How and Why I Help @FreeWriteHouse Grow on STEEM

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May 2019 is GrowTheFreewriteHouse Month on STEEM, and I have been doing my part as best I can. I try to grow @freewritehouse all the time, since I believe in this project, but I have done a few extra things this month and only wish I had done more!

This post is in answer to a contest put on by my fellow freewriter, Bruce He is a big steem-booster too and I am very thankful to get this opportunity. If you are promoting freewritehouse, you should definitely enter this contest:

How I help freewritehouse grow

It is hard for me to separate what I have done this month, and what I do all the time, so here is a big list with info about the steps I take and notes about what happened this month. Please note that I post on three blogs:

@fitinfun is my most established blog and does most of the effort shown below
@fitifunfood is my food blog and freewrites when the topic is food related.
@bxlphabet is my son’s blog and mostly promotes instead of freewriting directly.

All of my blogs are on Twitter and we have different audiences out there. We also have different followers on STEEM. So when I promote with one of the blogs, I reach a different audience than when promoting with the other two.

Helping freewrite be a vibrant community on steem

My theory for this part of my "How" activity is that the more people freewriting, the better.

I freewrite most days

I enter contests and challenges with most of my posts on steem. There is nothing worse than someone trying to make something happen and then no one participating. So, I think it is important to freewrite daily, even when the prompt is crazy. Once I get going, I can usually come up with something to say without trouble.

I remember to drop my post in the freewrite prompt post most days!

What good is writing for the prompt if no one knows you did it? We are encouraged to drop our links after writing, and this helps in so many ways to keep us all together. Plus, sometimes someone upvotes those comments, so you never know!

I comment on the freewrite posts of others

I do my best to comment on freewrites that I read. I cannot do this all the time, but I try to interact few a few each day.

I support freewritehouse adoptees

Most weeks, freewritehouse has an adoptee who is listed on each prompt post for that week. I really like the idea of supporting new people for a week of special attention and try to get to the posts of freewritehouse adoptees each day as I freewrite. That little bit of extra help can be so encouraging.

I am the @freewritehouse “Reminder Lady” for Sunday

I am the person who reminds you to freewrite again if you wrote for the Sunday prompt and have not written another freewrite by the time I get to you. This is supposed to be 24 hours later when the Monday prompt is published, but I am not perfect and you might hear from me much later in the week if you have still not written again! We have other freewriters doing this task for the other days of the week, and I really appreciate it when I get my reminder.

When I’m in my reminding mode, I read the freewrite the person wrote, comment, and sometimes upvote. Often this leads to further conversation, and often the person comes back to freewriting.

I tell others about freewrite

I recommend writing freewrites to people often. If I see an old steemer lacking motivation, I suggest they freewrite to get their mojo back. If I see a new writer on steem, I suggest they freewrite for visibility and connections. I probably do this at least five times a week with any of my blogs as I see likely candidates to join us.

STEEM Money and @freewritehouse

My vote is small, and my resources are few, but I do what I can to support @freewritehouse financially.

I upvote the freewrites of others

Most of my freewrite votes go to newer freewriters and those with lower reps ndpost payouts. I know how hard it is to get going on steem, so I try to support new people as best I can. My small votes matters to someone who does not get much payout, so I try to make it count.

I upvote @mariannewest posts

I have Marianne on my auto-voter and I am so happy to support her posts. Without Marianne we would not have freewrite at all. Again, my vote is small, but she gets it daily.

I upvote freewritehouse posts

I do not have @freewritehouse on my auto-voter, but I manually upvote since I’m over there most days. I do have this on my list to fix and will soon be auto-voting there too. I know I am going to vote anyway, so why not do it early and get a better curation reward?

I upvote and interact with the VZ Freewriters

We have a small list of freewriters from Venezuela and they write under very difficult conditions. I check on them a couple of times a week and upvote and comment where I can.

I bought sbi shares for @freewritehouse

One of the options for supporting @freewritehouse this month was to purchase sbi shares to help them (and me!) get a bigger vote on our posts. I bit the bullet and bought 20 sbi shares with my @fitinfunfood account when this opportunity came about. You can see me on the list on this post.

Could I afford this? No! But I knew I would do it anyway, and ended up getting 3 more sbi shares from other sponsors of @freewritehouse.

I am a big believer in sbi and go after shares whenever I can. I have close to 500 shares between the 3 blogs and most of those have been won in contests. Many of those winnings are from freewritehouse. SBI already gives me good and reliable upvotes and now all that has to happen is for the STEEM price to cooperate :)

I tweet for @freewritehouse

We have steemers on Twitter who may not know about @freewritehouse or may just need a reminder to get back in and write. I also have over 1500 authors in my Twitter connections who are not on steem. I use common tags for that group and hope they will be interested in joining us.

Both @bxlphabet and I have artist connections on Twitter, and @fitinfunfood has – foodies! So I tweak my tweets to try to reach those people when it makes sense.

I tweet good freewrites

When a freewrite strikes my heart, I will tweet it for others to see.

