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My @ginabot review is a rave! I love Gina and I do not know how I survived on steem without her. I have been getting the notifications for about 3 weeks now and my entire steem life has changed for the better.

This is not a "How To" post, but basically you take these steps to set @ginabot up:

  • Join her Discord
  • Register to get an account
  • Set up your notifications
  • Done!

Here are two posts I found to give you all the technical details of how to take those steps. They are both excellent and nothing has changed.

How to Use Ginabot by @ilyastarar

Ginabot How To by @dynamicgreentk

Once you get to the point of registering and can see the setup screen, you will be able to follow along with the choices I have made below.

The only thing I will add is to keep the url for your setup screen somewhere. You can always get it back in Discord, but I have it in a text file with my other million things I need for steem and that is easier for me.

You will see below I make changes regularly, so I do not want to have to keep getting my url from Discord.

Here are the @ginabot notifications I have set up and my reasons why.

I am not taking advantage of all of the aspects of Gina. For example, I do not want to know each time someone votes for me. Some of my posts get trail voters with literally hundreds of votes a week for 0.00. This would not be a helpful notification! If I could find out when I get votes over a certain value only, I would take it!

But for now this is what I do.

These appear in the order you will see them on the set up screen. I am skipping all the places I do not use.


This notification tells you when someone comments on any of your posts. I want to reply to all comments I get, and now it is so much easier to do this task. I used to check my posts to see if I missed comments and replies from people and now I do not have to!

I believe this set up also gives me a notification when anyone replies to any of my comments anywhere - not just on my own posts. This is a great help to me.

I make 30-50 comments each day, so getting these notifications has improved my life so much. No more do I have to dig through my comment feed to see if anyone replied. This was many hours a work a month. Thank You Gina!
1gina comments.PNG


I decided to set up weekly notifications for my curation rewards and author rewards. This could be instant, daily, or monthly, but I decided to use this to track weekly results for a few months at least. I have not received a report yet. When I do, I will take this information to a spreadsheet and track it there.

2gina rewards.PNG

Mentions and Resteems

This notification tells me when anyone tags me in a post or reply anywhere. I write minnow tips posts and sometimes people send them to others. Now I know when that happens and I can go see if the other person needs help.

You can see I also have my second blog and my son's blog in this area so I can keep up there too.

Resteems are good to know about and I did not check this before Gina. I only knew someone resteemed me if I saw myself on their feed! Now I can go thank them right when they do it.

3gina mentions resteems.PNG


I want to know who follows me and unfollows me. I am so happy to see this in real time now. The only thing I wish was in the notification was a note to tell me if I already follow that person. Now I just click the notification and go check.

I follow anyone who follows me and now I can do it quickly and easily and check out their blog at the same time. If they are new, I can send them my minnow tips.
4gina follows.PNG

New Posts

This is a miracle. I enter a lot of contests on steem and hate to miss them. Some of them only take the first few replies and I want to be one of them if I can be.

I also have some people that I want to see their posts when they come out. I used to have a list of people to check on and this is so much easier.

This new post function is the biggest reason I need to get my setup url quickly. I am now adding people here as I see them during my day. I sure enter a lot of contests! I am going to miss few of them now that I will see their posts as they come out.

The list you see here is actually much longer already, and will get longer still.
5gina new posts.PNG

Benefits of Gina

  • MUCH less clicking around to check of aspects of my blog
  • Quick information right as it happens
  • A lot of notifications in the morning so I do not have to check ten things
  • A bit of the text of the post appears in the notification so I know what it is about and do not have to go it. For example, if someone is ending a conversation or acknowledging a contest entry, I do not have to go to that comment.


  • I get distracted and check Gina too often. I think this will get better with time.
  • I get many notifications I really do not need. A few people tag me in all of their posts. So I get a notification whenever they post. There is a way to mute those people on Gina, but I do not want to.

I need to train myself to not look at everything just as it happens. Many notifications I get can wait, but I still click a lot.


  • Can I add more blogs to one @ginabot account? I run two for myself and help my son @bxlphabet with his. My son can set up his own, but do I need a second discord for my second account? For a new blog, @fitinfunfood gets a lot of action since it is about food and I enter a lot of contests with it.


  • I love @ginabot.
  • I think anyone on steem can benefit.
  • My time savings is huge.
  • My time savings will increase as I adjust to this miracle.
  • My contest entries will increase as I miss less of them.

@ginabot is a big win!

= =
My post is for the #Blindtest: Ginabot Contest by @blind-spot. There will be another contest for a different steem dapp next week, so you can enter too.

= =

Minnow tips!

Here is my latest minnow tips post if you struggle here at steem. These tips can help you even if you are not new.
Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

Contents of the Above Post

What should I do EACH DAY on STEEM with low power?

What to do with your STEEM

Are you shooting blanks with your votes?

Should you use an autovoter?

Join qurator

Do not post to nowhere

Why bother to comment?

How and Why to use kryptonia

How to get Upvotes

For Twitter Users

How and Why to lease delegated sp

Curation Trails

Using Discord

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If you can "only" offer encouragement and good wishes - It is enough.

If you can do more and think my presence here has value, I hope and pray you will.

This is the power of STEEM.

= =

bxlphabet fitinfun before and after.jpg

Statistics say that only 5% of people with health resolutions for the New Year will still be on track after Super Bowl Sunday. Is your fitness equipment still out handy, and are you still on a "diet?"

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Please follow along or contact me directly if you would like some individual help with weight loss and health. Anyone can do this if I did.

And be sure to fitinfun no matter what.


I see you're using a lot of the advanced features! You're definitely not technologically impaired! Very nice review, @fitifun! :-)

Haha! Tell that to my son, @bxlphabet. I am really not tech-y at all. But I thought this was pretty intuitive. At first I did not set up the new posts section or the reward reports but then I realized how helpful they would be. It's all a big learning curve for me here. I see you wrote a post for this too, and I will go look. Thank you for stopping by and good luck to both of us :)

We're all winners this week. 🙌

I saw that. What is up with people?

Could you watch the videos? I cannot from here, so I do not know what they say.

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I wonder if this is helpful to me. The dapp partiko is telling me already about every comment, when I am mentioned, each upvote etc and I do find it distracting.

I do not care if someone unfollows me. Following, follower or not it says nothing.

Daily I respond to many not on my list of followers.
I use the partiko list to respond to all, but also visiting those who's name is not familiar to me.

Perhaps gina is good to help me remind the contests but to be honest there are more as I can handle already.


I think you are good with only one. Hold off on this since right now it is glitchy anyway.

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You have put @ginabot to good use Sharon, yes a great tool to use to go and check once perhaps twice a day so as not to miss anyone.

Stats are always good, if you don't know where you coming from, you will never know where you going... Have an awesome day @fitinfun

That's what I need to do - but I check more than that since I am always in discord anyway. I'm trying to get better about not looking, but some things I look at you need to move quickly for. So now I am a hamster on a wheel :)

I was not into this ginabot, but it seems to be interesting. Will check that out at a later point of time.

Interesting valuable review. I still don't use ginabot but maybe I will check it closer

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