Mango-Coconut Balls { Aam Nariyal ke Laddo}

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Mango Mania

In summer season my kitchen always has a good stock of mangoes and these mangoes inspire me to make something new and delicious. In previous, I have posted some mango recipes and as mango mania is not going to stop at least for next couple of weeks I will keep posting more mango recipes.
In this mango recipe series, today's mango delight is Mango-Coconut Balls



  • Mango puree 2 cups
  • Desiccated coconut 2 cups
  • Dry fruits (Almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, and pistachios) 1/4 cups
  • Sugar 1.5 - 2 cups according to taste.
  • Cardamom few nos.



  • In a pan take mango puree and add sugar. Cook on low flame with stirring continuously.
  • When cooked properly and become the jelly-like texture add desiccated coconut and crushed dry fruits. Mix well and cook for few minutes.

Untitled design.png

  • Cook until consistency reached which is suitable to make balls.
  • Cool down to room temperature and make small balls. Cover with desiccated coconut and garnish with pistachio.

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Wao friend, you are an artist with mango, you have a collection of recipes with mango! It's delicious, I loved it!

Thanks Poly

Looks delicious.

Is the added sugar necessary or can this dish work without?

Ya sugar is must but you can reduce the quantity.

Damn. Posts like these make me feel bad about wanting to live on a ketogenic diet. Soo, oh, so tempting.

I never imagined being able to unite these two fruits, here in my country the mango's cooking called jelly, and united with the coconut I had never made, this is culinary, you leave me surprised, I have a food blog on this platform and never would have happened to prepare something like that, I congratulate you are a master. Greetings from Venezuela.

Well; that food looks awesome and delicious. Good pictures, by the way!!

Hell yeah! Best wishes from Germany

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Wow they are looking great!!!! Mangoes are my favourite and I'll try this for sure.

Simply delicious.... King Of Fruits :)

Wow thanks for the recipe! ! really love mangos so much. It will be awesome if you could make a recipe like this but for durians too!

@chetanpadliya I will try this recipe,I hope it will work out.

I already tasted Narial laddoo but very soon will taste it with mango mix flavour.


It looks delicious, in my house there is a bush of mango, I will make that dessert to see how I have left, very good post, I follow you.

Oh wow I really really want to try these! It sucks that I'm allergic to mangoes, I always end up suffering just to get a taste of those fruits 😋

Are there any other fruits I can replace the mangoes with?

they look so delish! surely I will try making some. thanks for the recipe!

thanks for the recipe

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SO delicious 😋

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