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minnow tip Are you missing the July boat at Goldmonkey fitinfun.jpg

Goldmonkey is an upvote bot that started in April this year. I found them in May because they run contests that go through the ContesKings program where no upvote, resteem or follow is needed to enter.

The idea of GoldMonkey is that it gets a slow drip of financial input each month. You can buy shares for 1 STEEM each, win them in the contests, or delegate.

Each time the month turns over, their algorithm changes at GoldMonkey. The people who bought in for the new month or delegate get a better upvote than those who only bought in during that past months.

Here is the algorithm for July:

goldmonkey splits fitinfun.PNG

Notice that people who bought in for July are getting four times the vote of people who bought in April. A share you bought in April still gets a vote. But the share for July gets a vote 4X more powerful.

And here is how it works out for some of the GoldMonkey supporters.

goldmonkey math fitinfun.PNG

I'm just showing one column of a chart they have on the daily posts. You can see the most recent full chart here:

The people in red signed up for this month or have delegated. Those in black are those who paid for membership on prior months, but not for July.

I will point out a few of the accounts now, so you can decipher the upvote value difference.

Example One for 5 shares

My @fitinfun account is red since I bought one share this month. My total shares are 5.
3 paid shares each for May, June and July
2 contest wins - one in May and one counted for July.

My upvote once per day will be at 19.25 power.

See above me for steemer @pedrocanella. He also has 5 shares. I do not know when he bought or won the shares he has now, but none of them are for July.

His upvote once per day will be at 8.56 power.

This is less than half of my value for the same number of shares.

Steemer @gerber also has five shares, and will get an upvote of 21.17 power. This is higher than my vote because the dates of purchase/win are more recent than mine in some way.

And just because I love these guys and they are right above my name, notice that @contestkings has ten times the shares as I do, but just gets 8 points more on the vote at 27.03 power.

Example Two for 15 shares

Two people have 15 shares in this snippet from the chart. Only one bought in this month and the difference show.

@jacuzzi bought in for July, and will get a vote with 32.22 power

@simonjay did not buy in for July, and will get a vote with 8.00 power.

When I found out about this program, I decided to buy one share each month and enter the contests. One Steem is worth about $0.35 USD right now. The added vote value is worth it to me. I also want to keep this great program going since the votes are very good!

My first @goldmonkey vote for July was 0.07. This is 2.10 a month and I will keep about 1.50 of that. Someone can tell me if that is a good deal for paying 3 STEEM over three months. I am pretty sure it is.

Yes, things will change after the bigs get their act together for the new fork. I do not have time to worry about that until it gets here and I will do an update post at that time.

STEEM is a game of pennies for most of us. We need to keep going and take a lot of small steps to succeed here. I think my GoldMonkey activity is very worthwhile and I will participate each month. I hope you will too.

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