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In order to succeed on STEEM, do not check your email, your notifications, social media or anything else until your first STEEM post of the day is posted.


Because you are not a STEEM blogger unless you blog.

If you start doing other things, you might not even get your post done at all.

If you have daily upvoters, you will not get their votes.

If someone stops to see your blog they may not think you are active here.

Your presence on STEEM will suffer in every way.

I post on three blog here:

My goal is is 2-4 posts a day for fitinfun. 1-3 posts a day for the other two blogs. This amounts to approximately 50 posts a week on my best weeks.

At the lowest end – 3 posts a day times 7 days is 21 posts a week
At the highest end – 7 posts a day times 7 days is 49 posts a week

Last time I checked I had 41 active posts in my pipeline, so I’m getting close to my upper goal. If I am sick or traveling, I’m going to be at the lower end.

It’s important to spread all these posts out. I have people who autovote me, and some of these people vote for all three blogs. So I do not want to flood them with 6 posts in 3 hours, although every once in while I do.

I never post less than two hours after a post has gone out on any blog, and prefer at least three hours to go by.

Here is the structure I am working with to get my posts out.

I only post on dApps that give upvotes for my work because I am not stupid. These are the dApps I use for each account in the order I use them:


  • share2steem
  • esteem
  • busy
  • nTopaz


  • share2steem
  • esteem
  • tasteem
  • busy
  • dlike


  • share2steem
  • esteem
  • dpoll
  • busy

All of the dApps I use pay in upvotes most of the time. Sometimes they fail to upvote for whatever reason, but I usually can count of that vote. Each dApp has requirements in order to get the votes, so I fulfill those.

I’m basically cycling through these dApps at all times. I never post more than once a day to any of them, since they will only autovote me once a day.

Keeping it together to get the posts out.


For share2steem on all three blogs, I tweet some good post I see on steem and then it appears on my blog. By this action, I end up promoting a fellow steemer in two places and this leads to wonderful results.

I watch for posts I want to promote at all times on STEEM and hope I have something to tweet when the time comes for each blog. I keep the posts I find to promote open in one of my many windows so I do not have to search for them later.

GENERALLY I am promoting:

  • contests
  • @freewritehouse and freewrite related posts (because I love them.)
  • Interesting new information to help us all do better on steem
  • Any good post I like that does not have a good post payout so far.

I can do all three share2steem posts in 20 minutes if I have all my ducks in a row first. But normally they are not all ready to be done at the same time due to the 24 hour rule and my own timing issues.

My goal is one share2steem post each 24 hours for all three blogs, but I am not always able to make it. If I have 5 share2steems on each blog each week, I am happy. My posts for share2steem always get upvotes, and a few times a week they get the “big” trail and then have a better reward.


Esteem is the second dApp I post with on each blog. I get a dependable excellent 6% upvote and trail votes when I do this. Esteem is manually curated every single time, so you need to have a good post. My criteria for a good post is over 200 words of text, and good interest in the post. Usually I have a poster for the post, but sometimes only photos. The topics I post to esteem are:


  • minnow tips
  • freewrite
  • photo posts with a good amount of text
  • appropriate contest entries


  • worldsdailyfood posts
  • freewrite when the topic is food related
  • ccc posts
  • appropriate contest entries


  • lyrics challenge posts
  • dApp related post which are not dpolls


My third post for fitinfun is usually with the busy dApp. I do not use it as much on the other two blogs. The reason for this is that busy gives upvotes based on the collective sp of your followers. Fitinfun has a lot of high powered followers. The other two blogs do not.

Busy is an automatic upvote and is not curated by a human. So I can post 1 photo contest entries and short posts there for fitinfun. I enter a few contests a week like that. If the contest only wants a photo and does not care about the description, I post with busy. This would not be good for an esteem post.


I mention nTopaz as a place I post for fitinfun, but I have not done it yet. This is a new art dApp I just found out about, and I think I will migrate the art posts mentioned above over here soon. In my brief look so far, it seems like nTopaz is the place for those one photo contest entry posts now and they give good upvotes!


Specifically for @fitinfunfood, I use @tasteem for restaurant reviews a few times a week. This dApp is amazing. I get great upvotes and engagement and so many other benefits.

But tasteem posts are hard and take a long time for me and I need to do better. I could potentially post 7 tasteem reviews a week, and I am woefully below that goal.


Also for fitinfunfood, I post dlike posts which give links to current news about food. This is another place I need to kick it up a notch.


Bxlphabet posts with dpoll a few times a week. These posts are about steem dApps themselves as they appear on the ranking of The State of The dApps site.

So far bxlphabet has posted 20 of these polls to absolutely fantastic results. Aside from good post payouts and great engagement, the learning curve has been awesome and this is why I know to use many of these dApps now. Win, win win.

In Conclusion

Could I get all this done if I was futzing around in my email and checking fb and twitter? No! This is why it is very important to me to get my first posts out first, and then keep going from there.

I do have many other STEEM tasks not listed here I will go into in another post. But if I do not have posts on my blogs, the rest of what I do would be much less effective.

= =

Minnow Tips!

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Here is my last big minnow tips post before the update if you struggle here at steem.

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= =

dApp Reviews

All recommended!
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And here is an update on @fitinfunfood. I just started this blog in Jan 2019, so you can find out what I am doing to grow my new baby here:
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More about using SBI:

Great post from @brittandjosie, with all kinds of help for new people. Definitely worth clicking every link!

Hey Have You Met!

Please Help Me Keep Helping at STEEM

Please follow my blogs:

@bxlphabet is my son's blog, and I am so grateful he has returned.

We all post on Busy most days, where their upvote for us is based on the collective SP of our followers. We all follow back, because we love you. This is the power of STEEM.

Put my blogs on your curation trail


I login to magic-dice daily and roll one time. Is this giving me luck and good fortune? Join me and try for yourself!

= =

fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg

How is your journey to better health going?

Is your fitness equipment out handy? Are you on a "diet?" Soon we will be in Bathing Suit Season. Are you ready?

I lost "Half My Size" eight years ago by using natural methods. No tricks, just doing a bit better every day. I started on October 10 one year, and did not give up. Four years later, on October 5th, there I was - thin and healthy for the first time in my life. You can do it too!

This is Sharon @fitinfun. I am posting:

  • Healthy Food Ideas on @fitinfunfood

  • Motivation Minnow Tips and Everything Else on @fitinfun

  • @bxlphabet is posting Southern California, dpolls and song lyrics.

Please follow along or contact me directly if you would like some individual help with weight loss and health. Anyone can do this if I did.


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Damn Sharron! You are all about it. I just use steem auto, set it and forget it.

On another note I'm looking to take my "Travel Pro" brand to another level. I was wondering if maybe you'd be interested in teaming up with me.

If you want to discuss some of my ideas or have some of your own on monetize my stuff, hit me up on skype.


I'm heading to Ecuador tomorrow, and come Monday I'll be doing a 9-5 ish kind of work schedule, for about 3 weeks. So I'm going to try to take my little biz I've got going here and put into expansion mode, during this time frame.

Hope you are well. Talk soon.

Of course I would be glad to put our heads together. BUT!
I cannot go on skype, discord or any other real-time app now. My Malaysian wifi is the current biggest tragedy of my life. It cycles and cuts out and makes communication impossible. I'm glad to talk on email if you want to go that route.

Have fun in Ecuador. Jealous!

Ok. Sharron. I thought you would be interested :) I'll email you some time next week once I get settled into Ecuador. If your internet situation changes let me know.

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