Aamras Poori { Mango Juice and Indian fried bread}: Food Photography

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In mango season Aamras (Mango Juice) is an essential part of Indian lunch/dinner. Aamras can be enjoyed itself or with different types of breads. One of the most popular is poori, Aamras-Poori combination is very popular and delicious too.
Today in our lunch we prepared Aamras-Poori and Masala Okra.
The recipe is very easy.

  • Aamras- Just make thick juice of mango and serve chilled.
  • Poori recipe - Link
  • Masala Bhindi (Okra) - Link

Here I am sharing some photographs of today's lunch Aamras-Poori with Masala Bhindi






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Your food looks exquisite, but I like mango more, I had the opportunity to prepare a Chinese chicken with mango and that dish is very delicious, I liked it, everything looks delicious. Greetings from Venezuela

You made my appetite with your recipe👍👍👍

Todo esta exquisito,,, muy buenas fotografías,,,,

wow a new combination!!
I never tried poori with bhindi, I will definately try it

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jalea de mango también es muy sabroso saludos

looks very good and mango goes with everything, spicy or not.

Mango in bread? That sounds interesting. I bet the poori bread tastes quite sweet and a bit salty to complement the mango puree.

It Seems like a mango jam! very delicious!

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Se ve delicioso, el mango le da frescura a los platos, Gracias por compartir

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Are those okura? They look great too!

Nice photos. Makes me hungry just looking at them. ;-)

yar share it with me