Mango Lassi : Yogurt based mango drink

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Lassi is a very popular drink in summer in India. Traditionally it is made with animal yogurt in different flavours. My favourite is Mango Lassi made with vegan yogurt and fresh mango pulp. Mango lassi has distinct flavor due to the sourness of yogurt and sweet-sour taste of mango.

mango lassi.JPG

Ingredients required for 2 servings-

  • Plant-based yogurt - 1 cup (like soy, peanut, cashew yogurt. Here I used peanut yogurt.)
  • Mango 1 small (Preferably Alphanso)
  • Cashew nuts 6 nos
  • Cardamom 2 nos
  • Sugar according to taste
  • Salt a pinch
  • Chilled water and ice cubes.


Keep watching here for more mango recipes

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Thanks for sharing this delicious and healthy drink recipe. I've tried it before but never knew how to make it. Adding walnuts is a nice touch.

Is the lassi drink meant to cool your mouth while eating hot curry? Looks delicious. The best mangoes I have had are the kensington pride and calypso varieties in Australia.

Have you ever tried Indian mango like Alphanso etc?

No I haven't I live in the US and I think most of the mangoes here might come from South America. The ones I have tried here aren't really very good, I don't think. I need to research a bit more and see if I can get other varieties here even if I need to get them shipped to me.

Indian mangoes might be available in US. Check some Indian store or online.

Actually you are right there is a number of Indian supermarkets in Orlando and I drive in there a couple of days a week I'll check them out.

I also have a mango recipe today!
This is my favorite fruit, I would like to try mango in India :)

Which mango is available at your place? Are you visiting India?

I absolutely love mango, it's more candy than fruit tbh.

Looks nutritious, I wouldn't mind to try it out. Thanks for sharing

My father is from India and he also makes really good mangolassi. It is a great drink from India.

Best regards
John B.

yeah mango season now i also drink mango juice daily

Mango is my favourite fruit! But in Russia the quality of this exotic fruit is horrible(((
Thanks for your recipe

Try some Indian variety of mango.

I love mango

Malzemeleri alıp yapacağım. Hepsini not aldım bu bilgi için teşekkürler

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow superb bro.... I like it... Good posting
Mango is king of fruit in india.

It's seems amazing and healthy, thank you for sharing!

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I love lassi, I often make it the lazy way - yoghurt and apricot nectar but now I am going to try the real one, thank you for sharing this

Have presented with a very good idea.

This looks very good... is there in ICE too :)) ?

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That mango lassi looks superdelicious! Such an easy recipe too :) That is Always a bonus =)

Looks both delicious and healthy 😋😋😋..thanks for the recipe

good if drink finish sports, i [email protected]

Mango lassi is the best! Thanks for posting a vegan version!

yummy sir thanks for sharing health and yummy mango lassi thumb up work idea

Perfect for summer and definitely something I'll be trying. You could even freeze this to make a sorbet. Mangoes FTW!