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(.06 SBD!)


Hello! I have just featured one of your images that you recently submitted to my 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge in today´s color challenge. Feel free to attend the post to interact with other users through answering some of the comments. Thank you. Have a great day. Tomas

ColorChallenge - Purple Sunday - @eoj in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!

Awesome @czechglobalhosts, thank you!!! I'll go check it out right now, thanks Tomas! My sister just returned from your country by the way, she said it was beautiful :)

That´s great! You should get her on Steemit to join my Prague/Czech Republic photo sharing challenge to monetize on her trip:)...

I'm trying man, I'm trying! :) She even went to Jan Hus' church, the one you blogged about a few weeks back..

United States.

That hunt took me a long long time. I missed it on my first cruise NovoAir (Bangladesh). Pretty intense site for anyone interested in planes and plane tail paint schemes, some very beautiful tails out there.

Novoair Bangladesh

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Very sneaky @sneaky-ninja! Thank you for the kind support! :)

I am going to guess .... British Airways ....

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