Day 76: 5 Minute Freewrite - Prompt: ducks

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I need some help. My semi-vacation is coming to an end and I won't have that much time for Steemit anymore. Don't worry, the daily prompts will continue. What I need is some readers.

As you might know, I have made it a point to visit all of you, read your freewrites and leave you the next prompt. I think we all like the idea that at least one person reads what we wrote. With less time for the platform, I might not be able to do that every day.

That is where you come in. I would love for some of you to take on one day a week and read every freewrite for that day, leave a comment and drop a link. Or maybe two of you share a day.

Let me know if you are up for that either in the comments or in the discord freewrite room. Thank you!!

Update: @svashta had the great idea to create a google spreadsheet you all can access to add your name if you are interested . Here is the link to the spreadsheet

I totally understand if a commitment is too much but love if you visit and comment on your fellow freewriters' posts whenever you can.

Thank you!

Please welcome our newest freewriters @lucylin and @dakini5d

Every day, I am inviting you to visit one and leave some comments and votes. Today, please visit @wonderwop

Prompt: ducks

This prompt was inspired by @brisby

Set your timer for 5 minutes
Start writing
Use the hashtag #freewrite
Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)

Copy and paste your URL into the comment section of the prompt post. If the prompt was posted more than 20 hours ago, please post it also at the current prompt so we all can see it.

  • Or, if you don't want to publish your freewrite, just copy and paste as a comment under the prompt post.

If you don't know what a freewrite is, here is a link to the introduction post.



There are several people who offer SBD for free on this platform! How great is that!!

Here are a few

@fisheggs - follow this account and you get up votes at random times.
@sydesjokes - he rewards his followers with SBD for any kind of interaction with him- comment, vote, resteem.
@craigcryptoking- he does a giveaway a few times a week. All you have to do is to be the first, fourth, eight or maybe the 150th commenter.
@danielsaori - he does a comment contest. A new challenge every week.
@rexusmo - I think a few of you have started to leave links to your post. Every day, he has a cheering up post. You leave a link to a post you are proud off and you might get a reward. Keep trying!!


Remember to check your voting power. Do not vote for a while if you are under 90! or use

Here is an excellent article explaining how to maximize your vote. It helps you to grow to vote wisely!!

And here is a counter opinion on voting by our freewriter @improv

This post is talking about using your vote for maximum curation and our fellow freewriter @miniature-tiger won this week!! He knows how to do this! Congrats! Read the post here

Staying Legal

This is an excellent article by @dmcamera on how to use images legally. A must read!!



Remember, we have our own room in the Isle of Write Discord!
Here is the link to join .

If you like this and want more people to come out and play - resteem!

Curtesy of @celestal

Also, I would love it if you all check out each others #freewrite and spread some love :)

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Join us for the daily 5 - Minute Freewrite. Check my profile for a new prompt every day.


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Here's mine for today! ^^

Hmmm. Should we get a google spreadsheet going so each can type his name in for the day they have time on?

that is a great idea!! On it!! then I am going to edit the post with a link to the spreadsheet!! thank you!!

Sounds perfect to me! :D

Hey @mariannwest! I just posted my response to the #freewritechallenge. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Today's freewrite is a little dirty:

Rubber Duck and Shit Pool

I gotta admit I've been lazy reading other's freewrites. I'll make sure to fix that.

Here's my story, simply called 'Duck.'

I can't really commit to request, I'll be back at work myself. I do try to read some of them.

Alright, here's my duck entry. Sorry, it's not really a story because I'm just not feeling the muse. Still, I had more fun with it than I thought I would.

As always, this was an enjoyable prompt. :) Here is my submission:


only my second try.... not bad i think lol you can read it here

Well, here goes nothing. My first ever freewrite. Thank you so much for doing this @mariannewest

I wish I could help but I just don't have the time; so sorry! : (
Here is mine for the ducks:

Here is my prompt for the day.

@mariannewest Unfortunately it is hard for me to know when I will be free completely enough to commit an entire day. Although I spend a lot of time on Steemit sometimes things come up pretty quick. I usually read a few others posts each day anyway, so I will make an extra effort to read even more than usual and comment as usual! I'll try to find users that don't have comments already either.

I know we all love to know someone is reading.

thank you so much!! And yes, seeking out those with no or little comments would be great!!!

