Aam Papad : Delicious Mango Snack

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Aam Papad is a delicious snack made of mango pulp and sugar. It is one of the ways to enjoy mango fruit taste around the year.
It is very easy to make and can be prepared at home easily. It is prepared in most of the Indian households.



  • Mango of any type, I used totapuri mangoes here
  • Sugar
  • Cardamon or saffron for flavour (optional)



  • Wash mangoes thoroughly and peal them. Remove seed and collect the pulp. Add 1.5 cup of sugar for 4 cups of mango pulp and blend in a mixer to make a smooth puree.
  • Grease the trays with sufficient oil and pour the puree to about 3 mm layer.
  • Keep in direct sunlight for 1-2 days then flip, again keep in sunlight and let it dry completely.
  • Cut into desired shape and store in a tightly closed container to enjoy this delicious mango snack around the year.


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Delicious, in small quantities​.

I like very much the Aam Papad. It is very tasty, just like the mango.

Good idea @chetanpadliya I love mango and will try this out this week - thank you for sharing

Very delicious! :)
I understand that sugar has the role of a preservative here? And we have to add it?

Yes true, sugar works as a preservative as well as makes it delicious and soft.

we make this by spreading the pulp on a new mat and drying in sun. we repeat spreading pulp for about four days till it becomes thick and then cut it in strips and store it.

wow thanks for the recipe. It doens't look healhy but it looks yummy!! I like the idea of mixing with cardamom!

Yes, it has high sugar content but delicious.

I loooove this so much! But for me it's not very useful and not very sustainable to make this myself. Mangoes don't grow in this area, they come a long way and are relatively expensive. I prefer to eat them fresh and buy the "fruit leather" made of Mangoes somewhere else. The arabic version is called something like Qumreddin and is made from apricots. I think it's a delicious way to preserve fruits while there are too much available to eat them all all the same time. Nice entry!

i ate aam papad some days ago in chintapurni

It looks delicious that dessert, in my country Venezuela, similar preparations are also made with that wonderful fruit, as is the mango.

wow. delicious !!

Wow... What a snacks bro... I eat that items... Nic post

Wow... This looks amazing. I've never heard of this before now. I'm definitely gonna try it. I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Bookmarked! Thank you.

How delicious and nutritious it looks thanks for sharing friend

Now this is something I have to try before I die..

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i like aampapad

great post I will follow ur procedures and produce mine thanks for the direction

oh my God can i have a taste of it......very nice in appearance..i hope the taste complements the graphics

thanks for nice information!

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Yummy! I will try it! This is an useful post!

Lo que mas me sorprende es su preparación de dos días al sol por cada lado, que receta tan única .

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woow what a delight friend, thanks for sharing.

El mango es la merma!! it looks so tasty!

Delicious Mango Snack looks wonderful

Looks amazing. Do you need to put sugar in it?

Delicious ....thank you for sharing

Congratulation chetanpadliya! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 3min with 3 votes.

Aam pappad is my fav., Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Delicious post with delicious dish.happy to see that my country fellow doing great in here.keep it up dear. Hi all steemians.

I like this aam papad a lot 😋😋😋
Thankyou @chetanpadliya for sharing this recipie with us. I will try this for sure.

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Looks super delicious :)

Se ve muy deliciosa y fácil de hacer, gracias a tu detallada explicación. Saludos y muchas bendiciones...!!!

i really like Aam Papad. Taste is very delicious.