Your Comments Make Money on STEEM if You Make Them

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Here are some steemers I know that upvote comments on their posts and/or reward them in other ways. Get on it people! We are not here for our health.

He travels the world and you can watch. Dan upvotes most good comments on all of his amazing posts. Enter his “guess the price” post daily and maybe you will win.

Get help with the English language here in the form of vocab exercises each day. Write the sentences and learn something. All of his other posts are awesome too. James upvotes most good comments on most of his posts.

Runs contests for sbi on his actifit reports. Answer his interesting questions to win.

Talks about deep subject and upvotes good comments.

Dan is a huge steembooster who gives tasks to grow the platform. Do them and get fat upvotes.

Keep up with these people daily:

Get money for all upvoted comments:

Sometimes people upvote your comments, but it is not enough to count. Use @dustsweeper and get sbd/sp when people vote your comments but at too low of an amount to register in STEEM. Send a small amount STEEM or SBD to @dustsweeper. That’s all!!

See the Dustsweeper FAQ and do it!

Check the dustsweeper wallet to see the other smart people doing this. I just started and should have done it years ago.

This is Part 2 of my ongoing series to help us little guys get into the money here.

We have three currencies on STEEM. This is only a partial list of ideas that help me earn sbd, steem and sp. Do all these things and tell me how it goes in the comments below. Or tell me why you cannot do this and won't.

Read Part 1 to get up to speed:

Part 3 is coming….

= =

Minnow tips!

Here is my latest minnow tips post if you struggle here at steem.

These tips can help you even if you are not new.
Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

Contents of the Above Post

What should I do EACH DAY on STEEM with low power?

What to do with your STEEM

Are you shooting blanks with your votes?

Should you use an autovoter?

Join qurator

Do not post to nowhere

Why bother to comment?

How and Why to use kryptonia

How to get Upvotes

For Twitter Users

How and Why to lease delegated sp

Curation Trails

Using Discord

= =

dApp Reviews

All recommended!
Share2Steem with Twitter Tips

Tasteem Restaurant Reviews dApp before I used it
Tasteem Restaurant Reviews dApp with tips to do better

And here is an update on @fitinfunfood. I just started this blog in Jan 2019, so you can find out what I am doing to grow my new baby here:
fitinfunfood Update Post

I am updating my minnow tips these days:

More about using SBI:

Great post from @brittandjosie, with all kinds of help for new people. Definitely worth clicking every link!

Hey Have You Met!

Please Help Me Keep Helping at STEEM

Please follow my blogs:

@bxlphabet is my son's blog, and I am so grateful he has returned.

We all post on Busy most days, where their upvote for us is based on the collective SP of our followers. We all follow back, because we love you. This is the power of STEEM.

Put my blogs on your curation trail


If you delegate sp - you can go to @minnowbooster. One of the blogs always has an offer there at about 14% apr, and we are all very grateful if you delegate to us.

I login to magic-dice daily and roll one time. Is this giving me luck and good fortune? Join me and try for yourself!

= =

bxlphabet fitinfun before and after.jpg

How is your journey to better health going?

Is your fitness equipment out handy? Are you on a "diet?" Soon we will be in Bathing Suit Season. Are you ready?

I lost "Half My Size" eight years ago by using natural methods. No tricks, just doing a bit better every day. I started on October 10 one year, and did not give up. Four years later, on October 5th, there I was - thin and healthy for the first time in my life. You can do it too!

This is Sharon @fitinfun. I am posting:

  • Healthy Food Ideas on @fitinfunfood

  • Motivation Minnow Tips and Everything Else on @fitinfun

  • @bxlphabet is posting Southern California, steemmonsters and dtube videos.

Please follow along or contact me directly if you would like some individual help with weight loss and health. Anyone can do this if I did.


I'm tagging you here because you commented on my last minnow tips post. Please take a look at this one too, or let me know to stop tagging you. I am on a roll!


Love the posts! I'm learning.

Thank you @fitinfun.
For including me in your list.
I always review the mentions in
So I'll be aware.

Great tips @fitinfun :) Thank you for an informative post. :) I will surely follow these amazing Steemians . I'll check them out later.

Awesome advices again! I have been following @amico and @theycallmedan for a while now and they are great indeed. Will check on the others too. Dustsweeper sounds like a good initiative. (Right now I'm not near my pc to do further research, but will :) )

I encourage and ask you to keep tagging me in these posts - I don't wanna miss 'em!

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Wonderful, @goodguymate - you are in! The price is up and we are in the right place for blogging!

thanks for tagging me @fitinfun you have been so helpful 😁

So glad to help! Just keep going :)

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Good tip but not all of them do so with everyone at least not with me.

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Which ones are good/bad for you, @wakeupkitty?

Oh sorry I meant not all Steemians you mentioned do upvote comments

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Which ones are you not getting votes from, @wakeupkitty? I checked and I see they do upvote.

Perhaps with you they all do not with me.

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Well, maybe you got them on a day they missed, or there is something wrong with your comments. Please let me know specifics in case I need to stop recommending the person, but I'm seeing votes when I scroll posts. I am not commenting myself for the last couple of weeks - too busy :)

I think one of these persons does not like me because I do not always agree with what he writes.

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This is a "feel good" kind of place. It's best to avoid controversy for sure.

Howdy there fitinfun! great recommendations as always!

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