I see your call for help Marianne and I an not consistent enough! I come in to your blog a few times a week and read, upvote and comment to other freewriters. I will try to do more since I think this such a great project you came up with.

He is me for "ducks" I don't know any!

(worst canva poster ever)

thank you so much!! I know that most people are busy and can't spend that much time reading. But if each reads a few and comments - then everyone gets some eyes on them. thank you so much!!

I'm glad to do it. I come in and drop some votes on some of the posts when I wake up with high power. Also on your resteems. Not today though!

I put down for the Tuesday visitation round. I'm hoping it sticks in the spreadsheet!

thank you so much!!

Here's my entry, beware the ducks! (I suggest duck away from them)

I gottta check on my schedule if there is something I can help.
By the way, juts in case, here is my today's entry:

Here is my entry on ducks.. hope you will like it..

Hasn't yet been 24 hours since this was posted so I hope I'm still okay to share my freewrite :) It's my first time doing this and it was actually a lot of fun - Although I did put a few commas ect in after writing just to make it flow a bit nicer.. Hoping it makes sense but ah well writing is what you make of it!

It is always great to post it under the prompt. I just noticed that if they come in late - not that many people are reading them... Welcome to the freewriters!!

Thank you! :)

Here is my entry, I hope I don't get in trouble for this one lol. "Soon a riot broke out"

I have seen this challenge but lacked the confidence to have a go.
Today I took the plunge. Here it is.

so glad that you took the plunge!!

I had WAYYYYY too much fun writing this one. Hope you enjoy! It is a romance story between two ducks.

Ah! I forgot to leave a link to mine, again...

I don't like to make promises or excuses, and so I'll try to read all the entries and comment when I have something to say.
Here is mine:

thank you so much!! You can always say that you stopped by to visit :)

@mariannewest I can take on Monday, if you want!

That would be fantastic!! If I publish my morning - your afternoon does that work for you? And if you can't or it gets too much - please let me know.
So, on Monday, you would visit the Sunday freewrites and drop the new link. Makes sense?

Edit: I wrote a reply before reading the spreadsheet.
Ok, then: I will take care of Sunday prompts.
Let's do some time zone calculations: I'll probably carry out the task in my Monday night, let's say 8-9 p.m. UTC +1
What time does it match in your time zone (if you're PST, it will be Monday 11 a.m. - noon) ? It's all right or do you prefer another time?

That is great!! By that time, I have published the prompt for sure!! thank you so much! and when it gets to be too much - let me know. Or if you can't for some reason... all good!

I've been reading all the posts each day since I started the freewrite, so I guess I could leave a little comment and a link on each.

Kudos to you! You're such a steady freewrite supporter!

Fantastic!! I don't want to dump every day on you, but let me know when you are link dropping :)

Ok well I can start in about an hour with the dog hair ones if you like. Just a little comment and drop the link to the duck prompt post.

I've done all the dog hair posts, apart from the few you did yourself.

thank you so much!!! I so appreciate it!!

No sweat. I'd already read most of them anyway.

I can't commit to a day because sometimes I feel too ill but I'll visit as many as I can each day I'm well enough. Hope that helps.

That would be fantastic!!

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I would love for some of you to take on one day a week and read every freewrite for that day, leave a comment and drop a link. Or maybe two of you share a day.

I wish I could have time for that~ Today's Prompt seems compelling but It seems I won't be able to write one. (Needs to be in writing mood)

no problem - just visit others whenever you can. It means a lot to writers to be read and to get a comment :)

I'll do the freewrite in a sec. I can't do a day a week, but I can probably do a day a month, if that's helpful.

I was busy and missed this prompt, but I might write about it anyway at some point, since I have fun memories of my pet duck from childhood :)

I'm going through and leaving a comment and upvote on all the posts linked here. It might take me all day... but I'll get there. Tomorrow I'll hit the Thursday prompt and comment/vote the last ones submitted to get them some support :)

Love what you're doing @mariannewest

Thank you so much, byn!! And I love what you are writing :)

Hey Mar, you know you can count on me if you need help, give me a day or two (or three..) no probs... it's the less we can do with all you do for us 😉

You are the best!!!

I don't know if I can commit to a day right now, but I will certainly make it a point to get through as many as I can a few times a week. Thanks for this great post too. Now I have to think about "ducks" and "free money." :)

No worries. I love if you read and comment on some of the others! Thank you!

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