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Almost no one is able to post these days. If you are not a whale or a lucky piranha who, like me, got some SP delegated to you, you don´t have the means (RC) to post, comment or vote right now.

I´m a discord chat lurker. I am part of around 40 rooms and even though I speak around 10 words per week in most of them, I read a lot of what´s happening and I´m aware of the word on the street.

Most of us are suffering from writing, commenting and voting withdrawal

I mean, it´s normal. We are used to certain lifestyle where we engage daily and interact with our friends several times a day in the various Steem frontends available and one day Bum! We can´t do that anymore and it probably will be like that for the next few days.

I understand how you feel because I would feel the very same if I wasn´t able to post, vote or interact the way I normally do it.

I´ve read in some chat rooms that some people are losing their minds and are bored as hell; some other people are being forced to go outside and actually talk to other people (I´m not a fan of that also, don´t worry); there are others who are actually doing home chores and I read about a few Steemians who are trying out other ICO/Crypto platforms while our beloved Steem comes back and our RC allows us to go back to the way we were before September 25th at 3 pm UTC.

Well, I came up with an idea for you to fight back your withdrawal syndrome


Before explaining this little idea, let me list a few rules:

  • Only Steemians with more than 6 months in the platform or more than 100 posts made can join this challenge.
  • You can only include posts of your authorship.
  • Avoid crypto, politics and religious posts.
  • Think of this challenge as your Steem blogging "resume or CV"
  • Have fun.


Now that you can´t blog, comment or vote, use this time to browse your own blog and pick the 5-10 posts that you would like everyone to read to get to know you a bit more. Perhaps when you joined the platform you made some kick ass posts that got little to no attention and you think they were amazing; maybe you want other newbie Steemians to read that masterpiece you posted 9 months ago but they didn´t read because they joined 3 weeks ago; probably, like me, nowadays you are blogging about something completely different than what you used to blog a year ago and you want people to read those posts or watch those videos.

Select your top ten posts, those that you want everyone to read, and make a kick ass compilation.

What? Did you think the challenge was about reposting 10 posts? No! We are not reposters and we can´t get double rewards from something we already got a payout from.

But we sure as hell can make a compilation for all the other Steemians to know about us, to use this time when they can´t post to read about who we were a few months or years ago.

Oh, a few more rules :P

  • The moment you are able to post, make this compilation and #nominate 3 other Steemians.
  • Use the tag #gettoknowme
  • Resteem this post (Not mandatory, but it would be cool as hell if everyone joined).

Wouldn´t it be cool that, the moment someone can post, they join this challenge so other Steemians can read about them while themselves can´t post and then, when said readers are able to post, they join this challenge so other Steemians who still can´t post, read about them... and so on... until we are all able to go back to our regular posting, commenting and voting behaviour?

One more rule!

  • Don´t spam or stress the blockchain unecesarilly. Think twice before leaving a comment that doesn´t add any value, try voting with a higher percentage and give less votes, don´t post more than what you were used to before this Hardfork. Our witnesses are working towards getting our blockchain ready for blogging, but let´s not put more work in their hands than what we used to do.

In ten days, I will copy into an excel spreadsheet every username who joined this challenge and then I´ll randomly pick ten users (I´ll record the process and post it so it´s all transparent) and I´ll transfer 5 steem to each winner.

What are you waiting for? Start preparing your compilation so when you can post, you join this challenge!


Upvoted. Resteemed. Compilation posted.

It's fun challenge keeping people engaged :-D now that RC is recharged, we all can start posting again!

What a cool name and avatar you have. Are you from Italy? You should visit Trieste, the homeland of caffè.. together with the macchiato there's the "gocciato" (dropped) and many other variations 😉

hahaha no but I wish I can visit Italy one day and try every coffee like it's wine tasting :-))
I will make sure to put trieste on my list cause all this while, all I know is verona :D

I'd suggest you to include Venice too (North East rules) ;-)

What...not include Florence and Sienna?

I should mention all Italy then. Tuscany is amazing too 😉

Tuscany have that allure yes, though i love Positano and the Amalfi coast too😍😎
and Bergamo so yes to all of Italy!

The key imho is diversity of landscape, cultures, and the omnipresent high quality lifestyle (food and art). However, recently we're quite feeling this period of socio-economical crisis in our lives...

Dude, thank you for doing so much for steemians and writing good posts. I liked the snake! Here is my version of your contest:
The cool idea to get more people that they to get acquainted, I would also like to get acquainted with you. Are you going on steemfest?

Esperemos se una mucha gente al desafío...
Intentaré hacer la compilación ya mismo... A ver si soy uno de los afortunados que pueden publicar de una vez.
(Esto lo escribí el miércoles)
Pero apenas hoy (sábado) es que todo está normalizándose y pues, ya listo para el reto.

Esta es mi ENTRADA para el RETO Coincidió MARAVILLOSAMENTE con mis 200 días en Steemit

@anomadsoul Por todas estas iniciativas...

I still have some days to go, though I'm going to be out tomorrow on on a trip to do a concert in Barcelona I hope I can get it done before leaving :), but I've LOVED to stumble upon posts within this challenge, what a great idea, and a way to revisit the best from my friends and their vision.
Well done!

I have resteemed this and kept this in mind. A good challenge. I guess now is a good time to a gettoknowme post especially before SteemFest 3.

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Great idea! I was thinking of doing some sort of self intro post again as I have got to know so many great people since I started over a year ago, and many more in recent months.

This is will be great for them to #gettoknowme

Parece interesante Erick claro que participare, por suerte puedo comentar y votar pero no puedo publicar. Tendre que esperar a que todo mejore y asi muchos podran ver las publicaciones que me esforcé haciendo y que tienen sentimientos dentro, para que las vean y no se pierda ese contenido en el olvido.

