My Review of the @tasteem Dapp Before Using It

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I am always on the hunt to find places to post about food and @tasteem is now going to be one of those places. I recently got a comment by @anggreklestari on one of my food posts, suggesting I try it and so I will.

Here is my review of @tasteem before trying it, so I can get an idea of what they are looking for.

@tasteem is a place for restaurant reviews and they are one of the dapps we love on steem. Here is the site you need to use to post reviews:

Here are some ideas of what goes into a restaurant review.

When you go to you see the open contests they have.

They have two contests open now.

Here is the first contest I will enter. It is for takeaway food and I have just the place in mind. I have to work quickly since the contest is closing soon.

Fourteen people have already entered the contest. Here are the highest ranking reviews so far in this contest. I clicked on these to see what I am shooting for. Both were very good!


Here is a bit of the interface in screenshots to show you how to post.

Your first image goes here. You add the others in the editor.

@tasteem has a side by side editor like I prefer.

The location chooser and map are below in the editor. This is not the same as steemit world map and you can add that too.

This is where you name and rank the restaurant you are reviewing.

How to tag - tasteem will always be the first tag.

The check box for supporting @tasteem is about having them share in some of the rewards of your post. You need to share in order to get a portion of the winnings if you do win. I am in favor of helping the dapps anyway, so I will leave it checked.

So that's it! I'm in. After I publish this post, I will go to the @tasteem dapps site and get my review in there. I do not have high hopes for wining, but @tasteem supports all entries with an upvote. If I do not start, I cannot improve.

= =

Minnow tips!

Here is my latest minnow tips post if you struggle here at steem.

These tips can help you even if you are not new.
Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

Contents of the Above Post

What should I do EACH DAY on STEEM with low power?

What to do with your STEEM

Are you shooting blanks with your votes?

Should you use an autovoter?

Join qurator

Do not post to nowhere

Why bother to comment?

How and Why to use kryptonia

How to get Upvotes

For Twitter Users

How and Why to lease delegated sp

Curation Trails

Using Discord

And here is an update on @fitinfunfood. I just started this blog in Jan 2019, so you can fid out what I am doing to grow my new baby here:
@fitinfunfood Update Post

And some more about using SBI. I am updating my minnow tips these days:

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= =

bxlphabet fitinfun before and after.jpg

Statistics say that only 5% of people with health resolutions for the New Year will still be on track after Super Bowl Sunday. Is your fitness equipment still out handy, and are you still on a "diet?" Soon we will be in Bathing Suit Season. Are you ready?

I lost "Half My Size" eight years ago by using natural methods. I started on December 5th and did not give up. You can do it too!

This is Sharon @fitinfun. I am posting:

  • Healthy Food Ideas on @fitinfunfood

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Thank you for you @fitinfunfood
We will have 2 new contests next week and looking forward to see your review.

Thank so so much @siamcat! I am so happy to find this dapp and I will try to enter each time now.

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