Mango Falooda

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Here mango season is at halfway and eating mango every day is a lot of fun and gives satisfaction when the maximum temperature is stable at almost 45-degree Celsius.
Mango is such a versatile fruit from which various types of recipes can be made. Here my next mango recipe is Mango Falooda
Falooda is a cold dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally it is made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil (sabza/takmaria) seeds with milk.


Ingredients for 2 servings

  • Vermicelli 1/2 cup
  • Almond (or any plant-based milk) 1 cup
  • Mango puree 1 cup
  • Sweet basil seeds 2 tsp
  • Dry fruits 1/4 cup
  • Sugar according to taste
  • Rose syrup 1/4 cup (Optional)



  • Soak basil seeds in 1/4 cup of almond milk for 4-5 hours and add some sugar according to taste.
  • Heat milk, add vermicelli and sugar and cook for few minutes.
  • Keep above mixture and mango puree in the freeze to make it chilled.
  • Chop dry fruits and cut mango in small pieces for garnishing.
  • Fill all 3 thick mixture in a glass in layered.
  • Garnish with dryfruits, mango cubes and rose syrup.
  • Serve chilled!


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Excellent refreshing recipe.
After this glass, nothing should be eaten all day. This glass is an energy bomb.
I like such meals. If you're so hungry after this one glass, one more at the end of the day and that's it.


This looks amazingly delish @chetanpadliya

Once I tried this when I was living in India and I really liked it! I guess I tried it in Chennai! Now i think that I will be able to recreate a vegan version for myself. Before I did not know the actual name of this speciality.

This looks delicious! I will need to try and make that. Do you think Chia Seeds would work as well?

Yes, it is the same.

Great, thank you! I am looking forward to tasting this treat.

Awesome Recipe. I am also from India. Mango is the best food in Summer. I give upvote.

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WAAW THIS FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD AND SWEET, yummy 😋 I love mango! have a nice day GREETINGS!

@chetanpadliya what an amazing mango dessert. The layers look magnificent especially all the different colours used. My family all love mangoes. When I was younger my grandma in India used to make some mango milkshake with lots of ice cubes. Your recipe has brought back memories and reminds me of that. Mangos are definitely very versatile I make a lovely mango chutney and pickle. Thanks for sharing.👍👌

Hola @chetanpadliya
Waaoooooo.... Se ve rico este postre amigo.
Aquí en Venezuela también es la temporada. Los árboles están llenos de mangos y cuando caminas por la calle ahí están en el piso esperando que alguien los agarre y los disfrute.
En casa incluso se los colocamos a las ensaladas con un poco de miel y queda estupendo.
Gracias por el artículo.

Today I tasted kulfi falooda and now reading about the recipe of mango falooda. I am seeing a lot of 'falooda' this day! I will try this dish but I don't know how to make mango puree. Can it be prepared at home or can it be bought from a shop?

Must be delicious 😋

I also love mangoes. This is the dish I often do

This looks amazing! I love mangoes a lot <3 I'd like to do this soon. Thanks for sharing!

Sound great. I will give it a try

It Looks yummy 😋 i will surely try to make this delicious desert.

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Wow, this looks so delicious! Thanks for the recipe. Yum! Can't wait to try.



Your recipes are always so unique! Love how you used mango in this one!

I love mango. Must be refreshing!

Love this about Steemit, @chetanpadliya. It enables us to enjoy international flair like this beautiful post, and the awesome recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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I love that food. I am vegetarian and fruits are great, especially mangoes

muy buena la receta gracias por el gran aporte!!!

I love mangoes! I ate them a ton when I lived in the Philippines! I bought a few mango trees last year, I can't wait until they start producing fruit for me. :)