Nos vemos pronto (cuando pueda publicar).

Sounds like a fun challenge :)

Thanks for giving some interesting topics to write about man!

It is a pity that I saw this article in this way. Now I drop everything and start looking through all my articles to find the 10 best ones. Resteem

It's like you never sleep.. or you do but still generate ideas LOLOL another great one for sure! :)

Crazy Mexican lol - I migjt do that man if I find anything valuable 🌋

Thanks for doing this - I will make some time to get in on this!

This was rather interesting to read :D

I would love to join!! ❤

But at the moment we could not make posts as we are the small fishes that had been affected much by the fork.

Hope before your contest ends we still have the chance to post our entries.


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Thanks for giving the Steem community something to participate in. New posts and engagement have been a little weak lately. It was fun to go back and reflect on my Steem journey.

some other people are being forced to go outside and actually talk to other people .

Jesus, I thought things were bad, I didn't realise they were actually at crisis level.

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Hehe, nice CHALLENGE - Have fun with this and greetings. Btw in the german ommunity we made a similiar challenge with 20 Facts about Me. Here you can find a whole package:

Does it work now?

I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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Muy bien, eso haré.

After a few days break it’s time to get right back at it! Love this challenge 😉

Nice nice idea @anomadsoul...yeah a great way to recall our past post...

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nice challenge to keep the spirits up ;)
vote and comment test! :D

Fun and done! Great idea! Thank goodness RC is filling up so more folks can play along.

Eric, can we also do it in Spanish? Could be that I'm obsessed with that tag but, you know... 😬

Just accepted the challenge and published my post!!! :-D

This is actually a pretty cool idea. 😊
I was able to post today, but might dig in to my glory days and see what I can come up with.

Épale hermano. Buena iniciativa. Aquí te dejo mi post asumiendo el reto. Espero no haya pasado por alto alguna de las reglas.

Un abrazo @anomadsoul

Hello, @Anomadsoul! I think it is a good iniciative from you to invite us to re-use our old posts to get people to know us.

Here is mine!

Muy buena tu idea @anomadsoul aqui te comparto mi participación esperando que sea de tu agrado

Things seem to get better :) But still a nice challenge, great idea! (of course, didn't expect anything else...)

Welcome to know more about catwoman Teresa.
❤️ Spreading love from my heart ❤️

from @catwomanteresa|dPet team | Fundition Ambassador meow

I done upvote and resteem. But I can't join the challenge because didn't meet the 6 month and 100 posts requirements. BTW support you.

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I'm glad I didn't find this late. I'm compiling mine straight away.

Lovely contest, so there are around 4 days left I hope? Not the payout deadline? :D

Yes, there's time! That means you've no excuse :P

Haha xD Well here is my post:
I didn't want to forget ._. So I did it right away ^^

Here's my participation, barely meet the minimum(7-8month) but hope some people see my works :D
Almost forgot, I nominate @cryptocariad @marblely and @nanosesame Really want to see their posts :D

Immediately I saw this, I couldn't help but start up my own entry.

Thanks for this amazing idea.
Here is my entry. I hope I get known better.

i wanna participate contest, tomorrow will post.

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I actually made 9 initially because I was looking for a link I needed to add on "I CHOOSE WHO I WANT TO BE", so it's complete 10 now.

Thanks @anomadsoul for this challenge.

Haha no way, such weird timing because yesterday I was making a new footer for my posts! I finally found a tutorial on how to make tables!! Lol so I only did 6 that I was going to showcase...might as well do the other 4!

Maybe I was reading your mind?! I don't know!

I TOLD you that you're full of ideas!

Hola @anomadsoul, aquí en último momento llego con mi participación desde Venezuela. Excelente iniciativa, la pase genial revisando mis publicaciones. Lástima me enteré tarde, pero logré hacer esta publicación para tu desafío.

I want join the challenge, i still got time? =)

Thank you friend @anomadsoul, for a great opportunity to get to know each other! Here is my introduction to the competition. Can more than 3 people be nominated for the competition?

Why don't you nominate three people and those three people can nominate the others you want? :)

Reading your post reminds me of what I did when Steemit was just getting back on its feet.

I wrote a post introducing myself to Steemit. Thought it's best that He/She gets to know me and my journey in the community.

I like what ure doing here. It's original. And I know just which post I'll be selecting to *get
to know me better .

Till then, check out my version of get to know me better. Hope you like it.

@areuspicy posted on @yasu24 introduction.
Thank you!

I have been able to join this challenge that I love because it gives us the opportunity to know each other, is a great idea, thank you very much for the creativity and the light that you print with every idea to this platform @anomadsoul you're an angel!

This is my entry

Thank you @anomadsoul for this challenge to reflect on the good old days and reactivate our Steem blog
Amazing and awesome!
Here is my entry

Do we need to leave a link of our post here?

Thanks for wanting to know about me. I really appreciate it. Here's my entry

Finally, so glad i met the deadline. Took me 5 days to successfully post my challenge & 2 days to successfully post my entry here😁 This is my entry for the challenge.

great idea for a challenge.. I have never gone through all my posts.. so it was a great journey to rediscover some long forgotten ones.... have a good one!

It took me quite a while for this post. Turn out it is not an easy post to make. Nevertheless I enjoyed the process.

Hola Eric!.. aquí mi entrada para este reto, pensé que no lo lograría, pues no disponía de mucho tiempo, por fortuna nos diste 10 días. Espero la disfrutes.
Un abrazo.

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