Enter Contests on STEEM and Win!

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Entering contests on STEEM is one of my best strategies here. I normally enter many contests per week, and win often since you do not enter! So let’s take care of that now. Here are a lot of places you can enter with comments or posts.

Answer dpolls

Many contests are offered on dpolls daily and it is quick to enter them.

  • Go to dpoll.xyz.
  • Click to the ”new” tab and you will see the latest polls.
  • You need to login with steemconnect the first time you answer.
  • After answering a poll, click back two times, and you will be at the ”new” screen again.

Many contests say they are a contest in the title but not all. I usually answer any polls that interest me since the process is quick.

As you answer, a screen comes up for you to give additional comments. You can do this if you like or if the pollster has asked for it. If you have nothing further to say, just click through to register your vote.

If you do this once a day, going through the first couple of pages will get you all the open contests.

Sometimes dpolls or the pollster will upvote your comments too. You never know!

Become a Bounty Hunter at steem-bounty

Bounties are set on some posts at STEEM and reward your comments if you make good ones. If the bounty hunter (and/or other steemers) upvote your comments, you will get some of the bounty too.

  • go to https://steem-bounty.com/
  • start reading through the bounties to see which ones you can comment for.
  • make your good comment and hope for the best :)

Making a short comment that does not add to the topic is not going to get you a bounty.

The bounty payment comes at post payout, and will be in steem or sbd sent to your wallet. It’s always nice to see these when they come in!

I usually go through the “Expiring Soon” Bounty posts and start with those that are 5 days out. At 6 days, the author may have already gone through to upvote the comments. If the post already has many, many comments by that time, I probably will not answer unless I have something very interesting to say.

Check out the @contestkings daily post

Contests that qualify for the @contestkings post require:

  • no upvote
  • no resteem
  • no follow

So, you just need to comment for most of these. Sometimes a post is called for.

Go for sbi shares

I am a big believer in @steembasicincome. The sbi autovote is one of the biggest many of us get in steem. The more shares you have, the higher the vote for your posts.

@steembasicincome posts a roundup post for current contests a couple of times a week. Check this post out and enter where you can.

Post your restaurant reviews at tasteem

If you eat out, tasteem.io is the place for you! If you win or not, your qualified post will get a great upvote from tasteem. I have a lot of information about how to do the reviews here:
Tasteem Restaurant Reviews dApp before I used it
Tasteem Restaurant Reviews dApp with tips to do better

But, basically, a few photos, contact information, and your text about the restaurant and meal will payoff big. Interact with others posting tasteem reviews for even more rewards.

Enter CCC contests

CCC is an program initiated by @freedomshift. They have a number of contests each week that normally require a post. I am very new to this and do not have complete details. But even stumbling around, I have had wonderful results. Go over and enter a contest or two and see how you do. I think this will be a long term winner for me.

Enter your food pics to worldsdailyfood

The @worldsdailyfood contest is held daily with themes and sponsored by @travelsbyblue; Post two food photos for the theme, tell your location and camera and some information about the food, and you are in! Each contest runs until post payout.

Enter @qurator contests

Three contests are held each week by @qurator. In each, you can win a nice @qurator upvote to one of your most recent posts. All have slightly different rules so check out the call for entry posts to make sure you enter correctly.

  • tastytuesday
  • tossupthursday
  • photofriday

Enter freewritehouse contests

I hope you are a freewriter on steem, and if not, why not?! Answering the daily prompt by @mariannewest is the best way I know to become active and learn how to post on steem. So many nice people post there and you will get support and interaction on your work.

@freewritehouse runs contests often. On Tuesdays you can recommend your favorite freewrite and there is monthly Literary Talent Award with great prizes. There are more if you are good with video too.

Find Southern California Contests with @socalsteemit

This is great place for people with a Southern California connection. Comment if you know the weekly Mystery Photo and do a post for My California every week for great upvotesand possible wins!

More contests:

Here are a few more I know of. Go to the blog indicated and see if you can enter too.

