Which dApps have the best payouts on STEEM?

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I have been doing research into STEEM dApps and came across a list of the Top 50 Tags for payouts by @boddhistats. This list comes out weekly, and you can see the most recent full list here:


Among all of the 50 on the list, a lot of them are for various STEEM dApps. I pulled those out and made the chart you see below. I have it sorted by the last column, which is "Rewards/Post" voted. I am pretty excited to look at these results.

top 50 tags dapps.PNG

My thoughts and knowledge about these dApps

The top tag, uptopian.io is for people who dig into the technical matters of STEEM and so is out of my reach.

The second is tasteem, where I post with fitinfunfood, and look at how great that dApp is doing!

Tasteem is number 9 of all the tags in the list of 50, and number 2 in post payout. My post have been paying at the high end of $3 and know I have a goal to get them over $4! I am not sure how I will do that, but I am dreaming now :)

The next tag nTopaz, was already on my list to check out. This is a new dApp that supports art posts, and I have been seeing some great payouts with people who use it. I guess so! I will be sure to look into nTopaz further very soon!

I do not post videos, so dtube is not for me.

I use busy on my fitinfun blog, and get a good vote from them there.

Dsound is for musicians.

SteemPress is for those who have a WordPress blog.

When I post to steemmonsters and promote with their discord, I do get a good upvote.

I have not used appics or steemhunt.

I do use esteem, and get agreat upvote from them on most posts from this dApp.

Actifit is for people who will carry their phone with them while walking or doing other active moves, and gives a good upvote if you get over 5000 "steps" in one day.

Partiko is also on the phone and a lot of people seem to love it. They have a token that can be ued for STEEM upvotes.

I use share2steem with twitter most days and it works well for me.

I use dlike on fitinfunfood. I use it to sharegood food posts from roundtheweb. The upvote is not too bad.

I have not heard of tripsteem before.

What do you think? Are you using some of these dApps for your posts? If you have the right content, I think they are all worth a try.

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Maybe i should try dtube again

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