Mango-Coconut Ice-cream (Vegan)

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This 3 ingredients easy to make mango ice-cream is very soft, delicious and rich in coconut cream and mango pulp.



  • Mango pulp (no water added) 2 cups
  • Thick coconut milk 1.5 cup
  • Sugar 1 cup

icecream ingredients.jpg


  • Take best quality ripe mango and make pulp out of it. No need to add water.
  • Take Coconut flesh and blend in a high-speed mixer. No need to add water. Squeeze the pulp and you will get thick creamy coconut milk.


  • Now in a blender add all above 3 ingredients and make a smooth puree.
  • Keep in deep freezer for 6 hours and blend again.


  • Now fridge for at least 12 hours and ice-cream is ready.

Screenshot 2018-05-18 09.51.44.png

Serve in ice-cream cup and garnish with dry fruits and mango dices

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Wowww!!! Absolutely Divine...Looks so so Y U M M Y and truly D E L I C I O U S !!!
I really liked the idea of making it with coconut milk, because, in general I used to add full fat cream, to make it more Creamalicious !!!.. and that makes it high on fat content!...where as, Coconut Milk seems to be a healthy and Vegan option, to create this Tasty Magic !!!
Thanks for sharing! Hope you truly enjoyed it !!! :)

Looks like pure deliciousness @chetanpadliya thank you for sharing

I've never made ice cream, maybe I'm encouraged to do some this weekend. The mango and coconut are a perfect combination !. I crave a few drops of dark chocolate.

This post is a tutorial post that shows you how to make ice cream products and how to create them. I liked it very much. I would try to make it home. Many people will benefit from this post and they will be able to prepare themselves at home. You need to earn a good income for posting such posts. I think for such post I need to have a separate place in the estimate platform, this post has been great for me, and many people can benefit from this post and I can get an idea about ice cream from this post. Thank you for sharing my post on this ice cream....

Very nice @chetanpadliya! I think vegan people will love this ice cream.

I am sure non-vegan people will also like it.

Wow it amazing and tastes so good I had it many times.
I love summer just coz of mangoes, and the season of mangoes is on in our country.

Hey @chetanpadliya I got inspired by you and posted my first food blog on steemit check it out.

Your suggestions and comment is awaited🙂🙂

wow chetan this looks absolutely delicious. if there is one fruit i love, it would def be the mango, specifically the alphonso mango. what a delectable fruit. i will have to try this recipe in the near future.

Hello!!,se ve todo muy delicioso,si puedes pasa por mi blog que estoy empezando con el mundo de la cocina aquí en steemit :)

Mango and coconut is the best combination!! I'll try it in the hot summer days to come 😊 Have a lovely day!

I just want to test it right now. I think it's a unique recipe of #Mango-Coconut-Ice-cream in hot summer days. And everybody will like it.@chetanpadliya

Looks delicious and I will try it in the near future

This looks really tasty. When you say make pulp out of the mangoes, are you putting those in a blender, too? If so, for about how long and on what speed? Or are you talking about cutting the mangoes up first, then putting them in with the other ingredients? Sorry if I'm not understanding your recipe. :)

Cut the mangoes and put them with other ingredients in blender to make a smooth mixture.

Ah. Thank you. Now, I'm going to have try this. Mango is among my favorite fruits, so the ice cream with coconut milk should be awesome. I've had Mango popsicles made with milk (paletas), and they've never disappointed. Thanks again. :)


This looks really good! I'll have to try it!

Good recipe.

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