  • fff by @foodfightfriday – your good food post can win!
  • wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay (not a contest, but randomly awards sbi)
  • zapfic by @felt.buzz – write a very short story and win.
  • micro-fiction contest by @jayna this is tied in with the Monday freewrite prompt.
  • fruitsandveggiesmonday by @vegansofsteemit. Your vegan post can be a winner here.
  • @steemexplorers – runs several daily contests. Very worth the effort.
  • @rentmoney is always running very interesting contests.
  • the Engagement League of @abh12345 is a goodplace to learn how to curate and engage and meet other great steemers. Drop a commentthat you want in, and you are in!
  • @self-track is the contest blog for @revisesociology with many good contests each week.
  • @coingecko runs occasional contests for sp delegation. I love these guys, use their awesome site for coin research, and and enter their contests when I can.
  • @amico has contests on his posts many times a week for sbi shares.
  • @pifc runs the Pay it Forward contest and Pimp Your Post. both great places to enter each week.
  • @improv runs Punday Monday
  • @aejackson - Loyalty contest
  • @whatisnew - Thursday Butterfly Day
  • @deemarshall - Many Artstorm contests for the artists among us.

I have almost everyone mentioned on this post set up on my ginabot notifications to know when their new posts come out. This timesaver is highly recommended!

This contest list is long, but not complete! I hope people will comment with contests I have missed. But this should be enough to get you going and make your STEEM time more rewarding.

Best of luck to you, and please comment with any questions or help for the rest of us.

= =

Minnow Tips!

My April 2019 Minnow Tips Update Series:

Part One - General Ideas of how to do better on STEEM
Part Two - Places to comment for Upvotes and More Goodies
Part Three - Who will upvote my posts when I am new on STEEM?
Part Four - How Can I Solve My Low RC Problem on STEEM?
Part Five - Using @dustsweeper on STEEM
You are reading Part Six!

Here is my last big minnow tips post before the update if you struggle here at steem.

These tips can help you even if you are not new.
Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

Contents of the Above Post

What should I do EACH DAY on STEEM with low power?

What to do with your STEEM

Are you shooting blanks with your votes?

Should you use an autovoter?

Join qurator

Do not post to nowhere

Why bother to comment?

How and Why to use kryptonia

How to get Upvotes

For Twitter Users

How and Why to lease delegated sp

Curation Trails

Using Discord

= =

dApp Reviews

All recommended!
Share2Steem with Twitter Tips

Tasteem Restaurant Reviews dApp before I used it
Tasteem Restaurant Reviews dApp with tips to do better

And here is an update on @fitinfunfood. I just started this blog in Jan 2019, so you can find out what I am doing to grow my new baby here:
fitinfunfood Update Post

More about using SBI:


Great post from @brittandjosie, with all kinds of help for new people. Definitely worth clicking every link!

Hey Have You Met!

Please Help Me Keep Helping at STEEM

Please follow my blogs:

@bxlphabet is my son's blog, and I am so grateful he has returned.

We all post on Busy most days, where their upvote for us is based on the collective SP of our followers. We all follow back, because we love you. This is the power of STEEM.

Put my blogs on your curation trail


I login to magic-dice daily and roll one time. Is this giving me luck and good fortune? Join me and try for yourself!

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I am currently running a little contest in the lead up to #spud which is the brainchild of @streetstyle.

If you follow the directions, basically power-up any amount of STEEM and copy paste the comment "I've got skin in the game" I will send 0.1 SP to your account. No, upvote, resteem, or follow required!

Yes, this is a small amount, and it is SP so you can't use it for a while. I am trying to encourage powering up and am rewarding it with a small power-up for you :-)

My post can also be found under #skininthegame

Thank you for letting us know here, @steemstreems. This is a great idea and I hope many will take part :)

It's all small here in the beginning. If you do not get the small stuff the big will never come!

I hope so too. Even though it costs me actual STEEM that I will not be able to power-up myself.. I want to get others in the mind frame of powering-up going into #spud !

I'm tagging you in this comment since you interacted on one of my recent minnow tips posts and so I think this one might help too. Please let me know if you no longer wish to be tagged. I missed doing this on the last couple posts, so you might look at those as well :)


Thanks a lot, these were really useful!
I already kept an eye on contest kings to earn some sweet SBIs but it seems that there are lots of ways to get support.

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Free STEEM and stuff!!!

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Not exactly free. You have to follow rules and then get picked to win. But it happens a lot if you enter a lot :)

OMG! There are so many contest that I am not aware of. Thank you for sharing this valuable info @fitinfun. I will sure look into it and try out the available contest.

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Yes, it's crazy how many ther eare, @beverlyjoe. Just put time in every day, and you will win many over time, for sure :)

What a valuable experience is! They are the treasures for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Can I translate your post in my language for my community?

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Please do! I would be so happy for that help, @aggamun. Please notify me so I can take a look and upvote. You make my day, and have fun entering!

Great information once again, thanks for the tag👍

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You're welcome! Thank you so much for resteeming, @crypt-skip, and have fun entering!

You are welcome👍👍👍👍

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