I tweet freewrite prompt posts

I do this once a week or so and should do it more often. (On my list now!)

I tweet freewritehouse posts

I tweet out the contest calls and other news from freewritehouse.

I use the @share2steem dApp for a few @freewritehouse posts a month

I am a power user of share2steem on all three blogs, and use this dApp to post about 5 times a week to promote the work of others on steem. A few times a month my share2steem on each blog is related to freewritehouse.

This is a very easy post that both tweets AND puts the post on my blog. It is one of the best promos I do on steem and I highly recommend it for anyone. Here is a post telling you how I do this trick!

Share2Steem with Twitter Tips

Contests on @freewritehouse

I enter the “Tell us About a Favorite Freewrite” Contest weekly

Each Tuesday through Thursday, we have the chance to recommend a favorite freewrite from someone else. I enter this contest most weeks and win an upvote or sbi share at least half of the time. I used to be one of few in this contest each week, but it is growing, so come on down!

This freewrite contest post is one of the posts I often promote on Twitter, since you do not have to be a freewriter to enter. I hope to bring other steemers in to freewriting through this effort, and I have!

I also promote the recap post that describes and lists out all of the week’s recommendations. Often I visit the recommendations and the steemers who made the recommendations, and upvote posts with low payouts.

I enter the @freewritehouse Literary Talent Contest when I like my work

The Literary Talent Contest is open to all steemians and runs monthly. I try to enter once a week, but at least enter each month. I’m a writer, so I hope I have something I am proud to enter at least once a month! Here is the recent contest post for you to drop your links for your great writing too.

Why I support @freewritehouse

All of the above is “How” I support Freewritehouse. Now here are the reasons why!

I am a writer

I have been a writer since the age of five. I have written in all my jobs over the years, write for fun, have blogged for many years, and have four books published on Amazon. I do not write fiction or read it much.

So freewrite is perfect for me. I can write my prose, memories, how to, or anything else that comes to mind. This is such a blessing for me and often gets my creative juices flowing.

Freewrite has a great community

My freewriting friends are some of the best I have on steem. I can count on readers for my freewrites, comments, and support with upvotes and/or advice. I value these many great connections and hope I never lose them.

Excellent help for redfish and minnows to figure out how to post on steem.

Posting on steem is hard for everyone when they are new. The technical issues are many and the only way to learn is to post.

I have watched MANY people go from posting their freewrite in a comment when that is all they can do, to posting non-formatted posts with no media, to formatting and finally creating excellent posts we would all be proud to publish.

Through it all, other more experienced freewriters are helping, cheering, and supporting the new person as they learn.

Freewriting in a great way to learn how to post daily

Freewriting is the best way I know for a new steem blogger who writes to get going here with a daily post. You cannot be a steem blogger if you do not blog, and this is a wonderful way to spend a short time getting out a reliable post.

How many times have you seen a post with a steemer being sad that a post took hours to produce and got no attention? With freewrite the 15 - 30 minutes of effort creates a post that DOES get attention.

Freewritehouse is a place to post no matter what

On days or times with no inspiration and little time, a freewrite can be a life saver so you get your post done for the day without having to come up with your own idea.

Especially for those of us with people auto-voting us, a daily post is critical to financial success on steem. If a steemer has me set up to vote for one post a day and I do not post that day, I do not get the vote. Freewriting daily solves this problem forever.

Seeing great developments from others

I love seeing the growth in fellow freewriters. It’s wonderful to read a freewrite after a person struggled to write a thing! Often the first few freewrites are all about how hard it is to freewrite. Then one day, BOOM! The person is in the groove and writing great work.

I am lucky to read amazing work from freewriters

You never know when a freewrite will cut into your heart. When new or old, freewriters often write amazing work in such a short time. You can see the proof of this in curation posts by @c-cubed and @curie. I review both of those efforts to make comments, and I am thrilled to see freewriters in both places often.

Freewritehouse inspires me

Some of our freewriters are published authors now and others have started doing videos. The accomplishments of my freewriting friends gives me strength and courage to go for my own dreams as well.

@mariannewest made me do it!

I already knew Marianne on other platforms before steem. When she started the freewrite idea over a year and a half ago, I was not really interested, but Marianne’s incessant requests made me give in and try. I feel so fortunate to have that happen to improve my steem life. Lucky, lucky me.

In Conclusion

Whew! It may seem like I do a lot, but the funny thing is, I skip a lot too! I have poor wifi now and do not look at any video. This has become a part of freewritehouse while passing me by!

I’m really glad to have this opportunity to review my work for freewritehouse. Now I am inspired to do more if I can.

Go FreeWriteHouse, and may we thrive together for many years to come!

= =

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Thank you so much for all you do for us!! Really, really appreciated!!

Late to replies - but I am on the hunt for more writers now. I think doubling this number should not be hard and will pay off in many ways.

Wow! This is super comprehensive, and I can definitely tell how passionate you are writing for the FreeWriteHouse! Love it!!

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Freewrite is one of the best places I post and I encourage everyone to try!

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