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I had no idea how much I was leaving on the table here at STEEM until I recently added @dustsweeper to my toolkit. This is very easy to do. Just send any amount of STEEM/SBD to the dustsweeper wallet and you are in! You do not need to send much to get results. I sent 1 SBD and it lasted quite some time.

I have three blogs here and just started using @dustsweeper on all of them about a month ago. I should have done so much earlier. I get those dust sweeping votes almost daily on all three blogs since I comment like crazy with each one of them. I have already sent more SBD on two of the blogs.

Dustsweeper checks daily to see if you have “dust” votes on any comments or posts that are close to payout. The dust threshold is somewhere under 0.02 in vote value and if you are below that number, you will not get the reward. It goes back to the reward pool and neither you nor the person who voted for you gets any benefit.

when you have a dust vote about ready to be lost, @dustsweeper takes enough from what you sent them so that the vote value DOES go to you as well to your upvoter who then gets the curation reward.

Why would you want to do this?

You are not making a “profit” on this activity. In fact, you are giving money to the person who voted for you. So why does this make sense?

This reward is an author reward to you. Author rewards give you more sp each time you get them. The amount may not be large, but it adds up. And when you have a new account, the more the better.

This reward will not come to you at all unless is exceeds the dust threshold.

If you do not do much commenting or replying, this strategy might not make sense for you. You can start with a small amount to see how it goes.

Sometimes I get up to 3 dustsweeper votes on one day on the blog that is the most active! I am really happy to give that curation reward to the small person who voted for me when that is the case. A lot of use cannot vote at a level above dust, even at 100%.

But another surprising thing is how many "bigs" are voting comments for dust values. Who knew! Apparently those XXXXX sp votes at 1% were less than I thought. I'm not one to analyze votes here, but this has been quite an eye-opener. Those big guys need help too, and I am glad to provide. Maybe some good karma will come my way.

I joined the discord for @dustsweeper. They have a room there where you can check your balance. They will also tell you in a comment when your balance is getting low. You can read their post here to give you more information and a link for discord if you want to join.

@dustsweeper is a winner for me and I will make sure it always has money on it now. I want as much sp as I can get and the more author rewards I have, the better I feel to be working here on STEEM. Give it @dustsweeper a try and see if you like it too.

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Those little dust votes help a lot in the long run! Thanks for highlighting this @fitinfun.

i think so too. We need all the dust we can get!

Thanks for the tip I gave it a try. Hope I did it in the right way.
Discord does not work with me so I guess I will never find out how or what.

Btw there is also a Dust bunny I believe

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, I should have mentioned dustbunny too, but I have not looked into it. You will get a wallet message to let you know they got your money. then a reply when you run low. I think you can benefit as active as you are, @wakeupkitty.

Okay I will wait for the message then and later have a look at dustbunny if it hops by.

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Hello mam suppose we transfer 1 steem to them so how much rewards we can expect to occure more then 1steem or less..

Posted using Partiko Android

The give very little per vote - just enough to get you over the dust level. So that 1 steem is a lot. You could give .5 steem to see how it goes. Just check in discord after you get the first few votes. Not all votes are the same - none are the same, really.

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